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Watching movies has become a daily activity for modern people. It is seen as a way to relax and rewind from daily routine and get distracted from issues altogether. On the other hand, people don’t necessarily watch simple relaxing movies. Such things as horror films and thrillers are watched to compensate for the lack of excitement and adrenaline in daily life, and as for detectives, they allow you to train your mind while following the plot and hints on the way to solving a suggested case.

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For some people watching movies is a serious hobby. They know more than just what is at the cinema today but also can tell you about various directors, genres, special cinematography tricks and many more things connected with films.

Dating in that case definitely implies watching some movies. It may become an indispensable part of your relationships: each meeting has a chance of turning into a movie date. It would be perfect to have someone who likes movies as much as you do as well as has similar preferences. If you are not able to find a partner like this in daily life, online dating is a way to help you find a perfect movie date.

Movie dating: use as a perfect tool

If you don’t know which resource to use in order to find a movie date, start with It has multiple advantages which ensure your date is going to be a perfect one for you:

  1. As a person who loves movies, you will be happy to know allows you to search for a partner according to common hobbies. Cinematography is just one of them. Obviously, you have more demands for a future significant other and choosing this website you will be able to incorporate all of them while customizing the search;
  2. The system is not about swiping left and right as such scheme is not the most efficient. After you set the searching tool according to your preferences, you get a list of the most compatible partners who can be found in a database. They already possess traits you expect your significant other to have, so while picking among this list you can be sure the person you choose will be the best of the best options;
  3. is a worldwide website. So you can be sure that there will always be a chance of meeting a partner wherever you go. Even if you move to another city or even country, you won’t be left alone: just log in into and look for a partner in your area;
  4. The site is not solely about romantic interactions. It also allows looking for friends and pals to do spend time with. You can find somebody to meet over coffee and discuss recent cinematography news or gather to go to the cinema or maybe even come around and organize a movie evening.

a couple watching movies at the cinema together

How to use

The scheme of using the website is extremely simple and clear. There are only a few steps you need to complete before diving right into the dating world:

  • Sign up. Or, if you already have an account, log in. In order to look for a partner, you are supposed to have your own page on the platform. To create an account you will only need an email or a social media account to log in with;
  • Fill in the profile information. You want to let your future dates know more about you to make a decision whether to start communication or not. Tell about your love of cinematography and expectations to have movie dates. Share something about your other hobbies as well;
  • Choose a photo. A profile picture gives people an opportunity to estimate your appearance and understand whether or not you are their type. Choose it wisely and remember not to overprocess it in the graphic editor as it will create an unrealistic image;
  • Start an actual search. Use the suggested tools to choose important qualities of your future partner, get a list of the most compatible options and enjoy dating!

How to movie date

We also decided to give you simple advice on organizing a perfect movie date!

Choose a place

If it is the first time you and your partner will ever meet it is better to start by organizing a date in a public space. Choose a cosy cinema nearby and check out what movies are on display there. Don’t make a choice yourself: it is better to negotiate with a partner and choose a movie both of you will like.

Remember not to let strangers inside your house just for the sake of personal safety.

In case you already know each other well enough, you can agree on coming over. Remember not to let strangers inside your house just for the sake of personal safety. But if you are dating for a while, you are good to go. It also gives you more space in terms of choice: you can pick and download any movie at all and not limit yourself to what movie theatres have to suggest.

Choose a movie

Research the list of those shown in your local movie theatres and discuss them with your date. Maybe they already have a desire to see something or have planned to do it before the movie was released. Be ready to compromise in case your opinions don’t match. Worst case scenario: you will go to both movies you want to see. And is it even worse? In case you are having a movie date at home, make a list of various movies of different genres and suggest your partner look through it and pick whatever they like.

a couple enjoying their date at the cinema together

Come a little early

First of all, it is polite to come on time. You will have a chance to chat a little bit and won’t hurry. Second of all, if it is a cinema date, you won’t be late for the movie, won’t bother anyone by getting to your seats and won’t miss an important moment either.

Pick some snacks

We all know how great it is to snack on some popcorn while watching a movie. Ask your partner how they feel about it. If they are not against it, discuss what snacks you are going to take with you: popcorn, which was mentioned before, some crisps, sweets, juice or cola. And this is another reason to come in time: you will have a chance to go through a line of those who also want to have something to eat and not be late.

Discuss what is appropriate

There are people for whom movie dates are only a cover to get more intimate with a partner, so when a film starts they proceed to hugging and kissing. Before doing anything like that, ask your date if they are comfortable about it.

There are people for whom movie dates are only a cover to get more intimate with a partner, so when a film starts they proceed to hugging and kissing. Before doing anything like that, ask your date if they are comfortable about it. And even if they agree, don’t overdo it: you still want to remember the plot of the story you watched.

Continue after a movie

After a show is over, discuss how your partner feels about it. Release your feelings about a movie and let your date do the same. Tell about your favourite moments or about those which were not as great. But don’t end date with this. Suggest to continue it over a cup of tea or coffee or take a stroll over a park.

a girl is sad on a date at the cinema because of a sad movie

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