Dating short people

Even though many girls prefer tall guys and many guys are interested in pretty tall model-looking girls, it’s not a secret that we all are different and unique. That also means that our tastes differ: some people prefer their partners to be pretty tall, some of them are more likely to choose a short or medium partner, and some people don’t have any preferences at all and choose only according to what the person’s character and inner world are like. All those options are possible, and often people can’t do anything with their preferences (neither they want to), so it’s no reason in blaming them because of that.

  • Damian, 38
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Natalia, 44
    New York, USA
  • Mina, 30
    Oujda, Morocco
  • Patti, 28
    Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Yulia, 42
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Vera, 44
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Sugarcrush , 36
    Nigeria, Seychelles
  • Gwen, 26
    Lyon, France
  • Jennifer, 54
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, Colombia
  • Donato, 44
    Madrid, Spain
  • Ella rosline , 30
    Nigeria , Seychelles

The thing we need to understand - there always are people who would like us the best regardless of our height. Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, so everyone has a chance. At the same time, some things can help people to look at the other side of dating a short guy or girl and know that there are much more advantages than they might think.

What is great about dating a short girl

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Many American girls are self-conscious because of their height. But in fact, a lot of famous and popular women are short - and that fact never stopped them from being beautiful and desirable. Lady Gaga, Kristen Bell, Ariana Grande, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Christina Aguilera and Shakira - they are well-known all over the world and their popularity is in no way affected by their height. So for women, the fact they are not as tall as they would like to be is never an issue - a girl might be stunning and loved anyway. It’s always been easier for short girls to find a partner than for short guys, but it doesn’t mean they don’t face critical attitudes and rejection too. But for those who were thinking about dating short women, there are some pros that you may not remember about:

  • They are adorable and a lot of what they do looks cute. Just don’t tell them about it! The girl may be offended, cause unless you’re both 16 and like anime, she would better feel beautiful and sexy than cute. A little help is sometimes required from you, but at least with her, you will always feel like a knight in shining armor;
  • You can always easily pick her up in your arms. A lot of romantic scenes in books and movies include a guy picking up his beloved one, so this gesture is considered to be pretty desirable and passionate all over the world. When a girl is “la petite”, it’s much easier to carry her tenderly and carefully. The hug of a big guy always gives a feeling of comfort in the arms of a gentle giant;
  • Short girls are active and cheerful! The fact they always need to walk a little bit faster and try a little bit harder to reach some surfaces make them much more persistent and energetic. It usually also influences their character a lot, and most of the short girls are extremely positive and cheerful. You will never get bored with a short girl, and it’s most likely that on a long walk you will be tired first;

It’s always been easier for short girls to find a partner than for short guys, but it doesn’t mean they don’t face critical attitudes and rejection too.

  • As a rule, they have a strong character and are more decisive because their life is not that easy sometimes. Children might be pretty cruel, so a lot of short people may face mocking and even bullying at school. It’s better not to have that kind of experience at all, but a lot of short girls have only become stronger after all. Even when a girl didn’t face any problems at school, some of them are not very happy with the fact that society (at least a part of it) always sees them as cute and childlike. It may affect their career and personal life a lot, so many short girls prefer to compensate for their height with a steel character. It won’t be a problem for you - just show some respect and remember that there is a grown person in front of you that deserves and expects an equal attitude;
  • A short girl will always look younger than she is. Isn’t it a dream of every woman to stay young as long as possible? That fact will make her more confident and as a result - even sexier. A lot of short women prefer wearing some clothes for teenagers or young girls - and usually, it suits them a lot. So let’s just acknowledge the fact that short girls have their special magic - or at least a source of youth;
  • Short women tend to be more feminine. That’s a well-known fact that short women have more estrogen than taller ladies, and this fact makes them much more feminine, tender and sensitive. That’s obviously one more thing that will make you feel even more masculine than you’re with her;
  • She’s adorable when she’s angry - but don’t tell her about that! As mentioned before, short girls take it kindly when you behave patronizing and look up-to-down on her. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t watch her being angry and think it’s kinda cute;
  • The most obvious point - she will often wear high heels, but she won’t look taller than you anyway. A lot of girls love high-heeled shoes and boots: it makes a silhouette slimmer and thinner, and also it obviously makes a person look taller. It’s no surprise that a lot of short girls like high heels too, and that won’t be a problem at all: she’ll look stunning and you’ll look as tall and masculine as always, so there’s no need in being nervous at all.

