Dating tall people

If you think that tall women dating is not for you, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Many tall women are interested in someone who is more than just a tall man. Such thoughts appear due to the spread of false stereotypes. Or it could be such an excuse for one's own cowardice and insecurity. Tall people on dates do not pay attention to height at all. Throw away your complexes, there is nothing to be afraid of.

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Some rules you should know about tall people dating

Dating a tall person can be unusual. There are some important things you should know before you start dating tall people.


What matters is what you think about yourself. If you are very sensitive about how tall you are, it’s visible to others, especially dating tall people. The lack of confidence makes you less attractive. If you are self-conscious because of your height, you have to solve this problem first. No matter how tall you are, you should be proud of every inch.

From a female perspective, if a man does not focus on showing himself courageous or dominant, then he will not care how much money she earns and what she does. He will accept her for who she is: with her ambitions, intellect and talents. And many hot American girls are actually looking for a tall partner - they feel like this makes them a power couple.

a girl hugging her tall boyfriend on a date

Not a reason to laugh

While dating tall people, try to avoid jokes about height. Tall people heard this more than once and they are sick of it. In the best of cases, they will ignore that and in the worst, it can offend them. This especially works with dating tall girls. Surprise your partner: do not say anything about height. This way you will show your best side and pleasantly impress your chosen one.

How to visually increase height for tall people dating

The main thing you should do is not to show that you are self-conscious because of your height. It will make your tall dating uncomfortable for both of you.There are several ways to make yourself a little taller:

  • Keep your head high;
  • Straighten your shoulders;
  • Do not slouch;
  • Make a voluminous hairstyle;
  • Wear shoes with a small heel or platform;
  • Wear tight-fitting clothing with vertical stripes;
  • Wear solid color from head to toe.

It is better to avoid several things:

  • Horizontal stripes;
  • Baggy clothes;
  • Cuffed hems.

a girl looking at her tall boyfriend affectionately

Treat her like a lady

While dating a tall single woman, let her feel like a little girl. Many women say that they do not feel like real women. It is a big mistake on a date. Take care of her: open a car door, put your hand on her waist, do not reproach for heels, make compliments. Let her feel like a princess.

If you are a woman, get ready that people will stare not at you, but at your partner.

Some facts you should know before dating tall singles

A few interesting and funny moments that you have not thought through before:

  • They will always get a thing from the highest shelf. No matter how high you hide something, they will always help you get it. Also, this rule works with shops - there is always someone to ask for something from the upper shelves;
  • Dating tall man, you will always feel like Thumbelina. Even if you surpass him in volume, you will still feel like a little girl. He would seem like a great kind giant - very romantic feeling;
  • You can wear high heels and still be shorter than him. It is not necessary to always be taller than your boyfriend, but sometimes it’s nice to wear beautiful shoes and not feel like a giant;
  • A tall person can always change your light bulb without much difficulty;
  • You will never lose them in a crowd. They always rise above other people heads, which is very convenient;
  • Always be ready to expose your forehead for kissing;
  • You no longer have to crouch or bend over to kiss your beloved woman;
  • If you thought you had a terrible shopping experience with your girlfriend, you are mistaken. It is very difficult for tall women to find suitable clothes. She could drag you along shops for hours and days. You will only have to sympathize and be patient;
  • If you are a woman, get ready that people will stare not at you, but at your partner. There is no reason to worry about this. You look beautiful, the thing is that strangers are always surprised by high height and they do not notice anything around him;
  • Tall girls often wear short skirts. This fact should be simply understood and accepted. Do not put pressure on her because of this. Her main advantage is beautiful long legs and she has every right to show them if she wants;
  • You have a perfect selfie stick. Tall people always have long arms. Thanks to this, they can accommodate everything and everyone in the frame.

a handsome dark man casually posing outdoors

We have the best dating site for tall singles

With the help of our website and application you can find a true friend or the perfect match. All you need to do is to complete registration. It is very easy to do:

  • Register using your email address. You can use the social network page if you have one;
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