Dating in Iceland

There is not much people know about Iceland in general. It is a tiny country located on an island, it is a part of Europe and thousands of tourists come here for the beautiful nature. But what about the people of Iceland? What is their typical behaviour? What do they like? How do they date? These questions are usually left unanswered, so many people have an impression that icelanders are very reserved and don’t open up so easily.

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While some icelanders definitely have such traits of character, most of them are actually quite the opposite of such description. And if you want to get experience in Iceland dating you will be pleasantly surprised. We will show you the benefits and downsides of dating in Iceland as well as give some useful advice on meeting local singles.

The main dating rules in Iceland

If you are asking what are the most important rules of dating in Iceland, here they are.

Be yourself

This is probably the most important point among all the other Scandinavian dating rules. If you are being fake and trying to play a character in order to impress your potential partner, your date will fill this from the very beginning and you will never get another invitation. Don’t waste your time on cliche pick-up lines - this is not icelanders’ cup of tea.

Icelanders also don’t enjoy boring conversations and interview-like questions. Yes, you do want to know more about your new acquaintance, but this can easily be done in a natural conversation like the one you have with a close friend. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your true feelings and you will easily succeed in Iceland dating.

While being on a date with an icelander, treat people around you equally too.

Treat your partner as equal

This rule is applicable regardless of your gender and the preferred gender of your partner. Icelanders think that people are just themselves and no one is better or worse than someone else. People here are just people, men and women, older and younger people, any social categories at all don’t have that much of a difference. This is why women often take control in relationships but also expect not being looked down at.

While being on a date with an icelander, treat people around you equally too. Don’t be rude to the restaurant stuff and just generally be nice to everyone. If your date sees the slightest impression of rudeness, the relationship won’t have a single chance.

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Don’t try too hard

There are many countries in the world where courtesy includes creative gestures which should represent the romanticism of the whole situation. Iceland is definitely not on the list of these countries. People here are just chill (and this is reflected in all of the life spheres, not only in dating). The most romantic gesture you can do in Iceland is have a beer at a bar, but if you choose to write your date a romantic poem or bring a hundred roses, your partner will be confused.

Enjoy online dating

It is totally acceptable to use dating apps and websites in Iceland. Moreover, people easily admit using online platforms for dating even if they are looking for casual hookups. So if you want to meet singles from Iceland and just don’t know where to start - try using dating apps. This is how you can easily blend into the local dating scene.

a couple having a beautiful date close to the water
Everyone knows each other - just as if you live in a small city. So if you are new to Iceland dating and especially if you come from another country, you will be just welcome to share your experiences and truly appreciated as a new face on the dating scene.

Advantages of dating Icelanders

There are a few things which make Iceland dating especially enjoyable:

  • They are very good-looking. Yes, appearance is not the most important trait a person can have, but we all know everything starts with the look. And icelanders have no issues in this department: they are all naturally beautiful, both men and women. Maybe it is just viking genes being passed down generation after generation. And if you don’t believe that is true, there is another proof: icelandic women have won Miss World competition multiple times, which means their beauty is approved by experts worldwide;
  • They are kind and warm. Despite the fact that icelanders live in one of the coldest countries in the world, their hearts and deeds are warm. And they also are really sincere, so everything they do comes from the most hearty intentions, not because somebody feels obliged;
  • They are relaxed. You don’t feel any pressure while dating a person from Iceland. While in other countries there are social standards which should be followed at every stage of dating, in Iceland you just have to be yourself and this will be enough to make the best impression;
  • They are happy to meet new people. Iceland is an extremely small country and there are just about 300 000 inhabitants in it. That means that everyone knows each other - just as if you live in a small city. So if you are new to Iceland dating and especially if you come from another country, you will be just welcome to share your experiences and truly appreciated as a new face on the dating scene;
  • They have the most beautiful language. Icelandic language originated centuries ago and hasn’t gone through many alterations since. Icelandic people still speak the same language their ancestors did in middle ages. It is very pleasant to listen to and quite easy to learn although you will have to learn new letters which might be complicated to pronounce.
a couple having a picnic outside in the autumn

