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If someone tells you they don’t judge anyone by appearance, you can easily tell they are lying. Especially when it comes to dating and choosing a partner, some appearance traits might play a vital role and become an advantage or totally repel other people. Height is definitely one of these traits, especially for guys.

It is psychologically proven that women feel safer and more protected with a taller boyfriend, which is why not every girl will agree to date a short guy. Some women also prefer taller men because they can wear heels next to them and still feel confident. And generally, most couples portrayed in the media feature a tall guy and a short girl.

  • Angélica, 24
    Brazil, USA
  • kiara, 47
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Lucio, 44
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
  • SIMONE, 44
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Tyler, 43
    Carlsbad, USA
  • Ding Haijun, 41
    China, China
  • Ana, 44
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Yulia, 41
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Alan Sun, 34
    Hangzhou, China
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Vallerie, 29
    Cebu City, Philippines

But in reality, many men can’t brag about their height. In fact, the average height for a man is not too different from women’s and in some regions men tend to be not too tall: for instance, lots of Chinese men are shorter than average Scandinavian men. But short guys still face dating troubles because of their appearance. If you want to give short guys a chance, then this page is definitely for you. You’ll find out the most amazing advantages of dating shorter guys and will have a great opportunity to find a boyfriend of the height you prefer.

Advantages of dating short guys

an attractive short man posing outdoors

If you are extremely worried of your partner’s height and can’t think of any advantages of dating a guy shorter than you, we can show you some of the benefits:

  • You can be comfortable around them. Of course, there are women who prefer to wear heels regardless of the situation but many of them actually would prefer to put on flats and let their feet rest. With a short boyfriend you can be as comfortable as you want - they probably are not even attracted to women in high heeled shoes. No hurting feet or uncomfortable footwear ever again - your boyfriend will be satisfied with any look you pull off;
  • It is easy to communicate with a person of your own height. Especially if you like to look into the interlocutor’s eyes, then you’ll feel much better if you don’t need to put your own head up too high. And when it comes to dating, you can be sure that you can proceed to any hugging and kissing easily. Just turn to your partner and do whatever you want;
  • Short guys are usually stylish. They understand it too well that taller men will get the attention of women pretty easily without any effort. But since the height factor is not a thing to use for the advantage, short guys do their best to have the most pleasant appearance. There are much more chances you’ll meet a neat and stylish short guy - they generally tend to invest quite a bit of money into their looks. Not to say about the face or hair;
  • Short guys tend to be more caring and less judgemental. They know that they have a fault of their own, which other people pay a lot of attention to. Many short men actually feel self-conscious because of their height. This makes them more sensitive and attentive to other people’s problems. They understand that their girlfriend can have insecurities as well and will never point them out;
  • They have amazing personalities and are smart. While tall guys get all the attention because of their height, shorter men have to do some work before they win the heart of a woman. Which is why they are usually very educated and smart - that makes them great interlocutors. Many short guys are great professionals in the sphere they work in, which also helps them in career, and that is a thing many women pay a lot of attention to;
  • They appreciate the love they get. Short guys know that if somebody falls in love with them, then it probably isn’t exactly about appearance. They usually form deeper connections with their girlfriends and are happy to get the love and affection back when they start relationships.

Advice for girls who date a shorter guy

If you happen to have a boyfriend shorter than you, then there are some things you can do to make your partner more comfortable:

  • Don’t focus on appearance and heights. Imagine that you have some visible appearance flaws yourself. Would it be pleasant for you to be constantly reminded of it? Probably not. Also, if you already started dating a person despite the fact that he is shorter than you, then it is probably not because of appearance. Focus on the personality and character more. If you met your soulmate, then his height shouldn’t be the problem at all;
  • Communicate. If you genuinely want to wear heels, but don’t want to hurt your partner because you’ll be taller than him, then talk about it. Maybe, you’ll be able to compromise. Maybe, in the process of discussion you will understand this is not for you at all. Good communication between you and your partner can help you solve many problems;
  • Be positive. Your partner probably has multiple great qualities which attracted you to him. Distract yourself from his height by thinking about these traits - his character, his knowledge, his fascination with something. If you really like the person, then you’ll find dozens of things to appreciate rather than height;
  • Don’t pay attention to the opinion of others. You probably have so many prejudices about dating a shorter guy not because you genuinely dislike men of shorter height. It is because society tells you that a man should be taller than a woman. And many of your friends will probably point out to you that you are dating someone who could be taller. Just stand your ground and don’t pay attention to them. It is your life and you can live it the way you want, which includes choosing a partner as well.

Advice for short guys

While tall guys get all the attention because of their height, shorter men have to do some work before they win the heart of a woman.

And here are some tips for short guys, who want to finally get to the dating stage:

  • Be confident. Of course, you can be self-conscious about your height but just don’t show it to your possible dates. Women find confident men extremely attractive, so learn to develop the confidence inside and radiate it while communicating with the girls. Fake it till you make it, and at some point you will actually feel much better about yourself;
  • Don’t emphasize your height. Many people cope with their insecurities by joking about them but it is actually the worst thing you can do. When you make a joke, you attract attention to the thing you are talking about. Which means that even if your date didn’t notice your height at all, now she knows about it for sure. But if your goal is to distract her from how short you are, then this is the biggest mistake you can make;
  • Don’t lie about your height. This specifically concerns online dating. Many short guys use the advantage of online dating anonymity and simply exaggerate their height or just don’t tell about it. You don’t have to mention it in your profile, but if a girl you are talking to asks about your height, then be honest. Otherwise she will have a surprise when you meet and that might show you as a liar;
  • Don’t take everything too personally. Of course, sometimes you’ll get rejected. And some of these times it will be because of your height. But don’t be too disappointed or discouraged by this. First of all, if someone decided not to have a date with you because of your height, then this person probably values appearance too much and wouldn’t pay attention to your individual qualities. Secondly, this is just not your destiny. There definitely is a person out there who is destined to be with you but you might need some time to look for him or her.

Short guys online dating

an asian man in a suit laughing wants you to know that there is a place where short guys can date as successfully as tall men in the real world. We offer a safe platform for online dating where every person is welcome with their own peculiarities and tastes. has a searching system with advanced criteria which means you can describe your partner precisely and only get a list of individuals who meet your demands. Short guys can use this feature to look for girls of their height or shorter if they feel especially insecure about dating taller women.

But even if you don’t want to pay too much attention to your height, then is a great option for online dating. Years of experience proved that matchmaking mechanisms here work especially well. Thousands of couples met here and have been happy together for years. That means that if you are looking for long-term relationships, then is the best place to start.

You can also be sure that it is totally safe to date here. The security system of the website works really well which is why you don’t have to worry about your data or payment information. And if you want to take extra precautions, then the team of developed a set of rules which you can apply to make your online dating experience especially safe.

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