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The red-and-white checkered pattern is well-known for everyone who has ever been to Croatia or at least knows anything about this country. Beautiful nature, amazing sunny weather, sea and interesting old sights with great Roman and Greek influence - these things attract people from other countries to come there. Those people love their country, their history and culture and it’s always interesting and impressive to come there and to spend some time enjoying that place.

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Wherever you are, there are a lot of reasons to want to date a person from another country. Some people are interested in moving abroad with their partner while the others are just conquered by the charm of the foreign language and their culture. Whether you want to go out on a few dates or to marry a Croatian man, there are a lot of things you need to know about their views and traditions to understand them better.

You might meet a Croatian man of your dreams as a traveller or an expat in your country or you might come there and find the best potential partner in your life because there are no real limits or borders for people who want to fall in love and to have stable and healthy relationships together. So if you’re interested in Croatian guys, you might already know something about their character and views, and if not then read the article and learn more about these men!

Things you need to know about dating Croatian men in advance

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There are a lot of things that you need to know about another person’s culture, history, customs and traditions before dating them. These things may influence a lot of aspects of dating from the way you see your couple in a few years to your partner’s idea of what an ideal partner should look and behave like.

There are some of the most significant Croatian traits of character you need to know about if you want to date a Croatian man.

Croatian people are Slavic, so most of them have pretty common Slavis views and traits of character. At the same time, the country has different zones and the locals might differ drastically even within one country. There are some of the most significant Croatian traits of character you need to know about if you want to date a Croatian man. Remember that all people are different and stereotypes are often wrong, especially if a person’s character might be connected with a town and region, but even then some of these facts can help you to form an image of a single Croatian man in your head:

  • Croatian men are very traditional and it’s often seen in their attitude towards progressive views and ideas from the rest of the Western world. They sometimes might speak in a sexist way and behave too patronizing - at least in contrast to many Western people nowadays. They also have a lot of advantages which also came from their traditional upbringing - they are hard-working, they want to provide and protect their families, they care for their wives and children and love being real breadwinners there. So if you want to date a man who will treat you like a real lady - then Croatian men are your choice;
  • Just like many other men all over the world, Croatian men love their girls having character and interests. Even though Croatia is a pretty traditional country and patriarchy is still a big thing there, it doesn’t mean that local men need only pretty dolls to be around. They want their lady to be able to speak with them, share interests, be amusing and full of personality. Besides, healthy and long-lasting relationships are always based not only on other person’s appearance but on the fact that you’re like-minded, you feel comfortable together and see each other as friends and companions;
  • Like many stereotypical men, they love football way too much. They usually watch all the matches together with their friends in bars and pubs with beer and snacks, they loudly celebrate or mourn because of the results of important games, they often watch football matches on Sunday evenings to discuss them later with their colleagues and friends. They also go to see some matches with their own eyes and decorate their clothing and paint their skin red and white to cheer their team. It’s completely ok there to be such a fan there, so don’t try to stand between your Croatian man and his favourite hobby - it might not end well;
  • They like cold beer and drink a lot of it. At the same time, it’s considered a bit inappropriate for women to love beer there and the locals might look disapproving if they see you drinking beer with your friends or man. It doesn’t mean you can’t drink alcohol at all - you just need to have plan B while dating a Croatian man of your dream. Somehow beer is considered men's drink there, so deal with it or break the stereotype. And if you don’t like beer at all - then it’s your time to earn some extra points there;
  • They love their cars and their personal transport is extremely important in their lives. Even though it’s considered extremely cool and prestigious to have BMW, a lot of men who are not “rich” or “wealthy” enough have cheaper cars they love to use and fix. Fixing cars can be seen as a traditional Slavic hobby for men - it’s usually held in a garage with other men or alone while drinking and spending time well. So don’t be surprised to see your Croatian man spending too much time thinking about his car, because one day, when you’ll become (or if you become) as important as his car or even more, he’ll give all of his care and attention and will spend more time with you;
  • They love to be dominant, even though a woman should take initiative too. It’s pretty typical for traditional couples to have a man as a leader who makes the most important decisions and whose word should always be the last one. It’s mostly connected with the fact that except the ability to choose a Croatian man also takes the responsibility about the possible result on himself too, and a lot of women prefer not to deal with the result of their choice (or at least that’s what Croatian men think). Of course, Croatian men love ladies who can approach and are not afraid to make the first move, but then they prefer to become leaders in relationships anyway. If you insist on something, they might agree and do the thing you want, and if your idea turns out to be bad they will remember it for a long time. Unfortunately, after these situations some ladies prefer not to choose at all;
  • Pretty girls are valued there. Younger men prefer their girlfriends to wear full makeup and attractive clothing while mature men like their women to be more natural and humble in self-expression, but both old and young pay a lot of attention to the appearance. At the same time, the amount of effort Croatian men put in their looks compared to the amount of effort Croatian ladies put in looking great differs drastically. Just like in many Slavic countries it’s believed that a man shouldn’t be too attractive - it’s mostly a girl’s duty;
  • In Croatia the family comes first, and it’s connected not only with your spouse and children but also parents and relatives. A Croatian man always listens to his mom and her approval will be a very important thing to influence your relationships with a man. If his mom thinks you’re immature and can’t be a good housewife (even if you don’t want to be a housewife at all) then it can be a real dealbreaker there. It’s a pretty common situation to see a wife criticized by her mother-in-law and a husband usually don’t defend her from his mother. Remember to create a great first impression or to look for a man from a less traditional part of a country to avoid such problems.

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