Dating Italian singles

Italy is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A lot of people say that Italy looks like heaven: its hot climate, sea and great variety of delicious food makes it a wonderful place for tourism. If Italy attracts you, if the lifestyle and sociability of Italians are just perfect for you, then you probably were thinking about finding a couple in this country. Some people would like to text with an Italian person, some people would like to find a partner for travelling there, and some people would even prefer to move to Italy at one point. In all those situations online dating can help you to start dating an Italian man or a woman, so there are some tips about how to behave on a date and what to expect to have an amazing dating experience.

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How to date an Italian?

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If you want to find a special woman there, you should keep in mind certain cultural and social features. The first impression means a lot there, and it is better to avoid awkward situations. Even though the Italians are pretty talkative and amiable, no man would be happy to feel embarrassed on the very first date. Let's look at some Italian dating rules which can help you while dating an Italian girl a lot.

You should not just wait and hope that you will be invited somewhere or someone will start a conversation with you at all.

Make the first move

The first thing to understand is that a man should always take the initiative. The Italians are fond of active and charismatic men with a good sense of humour, so express yourself and don’t be afraid of behaving emotionally. You should not just wait and hope that you will be invited somewhere or someone will start a conversation with you at all. These are the rules of the game there, you need to demonstrate your interest in everything. After all, how can a guy have serious intentions if he cannot even start speaking with the girl at first? Show your determination but don't be too intrusive. In any case, you should remember that if you were told no, it means NO, so just move on.

Get dressed

One of the most important things in Italy is appearance. And it is not a matter of imposing some unrealistic standards of beauty there, the point is just to be neat and elegantly dressed all the time. It’s pretty necessary to have clean and nice-looking clothes, well-groomed hair and stylish shoes in Italy. It’s just a basic rule that is always followed by most of the people there. You don’t need to have very expensive or luxury brands of clothing in Italy, the main thing is to show the others that you actually care and have a good taste.

The Italians are very sensitive to the external beauty and this also applies to houses, streets, transport and almost all areas of life in general. Women prefer to use makeup and elegant clothes even if they just go shopping in the closest shop. Italian men are also world-famous fashionistas and love all kinds of accessories and jewellery. So the first impression is important, otherwise, there will probably be no further communication and your chances will decrease a lot.

The temperament of the Italians has always been a stable stereotype about them.

Italian lifestyle

The inhabitants of the peninsula are not famous for their punctuality and they always have time for rest or personal activities in their leisure time. Long and thorough meeting fees before going out are normal there. So don’t be surprised if your potential partner or just an Italian friend is late for half an hour, just be patient and relax. It’s better to get used to this unhurried passage of time because you will meet this situation a lot. However, this does not mean that Italians never do anything, and the real situation is usually the opposite. Also, their pace of life influences their dating habits a lot: many Italians start serious dating over 30 or even later because it’s time for them to settle down. Indefatigable life energy and wild temperament allow them to cope with their business faster, and sometimes they can even do several things at the same time. After all, the faster you complete all the responsibilities, the more time will be left for something more pleasant.

The temperament of the Italians has always been a stable stereotype about them. Often it turns out to be rather close to the truth, and this applies to both men and women. People are very emotional and expressive there. They might have a loud tone of voice, lively facial expressions and gestures when talking to each other. The Italians are very talkative and they love spending their leisure time chatting with their friends and relatives. Moreover, the subject of the conversation can be anything, the main thing is that the topic is interesting for both companions and provokes the emotional reaction. You can spend hours while discussing politics, philosophy, events, acquaintances, work, clothes, and especially the local cuisine there.

Food and establishments

Italy can be attributed to those countries in which gastronomy is a universal hobby. As a rule, men are also big lovers of cooking and experimenting with the dishes, so your culinary skills can add you points while dating there. Women can create real masterpieces from local food and they are always glad to see their man can cook an amazing dish too. Italians have a great love for all kinds of places where you can eat out. So inviting a girl to a local cafe or restaurant is always a good idea. You will have time not only to enjoy your dinner but also to have a good chat on different topics.

What to talk about?

Women in Italy are famous for their independence and education. Most often, this means that the quantity of the topics is quite wide, and in some areas, your interlocutor will give a head start. On the one hand, Italians largely retain the view of things accepted in the family; on the other hand, they perfectly understand other opinions and are not opposed to a discussion on any occasion. Respect her opinion, but do not necessarily agree with everything. There will always be topics in which you will be in solidarity and topics on which you can talk for whole evenings discussing your (sometimes opposing) points of view.

Respect her friends

Even if one of them doesn’t seem a pleasant person for you, it is better to just maintain polite communication and not say bad things behind their back. The social circle is extremely important for the Italians and if a woman needs to choose between her friends and her boyfriend, then the choice will be made quickly and she won’t continue her relationship with the boyfriend anymore. The Italian girl is likely to behave the same with your friends and try to establish communication. It is customary to respect people who are important for the significant other, even if you personally dislike them.

If you have already had a few dates, then get ready that you can soon meet the girl’s parents.

Family dinner

In Italy, family ties are very strong and relationships are usually maintained by entire clans. An invitation to have dinner with the family is considered pretty common and friends often visit each other’s families. If you have already had a few dates, then get ready that you can soon meet the girl’s parents. But don’t worry about that, because if your girl invited you to see her parents, this does not necessarily mean anything super serious. It may even be a test of the seriousness of your intentions, but no one will shackle you or marry you forcefully. Just be ready to have a pleasant evening with her family and enjoy!

Passion for life

In Italy, people love simple little things which make their life brighter and sincerely enjoy life. Everything that disturbs or overshadows the joy is usually bypassed. Therefore, it is better to be the one who brings this joy. You should leave your negative emotions and gloomy thoughts behind and try to get inspired by the local spirit.

The girls there are very emotional and vividly react to any word or action. Bring joy to your companion and this will not go unnoticed. Try to show your special attention to the woman you like and make compliments. But don’t even try to give insincere compliments, because a discerning Italian will quickly understand this. Small pleasant gifts, pleasant flirt and sincere compliments will create a good opinion of you and the woman you like will appreciate the positive vibes coming from you. And don’t forget to smile!

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