Dating single Armenian men

Armenian men can be charming, intelligent, witty and humorous, so many of them present a great mixture of everything that women love in their potential partners. Wherever you want to find a man from Armenia or interested in an expat, there are a lot of traits of Armenian men you need to know about.

They love their language, they respect their culture and they are family-oriented - their traditional upbringing gives them a lot of great qualities which every man should have. Women love them, so if you’re a lady interested in dating an Armenian man, then there is a guide on how to date your perfect oriental partner.

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Why women love Armenian men

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Armenian men are popular among many women because of some wonderful features they have. Many of them tend to be tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed, they are handsome and have some extra points because of their special oriental charm. Armenian men can have slim or athletic bodies, but most of them have masculine facial features and many of them prefer to wear a beard. Many of them have very distinctive facial features, so it’s never a problem to recognize an Armenian man.

They are witty, they attract with their subtle humour and they often look like they are laughing at you in a very kind and parent-like way. Those men value family and relatives a lot, they respect women and can become great husbands, fathers and heads of their families. They know how to be responsible and take care of their wives and children, so they are perfect for women dreaming of being housewives looking for kids and doing house chores. Having an Armenian partner means that you will always be supported and protected, and that’s what most women would like to have in their family life. These men often prefer dating over 30 because of them being marriage-minded, so remember that fruitless dating is usually not for them.

What dating Armenian men is like

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Most Armenian men don’t have any strict preferences about how a perfect woman should look like, so you don’t need to change your hair colour or stick to a strict diet to impress one. Armenian men prefer serious relationships, so they expect their partner to be loyal, trustworthy, caring and responsible from the very beginning: when he looks at his girlfriend, he probably sees her as a mother of his children and his future wife. They prefer their women to be wise, caring, respectful and loving - those essential qualities are very important in every Armenian family.

Just like many other oriental men, Armenian guys are often very hot-tempered and have spicy characters. It doesn’t mean that they are evil or angry all the time: they can be extremely kind, cheerful and ready to laugh, but they can’t tolerate things they dislike for a long time, especially while they are young - older Armenian men are often wise and have a very humble ironical attitude towards many things around them. They become excited, nervous and annoyed easily, but it doesn’t take a lot of time to relax and become calm again.

It’s almost impossible to bring over, reeducate, fix or change an Armenian man - they tend to be kinda stubborn sometimes and they often resist all types of outer influence.

Remember that culture and family values are extremely important for Armenian men, so avoid some sensitive topics or at least don’t try to change his mind - it won’t lead anywhere. It’s almost impossible to bring over, reeducate, fix or change an Armenian man - they tend to be kinda stubborn sometimes and they often resist all types of outer influence. A smart woman can get what she wants by being cunning and gentle - and even if her man understands what she’s doing, he usually can’t resist her charm and gives up.

Of course, Armenian men can grow up and change some of their ideas and understand they were wrong after seeing solid and decent proofs, but it happens pretty rarely. Most Armenian men are taught to believe in themselves, respect their own opinion as well as the opinion of the elderly who are considered wiser and more experienced. Armenian men often ask their elderly for advice and listen to them carefully. If you are invited to a family gathering, try your best to make a good first impression on his parents - Armenian don’t usually rebel, so if his parents think you’re careless or not ready for serious relationships, he’ll definitely remember their words.

Another important trait of Armenian character is their traditional oriental jealousy. They often prefer their women not to spend their free time with their male friends and also they can have a lot of suspicions when they are not sure where their girlfriend was. At the same time, they often like spending time gathering with friends, relatives and their families, so you will regularly see a lot of people and spend many wonderful evenings in good company. Armenian people are usually very generous and they love having a lot of guests and spending time with them. “My home is your home”, so they are always happy to help and see their close people.

Dating an Armenian man you should learn how to cook - there are a lot of amazing traditional dishes of Armenia you both will love. Armenian women learn to cook from a pretty young age - their mothers and grandmothers often teach them, so there is a huge library of tasty recipes in their heads. Of course, you shouldn't try to copy an Armenian woman’s behaviour: if he has chosen you, then he probably loves the way you are and doesn’t want to fix you into a traditional Armenian wife.

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