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Holland (also known as the Netherlands) is one of the most beautiful and financially stable European countries in our modern world. Breathtaking tulip fields, windmills and beautiful cities attract crowds of tourists from different countries annually: to feel the atmosphere of old Europe combined with modern and fresh society and a great standard of living people travel to Holland or even move there.

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There are different ways people use to move to the Netherlands: some people prefer to find a job there while some people are mostly interested in finding partners from the locals. It’s hard to judge them: Dutch people are extremely attractive and they can care for themselves really well and that makes them even hotter. Well-educated, polite, progressive and cheerful Dutch guys can win women’s hearts and become very desirable potential partners.

These people have lots of amazing qualities which make them great boyfriends, reliable partners, caring husbands and loving dads. Dating these modern and progressive people you’ll always feel like moving to the best future: the locals are extremely friendly, tolerant and cheerful people who try their best to make their country a comfortable and beautiful place. The Netherlands is a perfect place to live and raise kids, so if you want to get there one day, then it’s time to get acquainted with handsome Dutch men.

What every woman should know about dating Dutch men

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The Dutch are very pragmatic people. Their attitude to finance is especially attentive. Waste of money is considered inappropriate and silly there. People calmly take old things from each other, which are still in fair condition. But this does not mean that the Dutch are stingy, rather it is the rational use of available resources, including money. So don't expect a Dutch guy to make expensive gifts or waste money at the establishment. The score is divided in half and this also emphasizes the independence of the couple. Also, do not be surprised if your companion looks at the receipt and checks how much and for what he spent. In Holland, spending is monitored closely.

That’s the way the Dutch men are: they are good with money, they are hardworking and economical and that makes them financially stable and independent. But regardless of their income and earnings, they are not going to waste what they have and they don’t have any money to burn: they always have savings and “plan b” if something goes wrong. For people as organized and simple as that the Dutch are not too demanding and they don’t need to brag about their financial well-being. The Netherlands is a rich country and a lot of people there are pretty wealthy, so there is no point in bragging about all the useless jewellery and expensive cars they have. Simplicity is key and Dutch men know that well.

A down-to-earth attitude is also evident in appearance. Going on a date with a Dutchman in a gorgeous dress and flashy makeup is a big mistake. People here prefer simple and comfortable clothes that look good. Simplicity and a sense of taste - this is how you can characterize the daily wardrobe of the Dutchman. Otherwise, if we talk about appearance, the local guys can be described as very tall, well-built and with luxurious hair. Most of them keep an eye on their shape and maintain a slim and beautiful posture.

Simplicity is key and Dutch men know that well.

Dutch men are famous for being modern but humble: you can’t see them wearing top fashion neat outfits, expensive luxury items or anything else. They prefer messy hairstyles and baggy jeans over anything: natural and extremely relaxed beauty is customary there. Dutch women don’t usually wear any make-up and avoid ridiculously high heels or short tight dresses: the locals see these outfits not only uncomfortable but also strange and silly. You don’t need to try too hard or pretend to be someone you are not to impress a Dutch man: they love their women the way they are.

It’s pretty easy to date a Dutch guy: they like their women being intelligent, polite and honest. Therefore, the biggest mistakes you can make while dating a Dutch guy is being unreliable, having no hobbies or interests, being shallow and interested only in his money. Sincere and loyal ladies have all the chances to date these tall handsome guys and to have more serious and long-lasting relationships as well.

Why Dutch guys are great for dating

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Even though it’s hard to describe the whole nation, there are lots of stereotypes about every country and people living there. People always try to generalize and simplify everything they know about big groups of people to make it easier to understand people with other cultures, customs and traditions. There are thousands of jokes, anecdotes and stories based on stereotypes about people and their nationalities, so even though most people don’t take them seriously they still influence the way we perceive other people.

When you use one of the best Swedish dating websites, you can often find single guys which are very similar to your potential Dutch partners. People from the Netherlands have stereotypes and generalizations about them too. Most of them are rather positive and describe people’s best qualities and features. We should remember that everyone is unique because every person has its story, family, upbringing, environment and financial stability. These factors can sometimes influence a person's character a lot and that’s why it’s extremely hard to find a really stereotypical person in real life. At the same time, knowing about the basic cliches about Dutch people will help you to understand them better and to know what to expect from your potential Dutch boyfriend.

They are attractive

That’s a fact: lots of Dutch men are very handsome. Their good genetics, healthy environment, balanced diet, and high standard of living make them strong, attractive and healthy-looking guys. Even though they prefer to wear very simple clothing, even the cheapest pair of jeans looks great on a slim and sporty body. Hipster-like casual outfits of Dutch men portray the fact that a modern and financially stable society doesn’t need to care too much about expensive clothing - attractive people are attractive regardless of what they wear.

