Dating single Turkish guys

Turkey is a country which is often associated with vacations and relaxation: its excellent climate and beautiful nature, amazing sceneries and impressive old architecture attract people all over the world and make them get there to spend some time in this beautiful place. Turkey is a country which has ancient historical buildings and modern skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and sights and cultural and religious places: there’s a place for everything and it’s an amazing place to relax and learn something new. Whether you love lying on a beach and sunbathing or exploring local museums and places of interest, you’ll find lots of ways to enjoy Turkey the way you like it.

  • Lourdes, 33
    Madrid, Spain
  • Monica, 29
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Javier, 30
    Villavicencio, Colombia
  • Zhara F. , 31
    Venezuela , Venezuela
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Martin, 40
    Yucatán, Mexico
  • Noah, 48
    Sydney, Australia
  • Lily, 28
    Hangzhou, China
  • Natalia, 23
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • anastasia, 23
    Paris, France
  • Lyubov, 42
    Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
  • Theodora, 37
    Abuja, Nigeria

Turkey is also a motherland of many attractive Turkish men. Their handsomeness might be a result of their genetics or their ability to take good care of themselves, but lots of them look extremely masculine and gorgeous: if you like your men tall, dark and handsome, then Turkish guys are definitely your choice. Lots of Turkish guys have attractive masculine faces and strong bodies, lots of them wear beards or moustaches and most of them have amazing eyes which can easily win girls’ hearts - so there’s no surprise that these men are loved by women a lot. Turkish men can be pretty different from most Western men because of dating customs and traditions in Turkey - but it only makes them more interesting and captivative.

What is important to know about dating a Turkish guy

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Turkey is a pretty conservative country: almost everyone there is Muslim, so most people have very traditional family values and beliefs there. Turkey is a country where people are truly interested in creating families and having kids: they value loyalty and modesty, they are religious and they have pretty strict moral norms and views on many things around them. Dating a Turkish guy is always different from dating a Western man: though a Western guy gives you more freedom and independence, lots of women claim that Turkish guys tend to be more caring, affectionate and pleasing. A Turkish guy can make any woman feel extremely feminine and beautiful” these men surround their ladies with passion and care and make them realize how precious they are.

There are also ladies who need a strong man’s shoulder to feel fragile and protected.

Of course, dating Turkish guys are not for everyone: some ladies are too independent and Westernized to be with men who try to limit their freedom. But there are also ladies who need a strong man’s shoulder to feel fragile and protected: and that’s who really benefit from dating Turkish men. There are some features of these guys you should know about:

  • Turkish men are pretty controlling. Unlike many Western guys, it’s pretty normal for a Turkish man not to allow his woman to do some things, but there’s usually a reason for him to do so. Local men dislike their women communicating with other guys because they feel pretty jealous: for them, it looks like their ladies want to have an opportunity to cheat on their boyfriends because they often don’t believe that men and women can really be friends without any benefits. A Turkish boyfriend will also avoid talking to other girls when he’s in relationships because he doesn’t want his woman to be jealous, so it’s a thing which is normal for both men and women there. Also, local men who dislike their women wearing too open clothing or walking lately are often just worried about them and want them to be safe;
  • They are caring and love to please their women. Lots of Turkish men give presents to their girlfriends and try their best to help them in any situation because it’s normal for men to care for their women there. They compliment their women a lot and admire their beauty, they are proud of their women and try to give them the best things wherever they can;
  • These men are very family-oriented. These men are not only interested in creating families and having a few children, but they are also in touch with their parents and other relatives. It’s normal there to visit or call you parents regularly and to be ready to help them in any situation: Turkish people often see their families as clans, so they always help each other and take care of their relatives. Your Turkish boyfriend will expect you to do the same: he’ll also show lots of respect to your family and be very polite and respectful with your parents;
  • Turkish men have families when they’re financially ready to provide their wives and children. These guys often try to be reasonable with money and save as much as they can to be financially independent and protected later. It’s pretty normal for Turkish men to be financially stable, so a woman dating a local guy will be sure that their family budget is in good and reliable hands;
  • Though lots of people think they’re too strict, they actually listen to their women and respect them. Women have a very special role in Turkish society: they are tender and caring, they are spiritually wise and should be protected. Turkish men tend to listen to their women as much as other men do: if they know that their lady can give them good advice and her opinions are deep and well-explained, then they will always want to hear a word from her;
  • They often act like machos, but they are very caring and caring to their mothers. Most of the Turkish men respect their fathers, but their mothers have a very special place in their hearts: the way a mother raises her son in Turkey influences his future attitude towards women a lot. Most Turkish men always listen to their mothers' opinions and advice, so you should create a good first impression on her: his mother can easily break your relationship if she thinks that you’re not what her son needs;
  • Though lots of Turkish men are persistent and chase women they like, lots of them give women time to think and choose. For a well-mannered and self-confident Turkish man who is ready for serious and stable relationships, it’s very important to be sure that his woman actually loves him and is ready for a serious relationship as much as he is. That’s why he probably won’t be too pushy or intrusive: though he might try to control some aspects of your life while you’re just dating, he won’t insist on bigger things before you’re ready for them. Most of the Turkish men are against premarital sex and they don’t force their women to convert their religion because they feel like it should be their personal choice.

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