Dating a guy

It could be hard to date a good guy these days. If you meet your prince, you must definitely keep him and not let him go anywhere. Unfortunately, there is no magic plan that fits everyone. It depends on the situation: nationality, age and many other factors. But there are general rules on how to go on a perfect date. We will tell you how to prepare for a date with a nice guy, how to behave yourself and how to get to the next level.

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Preparation for a date

It doesn’t matter how many dates you had before, there are some rules in preparation for the important date. Give your prince a hint of how excited you are about your future date with him. Let him know that you are looking forward to it and can’t wait to see him. Here are some other things you should do before the date.

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Show your bright side

This rule works if you see your date everyday. Maybe you work or study together or go to the same gym. You should look wonderful every single day and show him your best features. You will feel more comfortable if you know you made a good impression before. If we are talking about appearance, you should emphasize your shape features.

Be mysterious

Answer his questions with some information which could lead to a deeper conversation later. For example, he will ask you what you like to do in your free time. Answer something like: I love adventures or I like reading. Such an answer will force him to ask new questions and get to know you better.

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Find out about some information about him before the date

If you find out about his interests and hobbies in advance, it will be much easier and more fun to communicate on a date. It would be great if you have common interests.Boys like to talk about themselves. You can prepare some questions about his hobbies. You can tell him that you saw his post on facebook about books and ask what he likes to read.

If you have a common hobby, do not be afraid to talk about it. You can offer to do something together, for example, play video games or go to the gym. If both of you like to walk a lot, invite him for a walk along the sparsely populated streets or in a beautiful park.If you do not have common hobbies, do not worry. People are different and it is normal. But you should not expect that he will change his interests or do what you want all the time.


The easiest way to interest a good guy on a date is to flirt. Men like to flirt, that way they feel more confident. Especially if you start flirting in response. Then communication will turn into an interesting game. On first dates try not to go too far, you may seem too impudent.You can tease him a little. Teasing does not mean insulting or being rude. You can gently touch his arm or shoulder, and laugh at his jokes. When he is joking, touch his hand, laugh and say that he is funny. Even if the joke is not funny at all. This laugh is very important for men as it sweetens his pride.

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Get dressed right

You wouldn’t want to go for a walk around the city in a cocktail dress or to go to the cinema in sports clothes. On a date with a guy, it is important to feel comfortable and correspond to the surrounding. He can take you anywhere: to a bar, an expensive restaurant, or just to a movie. Before the date, specify where you are going. If you have never been to this place, look for it on the Internet. It will help you understand how to dress up. Do not forget to wear accessories, even if you are going in jeans and a T-shirt. An interesting bracelet or earrings will complement your look and make it more romantic. At the same time you will look casual and simple. If you choose the right accessories for the image, you will improve facial features and look irresistible!


Should you apply natural or evening makeup or maybe not wear makeup at all? The answer is simple: just the right one to feel comfortable and confident. Try to avoid too dark or bright colors. Emphasize your natural beauty, do not overdo your makeup, be careful. If you really want to make a bright accent add red lipstick or lip gloss or choose another bold colour.

Keep calm and stay confident

Do not worry or be nervous. Your body will respond to disturbing thoughts accordingly: you will sweat, your hands will tremble, your head or stomach may hurt. All these troubles can ruin the date. If you are very nervous, try to relax. Think of this date as another reason to have a good time. Before going out, drink chamomile tea or ginger ale, meditate with calm music or read an interesting book. Even if the date is not successful do not be discouraged. It is definitely not the last date in your life. Keep that head up.

If you find out about his interests and hobbies in advance, it will be much easier and more fun to communicate on a date.

First date with a good guy

First date with a new guy is always exciting. You still do not know each other and everything is new to you. We’ll tell you how to behave yourself so that a good guy would invite you for a second date.

Be carefree and funny

Swearing love to death is not the best solution for the first couple of dates. Showing vivid manifestations of love and sympathy you can scare a guy. Talk on abstract topics, do not delve into romance. Discussion of joint plans for the future can also be postponed for a month or two. Start with friendship, get to know each other better. Ask yourself: what is my sympathy based on? If you realize that you like the guy only because of his appearance is the option really worth considering? Friendship at the very beginning could help you and him to determine your future plans and intentions.

Show interest, but not too much

Gently give him a hint that you like to spend time with him and you want to continue dating a nice guy like him. Be careful, you don’t want to seem too tenacious nor do you want to be seen as disinterested and distant. If he invites you to another date this week you can agree or tease him a little bit while checking your schedule. If so, smile when you answer to let him understand that you are joking. Do not tell him that you are free any time. He might think that you were waiting for this question.

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Be proactive

Think about ideas which might help to diversify your dates. If the first couple of dates went well and you are sure that you will continue to see each other, don’t be afraid to offer your ideas. Offer to go to a new place or do something new together. For example, go on a picnic or in an amusement park, at a new interesting cafe or theater. You can go camping, to the zoo, exhibition or museum together. Find things both of you like to do. He would be happy if you also take the initiative and you want to have fun with him.

Go on a double date

If previous dates went well and you are still dating, offer a double date with his or your friends. This will diversify your relationship and you can look at it from the other side. Perhaps he will change while being surrounded by friends and will not be such a nice guy as he is when you are alone. You can see how his personality changes and then decide whether you want to continue to see him further or not. You may realize that you don’t fit together. Also you can look at his friends, understand what kind of people they are and what kind of guy your man is.Have some fun on a double date. You can go mini-golf or bowling together. On a date, don't laugh at your boyfriend. This way you both humiliate not only him and yourself.

Take it to the next level

When several months of dates have passed, you would like to go to a new level and find out what you can expect from these relationships.

Be open and honest

If you are going to discuss where your relationship is going, do not be afraid to speak openly about your desires and intentions. Say clearly that you would like to continue dating him. If he does not reciprocate, do not be discouraged. It’s better to find out things like this as soon as possible.

Try not to scare him with phrases like “we need to talk”, “where is our relationship going,” or “I need to ask you about something”. Speak honestly and tell him that you like to spend time together and would like to continue it. Ask if your feelings are mutual.

Everyone has his own dating history, most likely he just needs some time to be sure about all this situation.

Be calm and confident

If he is not yet ready for a serious relationship, take it easy. It does not mean that he wants to break up with you. Everyone has his own dating history, most likely he just needs some time to be sure about all this situation. If he says that he is not ready for a serious relationship but he wants to see you further, confidently respond with consent. Your confidence will calm him down and he will feel better.

Don't overdo it

If he agrees to something more, do not go too far. The next level means spending more time together and getting to know each other better, rather than getting married and having children. It's still the beginning of your relationship, don't take it too seriously

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