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Food is an essential part of our life: it’s something we need every day for a living, it takes time, money and efforts to be done, it can improve our mood or spoil it in a moment. It’s hard to overestimate its importance to various aspects of our life: we use food to have new experiences, we cook food to gain new skills, we control our eating habits to change our bodies - there are lots of things which are somehow connected with it. Also, food is a huge part of dating culture: from traditional chocolates as a present to romantic evenings spent in fancy restaurants, lots of people associate the beginning of relationships with food. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are so many people interested in special recipes for romantic evenings and unusual dishes for holidays spent together as a couple: cooking can unite people and bring lots of joy both with cooking and eating together.

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    Sydney, Australia
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Cooking for your date is one of the most exciting experiences you can have, and it’s especially true for the very beginning of your relationship. There’s something extremely personal and intimate in spending time just to make your partner happy: when you do something just to make this person enjoy your dish it often feels amazing. It’s just like making DIY presents to your friends: sometimes you enjoy the process of making these things even more than the fact of giving a present to someone you like. Also, cooking together with your partner can be extremely romantic: working as a team is very enjoyable, and the opportunity to spend time together while being involved in an interesting process where you can help each other and see delicious results is priceless.

Cooking together with your partner can be extremely romantic.

Cooking dates can bring lots of romance in your relationship: everything you do with your partner is exciting at the beginning of your relationship and cooking is definitely something which can be improved when it’s done by two people. When both partners enjoy cooking and love delicious and exquisite food or just enjoy the process and love spending time together - it’s a great fundament for a strong and healthy relationship. If you love cooking and want to find someone who is also interested in it - then go for it!

Why is it important to date someone who shares your tastes and hobbies

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Compatibility and mutual interests are extremely important for everyone who wants to have healthy, stable and balanced relationships filled with inspiration and excitement: even when two people are physically attracted to each other and feel a hurricane of hormones and feelings inside them, they still can face lots of problems in their relationships after their strong emotions fade away and they understand that they have nothing to talk about or nothing to do together. That’s why lots of people think that the best romantic relationship evolves from a friendship: two people who love spending time together by doing their mutual hobbies often enjoy their relationship for a longer time.

Lots of people think that the best romantic relationship evolves from a friendship.

If you often want to cook for your date or are generally interested in cooking, then you might be interested in dating someone who also likes cooking and is able to make something more delicious than a simple cheese sandwich. You don’t have to simplify your tastes and preferences to match your partner: there are lots of people interested in cooking who are open for relationships and dating. If you’re a person who enjoys making lots of very unusual and delicious dishes instead of eating mac’n’cheese or fast food all the time - then find someone who can share your passion with you. There are a few reasons why dating a person who loves cooking as much as you can improve your relationship:

  • Dating a person who also loves cooking can improve your skills. It’s very simple but it needs to be said: partners who have the same hobby can share their cooking lifehacks, tips and favourite dishes. If your partner cooks for many years, then there’s a high chance that they know lots of things which you’ve never tried: there are some recipes of their traditional family dishes, some tricks they’ve learned from TV cookery shows, their own ideas and their favourite ingredients which you’ve never tried before. There are so many dishes of Italian or French cuisine you’ve never tried before! Also, lots of couples don’t only cook together and help each other to create something delicious, but they also kinda compete to show their skills: it’s great fun and it also can stimulate you to try lots of new things together;
  • A person with a good taste can really appreciate your efforts. It goes without saying that there are lots of simple dishes which are absolutely delicious and are liked by most people: there are so many people who would enjoy a simple pizza or a big plate of fish and chips more than a unique and refined dish. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating: it’s almost painful to see your partner quickly eating your masterpiece while adding lots of mayo on top of it. A person who enjoys cooking as much as you do will definitely understand how much time and efforts you put in every dish you make: they will recognize all seasoning and herbs you use, they will know how important is it for you to hear their opinion and how great your cooking skills are;
  • You can spend time while enjoying your favourite hobby together. It’s always great to spend time with someone you like: there are lots of ways to have fun together at the beginning of your relationship and later. At the same time, cooking together has something truly magical in it: you demonstrate your skills, you work as a team, you joke and discuss something together and later you enjoy the result of your mutual work - isn’t it exciting? Cooking together takes much less time than cooking alone unless you want to experiment and try something new: in both cases, you benefit and have fun together;
  • You also can attend cooking classes as a couple. You can sharpen your cooking skills not only by yourself or lots of recipes from the Internet or TV: there are many cooking classes which can be extremely enjoyable for you. Of course, there are lots of people who attend these classes alone, but there are also many of them who are too shy to go there on their own: that’s the case when a partner who also loves cooking can be very handy. Attending cooking classes together can become your favourite hobby and create lots of memories for both of you: instead of spending another evening in front of the TV you can go and learn something new with your partner;
  • People who love good high-quality food and know how to cook often follow a healthier diet than fast food lovers. That’s another reason to date someone who is into cooking: you want your partner to be healthy and fit for a long time, but couples who feel too tired or uninterested in cooking often choose to order a pizza over spending a half of an hour in the kitchen. As you may understand, lots of extra weight comes pretty slowly and imperceptibly, but the result will definitely be seen next summer on a beach. Instead, date someone who knows a few delicious and healthy recipes and is interested in having a balanced and nutritious diet which can preserve your beauty and health;
  • A partner who also likes cooking can sometimes surprise you with the amazing dishes they made for you. Sometimes there’s nothing more pleasant than coming home after a long and exhausting working day and seeing a delicious dinner made by your beloved partner. The same goes with waking up with an amazing smell of newly-fried pancakes in the morning: these moments are especially valuable because you don’t expect it and just feel delighted by the fact that your partner shows their care and affection. A partner who loves cooking can definitely improve your relationship in many ways, but their care and efforts they put into the dishes they make for you are priceless.

Find a partner who loves cooking as much as you do on

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If you think that cooking is not only a necessity which allows people not to die from starvation but also a great source of pleasure which can help you to gain lots of useful skills and knowledge, then dating someone similar to you who also loves cooking can improve your relationship a lot. If you have a real passion, then date someone who can help you to improve your talents rather than someone who will turn it into a boring routine: there are lots of people who love cooking all over the world. You can explore cuisines of different countries together or create your own special recipes which you can cook on holidays, you can make each other happy by making breakfasts and dinners for your partner and lots of other enjoyable things - you just need to find the right person to share your passion, interest and hobby with. Life is too short for dating people who don’t understand your passion!

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