How to French Kiss your partner

People all over the world are interested in dating and romance: almost every person wants to be loved and to love back. There are lots of things which are usually associated with love and relationships: all the dating culture and aesthetics are things which can influence people a lot and make them want to date even more. Even though there are people with different views and culture, most of them assume that kissing is one of the most significant parts of dating: a kiss has become a great symbol of love and sympathy and is often associated with relationships. Kissing can be seen both as an innocent act of affection and a passionate process which can be a prelude leading to something more. Unlike premarital sex which is tabooed in many conservative traditional countries, kissing is more often seen as something permissible: couples all over the world kiss to express their feelings and to show their affection.

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Lots of people are interested in how to learn French kisses - it’s one of the most popular ways of kissing which is famous worldwide. Whether you are dating American women or ladies from any other country, a French kiss can be an important part of your relationships. It’s a symbol of passionate attraction and sensitivity couples have in their relationships: a French kiss is not associated with innocence and lack of experience, it’s more about passion and experimenting. This process involves not only lips but also tongues which play the leading role in French kissing: though it’s not science, a person should have some skills to do a French kiss masterfully. A person should have good control over their tongue and lips because this process requires patience, sensitivity and a good kissing experience: during kissing a person should think about their partner’s pleasure more than about their own.

Though it’s just a kissing technique, you still should know a few things in theory before having your practice. Though people’s tastes and preferences differ, there are some things which are essential for every person who wants to experiment with different kissing techniques and bring a lot of pleasure to their partner. Remember that only by experimenting and improvising you can actually explore your tastes and find out what brings the most pleasure to the person you love, so don’t be afraid of trying something new with them. A French kiss can bring a lot of pleasure for both of you, so learn some tips on how to do it correctly and explore the sensitive world of French kissing with someone you love.

How to learn a French kiss technique

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It’s obvious that one of the easiest ways to learn this kissing technique is practised. Lots of people feel a bit clumsy and therefore awkward while trying it for the first time: they bump with their teeth, they feel like their noses interfere with the process, their mouths are too wet and other things which can decrease the quality of your French kissing. It’s almost impossible to control everything when you have lack of experience, so the first thing you can try to avoid lots of mistakes is to be slow and patient and to listen to your feelings carefully. The first thing you should know before learning how to French kiss is that you should always concentrate on feelings and emotions - both yours and your partner's. It’s almost impossible to do a perfect French kiss from the first try, but it doesn’t mean that this first try can’t be enjoyable and exciting for both you and your partner.

It’s almost impossible to control everything when you have lack of experience, so the first thing you can try to avoid lots of mistakes is to be slow and patient and to listen to your feelings carefully.

One of the essential questions for people interested in French kissing is how to make it enjoyable for their partners: there are lots of people who are just not into it because of different reasons. Some people are just too unsure whether they should do it because of their lack of skills, the others have an unpleasant experience of French kissing because of the incorrect technique or bad skills of one of the partners. It’s absolutely normal not to like it, but even if your partner is not sure that they’re as excited to try it as you are, you can at least try to experience “the light version” of it together to find out whether they really hate it or not. Remember that regardless of how passionate French kissing looks like you shouldn’t be too pushy or fast while doing it: let your partner get used to the process and allow them to take a bit of initiative when they’re ready for it. French kissing can bring lots of fun - just don’t force it and be gentle.

Tips on how to French kiss

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A French kiss is a technique which involves two people using their lips and tongues to touch and stimulate each other’s mouths and tongues. It’s a passionate, amorous and intimate process which usually signalizes that “the first base” was reached and people’s relationships evolved in something a bit more serious than before. Lots of people all over the world practise French kissing with their partners regularly: when done right, the kiss is very erotic and sensual, so it brings lots of pleasant feelings to both partners.

If you are interested to know how to French kiss, then you need to know a bit of theory: lots of couples forget about some important things before kissing or make mistakes which can spoil your partner��s impressions about the process. You shouldn’t panic or be anxious because of your chances to do something wrong: if you feel lack of confidence or experience, it’s better not to get too passionate or extreme in your first time: remember that lots of things require experience and time to be done correctly, and that’s why you should learn some tips on how to do a French kiss better:

  • Moisten your lips in advance. It’s easy to understand that soft, moistened and well-groomed lips are much more attractive and sexual than rough, dry and chapped ones. Use lip balm to keep your lips soft and sensitive and try a light peeling to get rid of dry skin which can spoil the impression from a French kiss with you. Also, don’t bite your lips to avoid little wounds and scratches - these things can spoil the impression too because some people are more squeamish and careful than the others;
  • Be sure to freshen your breath. Hygiene is a must for everyone: whether you’re a single person or in relationships you should brush your teeth and tongue and floss daily. There are also other factors which can affect the freshness of your breath: smokers and people with stomach diseases can sometimes have an unpleasant smell of their breath. Brush your teeth regularly and use chewing gum to make it pleasant to kiss you;
  • Don’t stare into your partner’s eyes while kissing. Kissing is a very intimate process, so it usually doesn’t involve people looking into each other’s eyes: it’s distracting, it’s a bit awkward and not very comfortable to do while kissing. Close your eyes and concentrate on your feelings: it will make the process more intuitive and sensual and will increase the quality of your French kiss;
  • Tilt your head a bit. Though noses usually don’t interfere while regular and light kissing, a French kiss often requires a deeper level of exploring each other’s mouths, so it’s much more comfortable to change an angle a bit and to find a more comfortable position for both of you where neither your noses nor chins can distract you;
  • Don’t be too pushy and aggressive. It’s a bad idea to start a French kiss quickly: your partner should have time to get used to it and to feel the process to enjoy it. Start with a regular kiss and use your tongue lightly and slowly: touch your partner’s lips and try to provoke them to play along: when you feel that your partner becomes responsive, then it’s time to use your tongue and lips more actively. Don’t be too fast or intrusive - your partner should feel comfortable while kissing. French kissing is not for everyone - some people don’t get it, so if you don’t want to create a negative opinion about this technique and turn your partner off it, then be gentle and smooth;
  • Use your tongue as a tool. Remember that a French kiss is basically a tongue tango: you can intertwine and suck each other’s tongues, you can lick and kiss each other’s lips and explore mouths to learn what can bring the most pleasure to your partner. Just like a tango, both you and your partner should take part in the process: if you feel that you are the only initiator of a kiss, then your partner might not like what’s happening;
  • Don’t push your tongue too far. No one wants to choke because their partner’s tongue touches the root of their tongue, so don’t push it deeply - especially in the very beginning of your kiss. Don’t start a French kiss suddenly: a person who doesn’t expect to feel their partner’s tongue in their mouth can react negatively. Start with a regular kiss and use your tongue in moderation to prepare your partner. You can also bite their lips a bit- but do it super lightly because lots of people dislike painful and aggressive kisses including bites. Make sure that you do it painless and playful to put your partner in the right condition and initiate them to join the game.
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