What is cool about dating a short guy

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It’s believed that short guys are not extremely popular among girls and face much more trouble than short girls do. That might be particularly true in some cases, but we should always remember that it’s not the height that defines a person and what others think about him, nor what self-esteem he should have. A lot of celebrities, such as famous actors and singers are rather short too, but it’s never a problem for them to be famous, popular and adored by millions of fans.

Tom Cruise, Al Pacino, Tim Roth and Bono - all those men are under 5,5ft and have an extremely big group of fans, and many of those fans are women who go crazy about them regardless of how tall they are. Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood are on the “short” list too, but both of them have millions of fans all over the world. And it’s neither their fame nor money that made them loved and popular - the key is in their charismatic nature and recognizable appearance. Also, some gay men are looking for men of shorter height, because they think it is cute, so if you are not straight - your height might be your perk. So there is always a chance for a short guy, and there is a list of things that make dating short men worth trying for everyone.

  • He probably has a great personality. Short stature is often offset by a sense of humor and character, cause that’s the way how short guys find friends and partners. You’ll never get bored with him: he has so many hobbies and knows so many things that you’ll always find a topic to discuss. Short guys also tend to be pretty active and energetic too: he’ll make you laugh all the time and you will soon forget about his height at all;
  • A guy who has complexes because of his height will not hurt the complexes of the girl - either intentionally or accidentally. Short guys used to have a lot of unpleasant commentaries about his height and understand really well how unpleasant and hurtful it might be. They are very sensitive and careful with what they say - and it makes them not only perfect for dating and long-time relationships but also for chatting and having long conversations. He knows well that we are all flawed, so he’ll never mock you or say anything unpleasant - at least until the moment you’ll try to hurt his feelings first;
  • He will not behave patronizing and won’t look up-to-down on you. Of course, some people who were pretty traumatized because of their height in their childhood or later feel that they need to compensate for their complex to be the best in something else. It may result in being pretty arrogant and puffy, especially if a man is a specialist in an unusual and difficult sphere or has a very unique hobby. But it’s not a rule - it’s more like an exception. Most of the short guys will never act super-masculine or smarty around you, even if they are actually smart - and most of them are. One more pro - a lot of short men have Napoleonic tendencies, which usually results in interesting bonuses in a bedroom;
  • He’ll appreciate your love more than a tall man. If a short guy has a girlfriend who is taller than he is then he’s sure that she loves him not because of his looks or masculinity. That type of love and that kind of affection always make the strongest relationships because people both know it’s not an appearance but character and the inner world that brings you both together. More than that, a short man appreciates you the most and is proud of the fact he’s with you so you’ll always be the most beautiful and desirable woman for him.

Dating online with

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Whether you want to date a short person or you are a short person looking for a match, dating online is the best opportunity for you. It’s not because people can hide their height online, but because they have much more opportunities to show what kind of people they are and how much personality they actually have, so no preconceptions can stop them from finding the love of their life. provides its users not only with an opportunity of showing the world who you are and what you are interested in but also with an opportunity to look through millions of people’s profiles all over the world. No more matches based only on looks - there are a lot of profiles where you can find a lot of information about people that can be very useful before beginning the conversation. You’ll always know what to speak about and a lot of people's likes and dislikes won’t be surprising for you too.

If a short guy has a girlfriend who is taller than he is then he’s sure that she loves him not because of his looks or masculinity.

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