Dating single Polish men

Poland is an Eastern-European country with its customs, rules and traditions. Even though it has much more European traits than some of its neighbours, there are a lot of Slavic traditions and cultural features too. The country can impress with its old-fashioned beautiful architecture, nature and great views, so a lot of people travel there to do sightseeing, to relax and even to find a potential partner for dating and relationships.

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Dating a person from another country is always an exciting experience which requires a lot of knowledge and efforts in learning a foreign language and\or some traits of a person’s culture. If you want to date Polish men, you need to know some information about them to understand their mentality better and to be aware of their character features. The generalisation is not always a good thing, neither are stereotypes, but some of them can help us to have an image of what to expect in our mind.

What you should know about Poland the Poles

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Poland is one of the brightest representatives of the countries of old Europe. Even taking into account the long Soviet occupation, the national culture, language and history are well preserved there. In addition to everything else, a significant part of the population is Catholic. This creates the conditions in which the Polish character was formed. A high level of education and good living standards compared with the standards of Eastern Europe have formed purposeful and active people.

Poles are rationalists and sometimes tend to ignore certain rules if they are sure that there will be no consequences.

Although Poles cannot be called workaholics, these people are well aware of the value of their time. Young people can be seriously different from older people who still remember their lives during the Soviet Union. Poles are rationalists and sometimes tend to ignore certain rules if they are sure that there will be no consequences. However, otherwise, they are decent and straightforward people. Like many Slavs, Poles don’t smile too much in everyday life. But while being among their close friends, they are good-natured and spontaneous, with a great sense of humour.

What dating Polish men is like

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Even though Poland is a European country and those people are not extremely different from other Europeans, there are some details you should be aware of in advance if you want to date a Polish man. The country mixes both Slavic and European culture and it results in an interesting mentality of the locals. Polish guys are confident, serious, they know what they want and what is good for them. Also, you need to know that:

  • They are proud and know their worth. It is important to understand that a man will not always seek the attention of a woman himself; it often happens that you need to be the first to show your interest. Despite the general conservatism of society, the equality of the social roles of men and women prevails there. As a rule, guys in Poland have a good upbringing and you can often find good manners and courtesy that you don't expect at first glance. Let bouquets and small gallant gestures come as no surprise to you;
  • Polish guys are very independent and can easily do almost any household chores. Most often some people can do something with their own hands. The ability to fix things or create from scrap materials is quite valuable in everyday life. Your toolbox is more of a rule. It is not for nothing that you can meet Polish technicians and builders throughout Europe. They are not afraid to work with their hands;
  • Men in Poland are usually pragmatic and have a down-to-earth mindset. You can rarely see people with unrealistic expectations or ridiculously high self-esteem. They do not strive for abstract ideals and do not consider themselves the navel of the earth. This is a very useful property - to be able to correctly assess yourself and set priorities. Lots of local men prefer dating over 30 as well because they feel more confident and accomplished at that age. A woman who often sees the opposite case when a guy thinks he is the smartest and the most successful guy among the others around might appreciate a Polish man a lot;
  • Usually, guys in Poland are not inclined to constantly look for new girls and do not change partners like gloves. There you can often meet those who appreciate the current relationship and do not pay too much attention to other girls. This might be connected with their good upbringing and religiosity, or maybe a desire to have stability and confidence in a partner. But this does not mean that a Polish man only thinks about getting married as soon as possible, but rather about a serious approach when choosing a girl;
  • Poles are quite serious people, as already mentioned, but this does not mean that they do not show emotions. While being in a relationship, a Polish man is more likely to be reserved and not as impulsive as representatives of southern countries. But in personal communication, those guys show such amount of attentiveness and tenderness which every woman can dream of.

Try online dating

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Whether you are going to visit Poland or already are living in that country there are different ways to find an awesome Polish guy for dating and romantic relationships. The easiest way to start communication with the locals is to look for a partner online on

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