Disadvantages of dating in Iceland

But not everything is so attractive when it comes to dating in Iceland. Here are just a few of the downsides:

  • It is very expensive. Even though people don’t enjoy extravagant signs of attention here in Iceland, even visiting a coffee shop won’t be very chip. Prices in Iceland are very high and they can afford everything only due to the sizes of salaries they have. But if you are a foreigner who just came to Iceland, the numbers on the price tags can be pretty shocking. Good news is that everyone pays for themselves here, so men taking a girl to the restaurant don’t have to worry about costs and expenditures;
  • It is very cold. Winters in Iceland are pretty tough and, even though people here enjoy being outside, you just won’t be able to spend too much time walking on the streets. This together with the inability to spend the time in restaurants and bars too often can ruin the relationships at early stages just because it is hard to arrange a meeting in such weather conditions. When you know each other a little bit better, local people can invite you home and there you will spend the coziest time of your life;
  • They know everyone. If you are not new to Iceland dating you will easily feel how small the country is. Your date probably dated your ex. And if not, they might be good friends or co-workers. There is no way you can escape acquaintances anywhere here. Even if you come to a party and you are sure all people there are total strangers, you will find some mutual acquaintances in the first few minutes of communicating. And if you are dating in your 30s and have already experienced some dating in Iceland, you will never manage to escape your exes and mutual acquaintances.
a couple driving while holding hands

Going on a date in Iceland: best spots

If you are thinking about the place where you could take your significant other we are happy to suggest a few options:

  • Go for a walk. Icelanders adore going for a stroll even though many people outside the country find it boring. But don’t worry, if you suggest your date to have a walk by the shore, the suggestion will be met with enthusiasm. Such activities also allow you to avoid awkwardness of the first dates as, when the dialogue gets stuck, you can just discuss the beauties surrounding you. And if you are lucky to catch sunny weather, Iceland will present you the most of its charm;
  • Visit a bar. Icelanders have nothing against getting a beer or two, and prices in bars are usually relatively affordable (compared to fancy restaurants). So having a date in a bar is totally acceptable. The atmosphere there is quite relaxing, so both you and your partner will feel at ease;
  • Go to a concert. Icelanders love music, even though their tastes might seem a bit off. They regularly have concerts of local bands and are very happy to see famous artists coming to play at Reykjavik stage. Just buy two tickets to the concert of your partner’s favourite band - this is one of the most romantic moves you can do.

The only thing icelanders don’t enjoy is becoming their date’s guide to the countryside. So if you want to enjoy icelandic nature, better take some friends with you or join an excursion. But a picnic in the mountains won’t be appreciated much.

a couple camping together and enjoying the view
Everyone who is looking for a date has a profile on Iceland dating site.

Online dating in Iceland

As said before, local people enjoy online dating a lot. Everyone who is looking for a date has a profile on Iceland dating site. And it won’t take long to finally arrange a real date and meet a potential partner in real life.

Speaking of the platforms to choose while trying the waters of online dating in Iceland, is a great choice. There are a few reasons icelandic singles choose this website precisely:

  • There are many people here. Everyone wants to have a bigger pull of potential partners, so only platforms with many users are useful. People from all over the world register on every day, so singles from Iceland can both find compatible partners from their country and from outside it;
  • It is safe. There are many concerns people have about dating websites which also make singles avoid such platforms. But there is nothing to worry about with as all possible precautions are taken to provide users with safe and enjoyable place for online dating in Iceland;
  • It is convenient. Even if you are busy at work, there is no need to deny yourself a love life. You can log in on the website using a mobile phone browser or download an app to keep in touch with like-minded individuals;
  • It is simple to use. The website was developed with the aim to make online dating available for all sorts of individuals regardless of age and gender. So even you have little to no experience with computers you can easily register on the website and try looking for love at

Don’t hesitate and start your own search for the love of your life.

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