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Ireland is an extremely beautiful country with amazing nature and many myths and legends created on this land. This is the case when you can fall in love with a place before the actual trip, according to only one photo of its breathtaking scenery. Many picturesque corners have been preserved there. Many people come to Ireland every year looking for beautiful views of the green hills and rocky shores, as well as local culture and fun. Irish men and women are quite interesting people with their own unique characteristics, and the image of cheerful and talkative regulars of pubs has developed in the world culture. Those people have their own specific charm, so many people would like to try Irish dating because it’s pretty different from dating American women and men and can bring lots of exciting experiences. But how to get to know local girls and guys? Let's figure it out.

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Irish character

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The fame of the Irish temper goes far away over the borders of Ireland. Some people say that their character suits the Irish weather, and in some moments this stereotype seems to be true. The weather in Ireland is not famous for its friendliness or hospitality and it rains most of the days in the year. And the wind blowing off the coast often reaches such a speed that an umbrella quickly turns into a useless rag on a stick. Perhaps that partly explains why the Irish are very fond of spending leisure time inside all kinds of establishments. But inside the traditional pubs, you can really appreciate the fun and friendliness of these people. Most of the visitors are greeted friendly there unless they are English (but that's usually just a stereotype).

In Ireland, people have a specific outlook on things and very often speak about things and phenomena ironically.

In general, the Irish are quite welcoming and very sociable. However, some things may surprise or even outrage a stranger to a local sense of humour. In Ireland, people have a specific outlook on things and very often speak about things and phenomena ironically. The unusual combination of cheerfulness and dark humour will not be clear for everyone.

Be ready to have an argument

The Irish are especially passionate about arguing. If you have already started arguing, then the argument can last for hours. Moreover, the process of fighting will repeatedly change the topic and the original subject of discussion will probably be completely forgotten. All this, of course, with a lot of jokes, pungencies and irony. The only obstacle for communication can be their speech, which is sometimes too fast, and a specific accent of the inhabitants of the emerald island.

The Irish people are often late

If you try to describe the attitude of the Irish people towards time, then one local saying comes to mind: "When God made time, he made enough of it." Locals are not famous for their punctuality and are often late, and they do not experience any remorse from that fact. So if you have any plans to see someone, be prepared to wait another half an hour with a cup of hot drink in a nearby cafe.

They are quite social

The inhabitants of the island are great lovers of chatting in their social group and they make new friends easily, so it will not be difficult to find interlocutors in any pub. And if you join the local cycle of evening gatherings and trips to nightclubs, then most likely you will quickly make new friends. This is the simplest and most usual way there to find a mate. You have been talking in different companies for some time, and if there is a person who shows any interest in you, then you probably can make a proposal and plan a date.

Dating and romantic relationships in Ireland

Regardless of the temper and love for public places and drinks, the Irish are rather settled and conservative people. It might take an Irishman a lot of time to get ready for family happiness, but if he has already found it, then he will hold on tight. Those people are very attached to their homeland, to their cities and their families.

There are no doubts that gold-diggers still exist, but in general, only lazy and shallow women look for that type of men.

Irish dating rules

a couple on a picnic in the forest

Every person interested in Irish dating with a charming redhead should remember some tips about what to expect and how to date correctly there. There are things to remember about Irish dating:

  • Do not be afraid to take the first step and start a conversation, and it does not matter if you are a guy or a girl. Even if you just caught a look at yourself several times, it’s sometimes easier to come up and ask. The Irish are quite simple and straightforward, so be sure that the answer will be received immediately. No one will beat you or laugh at you because of a simple question. But at the same time, you should not be intrusive and pushy, so if you have already been refused, then move on and don’t make a person annoyed;
  • Do not try to fool anyone. This is always quite noticeable and will cause rejection and enmity. If you try to make up a “cool” story in the company, then you will simply be laughed at for doing such a thing. There is no need in impersonating, so don’t try to pretend to be anyone and be yourself. Treat the person openly and they will communicate with you in the same way;
  • Avoid sore topics and try not to offend a person. Ireland has a difficult past and their history is pretty tough, so disrespectful mention of any sad moments or the diminution of the dignity of those people will definitely lead you to failure. Also, this kind of behaviour increases the chances of getting hit on the head. Better to stay in neutral topics and not to provocate anyone;
  • Be prepared for long conversations. Silent and uncommunicative people are treated with suspicion there. If you already fit into the company, then you don’t have to sit like a stump, so it will be better to participate in different discussions and just to enjoy the evening. And a good joke will always be appreciated;
  • There is no need for stereotypical first-date gifts and presents, especially if you don’t know the person yet. Most of the fluffy toys, bouquets and toy hearts are tasteless and cheesy and show that you have no imagination or just don’t try hard enough to find anything interesting to impress a person, so it’s better to avoid gifts until you will have a really great idea of a present. The same situation is with all those countless rom coms - the real love and relationships are usually not at all like that, so those films not only produce unrealistic expectations but also kill the creativity and real uniqueness of the relationship. Don’t try to make your relationship look like a clichéd romantic film - write your own story instead;
  • Modern women don’t prefer only rich men to date - most of them are emancipated enough to have a good job and self-respect not to fall for someone whose only attractive traits are his money and expensive car. There are no doubts that gold-diggers still exist, but in general, only lazy and shallow women look for that type of man. So if you want to impress a beautiful Irish girl, you shouldn’t boast and show off speaking about how rich and successful you are. Instead, speak about your mutual interests and show her that you’re actually an interesting person who is worth to speak and maybe even date with;
  • In the modern world, it’s not always men’s duty to pay for dinner. Even though there are a lot of men who might insist on paying, there are probably even more modern women who would prefer to pay for themselves and have separate bills in the restaurant. Today men shouldn’t be offended by women who don’t allow them to “behave like a gentleman”, and women should not expect men to offer that too. In most cases there is a rule that a person who invites you should pay, and it helps many people while dating all over the world;
  • Remembering about the previous rule, you won’t be surprised to know that even if a man pays for the posh dinner, a woman doesn’t owe him sex or even another date. The times when men could buy love for the meal are far in the past, so it’s better for men to be modest in spending money and don’t expect anything, especially on the first date;
  • But at the same time, sex on a first date is still possible in some cases. One-night stands are more popular now than they were before, so the possibility of having one is rather high. At the same time, people doing that should be careful and always protected unless they are seeking of having unplanned children or something much worse;
  • Modesty and shyness are not considered extremely attractive nowadays. People prefer looking for confident partners, and that’s what is really attractive for most people. At the same time, remember that there is a great difference between confidence and arrogance, so the second one will probably kill the interest in you immediately;
  • Girls don’t sit silently during the date anymore: they want to communicate, to ask you some questions, to discuss news or to disagree with you because of something you have just said. Don’t expect her to be extremely shy and quiet - enjoy your communication and opportunity to know each other better before the next date;
  • Online dating is not only for lonely people now, it’s for everyone. This stereotype is completely outdated, and nowadays a lot of people look for their love online. A big number of the Irish have their accounts on Irish dating sites as well, so there is always a possibility that you’ll find your love there as well.

Online Irish dating

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In Ireland, it is usually customary to meet in person, but in recent years, like all over the world, dating sites have begun to gain popularity. Their popularity can be explained because of how convenient and mobile this way of finding friends and partners is - most of the people have their mobile phones close to them constantly, so they can look for new matches or chat with attractive people almost constantly. will help you to find your perfect Irish partner and to have the best possible online dating experience. The service was created in 1993, so more than 25 years of experience make know what exactly people want from online-dating. Singles dating over 30 often choose online dating because of the advantages it provides. People from Ireland and all over the world choose us because:

  • It’s fast and comfortable - the registration process takes a few minutes and then the world of online-dating is open for you;
  • It’s smart - our searching algorithm helps our users not only to find attractive and single locals but also people all over the world, and that’s not all - you’ll be able to see people with the same interests, views and life goals around of you;
  • It’s reliable - our security system guarantees privacy and safety for all our users. Date and be sure to be confidential;
  • It’s comfortable - avoid awkward dialogues and situations: you’ll receive messages only from people who like you back! Our matching system helps people to find their perfect partners who are definitely attracted to each other;
  • It just works - thousands of couples were created because of, so join now!
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