Attractive people are attractive regardless of what they wear.

Dutch guys are extremely tall

Most women prefer dating tall guys: they often are strong, masculine and slim, they can reach the upper shelf and it’s easy to wear high heels and still be shorter than they are. Of course, a man’s height is not that important for people who are not shallow and don’t choose their partners based only on their appearance. At the same time, it’s a very nice feature to make an interesting person even more attractive and desirable: lots of women love the feeling of security when they are dating tall men. Also, they feel more feminine and therefore attractive while dating tall guys: every medium-height lady looks “petite” compared to her tall and masculine boyfriend. So if you’re into tall guys - then Dutch dating is your choice!

They are financially stable

Another great thing which can be very important for people having serious and long-lasting relationships with Dutch men - their financial stability. Dutch guys know how to earn money and how to be reasonable with them - no one there wants to waste money they earn on things they don’t need or can buy much cheaper. Therefore most of them have financial safety cushion which is always great for people who have plans to create families and have children while dating over 30. It’s pretty easy to meet a single attractive man with a good job and decent salary there, so if you’re lucky enough to meet a Dutch man of your dreams, you will never struggle to make ends meet. Of course, if Dutch men see that ladies are only interested in their money, then it’s an instant turn-off. But it’s always better to have a financially independent and provided partner who has some extra money and knows its value.

These guys are romantic

Just like many European guys, Dutch men know lots of different kinds of wine, they are well-read and educated, they are interested in art and can really enjoy it. Also, they love nature and can value the beauty of a moment: therefore, it’s always interesting to go on a date with a Dutch guy. They arrange picnics, they are ready to discuss modern and conventional art, they’ll bring a bottle of amazing wine and they definitely know some picturesque places in Holland to show you. Have you ever wanted to date a guy who actually loves reading and has a good taste in movies? If the answer is “yes”, then Dutch men are definitely for you.

They are all about equality

Another important feature of Dutch society is them being open for new ideas and tolerant towards everyone. Equality is a thing in the Netherlands: people tend to fight for their rights and it’s hard to imagine a Dutch guy being sexist towards his female colleagues or friends. That also means that you shouldn’t expect a Dutch guy to pay for you on dates: whether you’re in a cafe, restaurant or cinema it’s up to you to pay for yourself. Paying for women is seen as portraying them helpless, unable to earn enough and needing men’s help to buy a cup of coffee or a Cinnabon. Also, lots of women who are paid for their cocktails on dates feel like they are obliged to give something back and be intimate with men who are generous enough to buy them drinks. To avoid such situations and behave equally Dutch people tend to pay separately - and that's a nice thing.

Equality is a thing in the Netherlands: people tend to fight for their rights and it’s hard to imagine a Dutch guy being sexist towards his female colleagues or friends.

They are reliable

And that’s also true for most Dutch men. They are against cheating because it shows disrespect not only for their partners but also for themselves: a cheating person is seen as someone who is not sure in their choice, doesn’t know what they want and is extremely unstable and unreliable. Therefore some Dutch men can be pretty slow in making serious decisions and starting long-lasting relationships - they need to be sure that their choice is correct, but after making the decision they are loyal and devoted to their partners. If you want to date a Dutch guy you also should remember that dating is exclusive: don’t break a man’s heart and you’ll be successful in Dutch dating.

Meet perfect Dutch partners on

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Dating a Dutch man can be an extremely enjoyable experience which may grow into serious long-lasting relationships or even healthy marriage. Modern people have nothing against dating foreigners because they are most interested in mental connection and mutual understanding and know that their soulmate might live in another country as well. Even though dating people who live in another country is sometimes hard and people can’t wait to see each other in real life again, it often makes their affection even bigger and their passion grows. Mature people in love see no boundaries and troubles - they prefer to find solutions and opportunities instead.

Modern people have nothing against dating foreigners because they are most interested in mental connection and mutual understanding and know that their soulmate might live in another country as well.

Nowadays you don’t even need to visit the Netherlands to meet your perfect Dutch partner: even though it’s an amazing country which is definitely worth visiting, many people have no opportunities to go there and to live there long enough to meet someone special. It’s also pretty hard for introverted and shy people to get acquainted with new attractive people speaking another language: they are too afraid to approach or even say “Hi” to an attractive stranger. But there is a great solution for people wanting to find love: online dating has changed the dating game forever. allows people all over the world to find their true happiness with attractive singles from the Netherlands and other countries over the globe. Regardless of your age, religion, hobbies or views, there are hundreds and thousands of single people like you who want to find their true love. Whether you’re extroverted or introverted, shy or initiative - there’s a chance for everyone!

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