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Amazing buildings, delicious cuisine, romantic movies and the sexiest language in the world - all these things can describe France. Almost everyone in the world knows that France is the country which is often associated with love and romantic adventures - all the movies, books and songs from the country form the image of one of the best places on Earth to have a perfect date there. A couple kissing on the Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable stereotypes about the country and also one of the biggest dreams of many women all over the world.

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There is no mystery why France is often considered the most romantic country in the world. Women dream of French men and want to experience French dating at least once because the theme is usually romanticized and glorified. Of course, French men are people just like any other men in the world: they have different characters and preferences, they have different views about dating and relationships. But the truth is that the French atmosphere and culture makes these men much more thoughtful and experienced in dating and different romantic aspects of relationships. They can be passionate boyfriends, loving husbands and caring dads and these features make them perfect candidates for dating.

It’s extremely easy to fall in love with a French man who knows exactly what romantic dating is and that’s why these men are extremely popular all over the world. There aren’t like guys you can find on the best dating sites in Germany: French men are passionate and romantic. But what to do and how to behave to find a perfect French man for dating and relationships? There are some facts about dating these heartbreakers and what to do to find one.

What you should know about dating French men

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Even though many facts about France and French dating are only stereotypes which can’t describe each person living there, a lot of the facts are pretty useful to know. Some of the general stereotypes can help you to create an image of a general French man and to know what to expect in advance. Remember that you can’t speak about all the French men after dating only one of them, but many stereotypes are based on typical patterns of preferences and actions of many French people.

Frenchmen know how to be real gentlemen: they can show you lots of interesting local places to go out and can impress every woman with their knowledge of different sorts of wine. They love interesting and fulfilling dates: a Frenchman will offer to visit a local art gallery or go to the theatre together and he won’t do that only to make you think that he’s an art lover. They actually value all these things and find it essential to have a cultural life. If you’re a great fan of poetry, literature, art and cinema then dating a French man is perfect for you. At the same time, if you prefer modern art over the traditional one, then you also should try French dating because you can find lots of like-minded attractive French guys there.

A Frenchman will offer to visit a local art gallery or go to the theatre together and he won’t do that only to make you think that he’s an art lover.

French men are not very fond of women wearing too much make-up. It is worth sticking to a reasonable minimum. In clothes, it is worth adhering to the same principles and not dressing up pretentiously because a simple but elegant approach will work best. But of course, you need to understand that everyone is pleased to see a person who is taking care of themselves well. Neat clothing combined with restrained sexuality in the appearance and behaviour produces a much better effect. Guys pay more attention to the personality of a potential partner. They can be conquered by charisma and a lively mind. The high level of education and culture, the ability to maintain a conversation on any topic and openness of views delight the French. Gaudy women in flashy outfits who have a narrow outlook and have no hobbies or interests can’t attract a French man.

In everyday life, French guys often use text messages and can ask you out for a date by a message spontaneously. Also, their adventurous nature is sometimes seen in them being late or showing up at your doorstep and inviting you to a restaurant. If you’re tired of a boring routine and want to feel like you’re the main character of a rom-com, then dating a French guy will definitely bring bright colours into your life. Be open for experiments and spontaneity and you’ll have a great experience with your French partner!

The French tend to have progressive views on gender relations. For men, women are primarily equal partners and not housewives. That approach can be seen both in communication and attitude in general and in everyday moments. The French guy perceives his girlfriend as a person and is respectful of her opinions and decisions. There is no concept of "binding" a person with marriage: lots of locals start dating over 30 when they’re ready to settle down. On the contrary, the partner will strive to ensure maximum freedom and try in every possible way to make her happy. But this does not reach the point of absurdity and blind worshipping of a woman. Everything is built on a reasonable approach and mutual respect.

In France, there are quite free views on relationships. Everything happens quickly and it’s extremely easy to hear “I love you” at the beginning of a relationship. It might be connected with the difference in languages and mentality because French people often see these words not that special and sacred as the Americans do. Also, even though French men are often seen as chasers who love conquering women they like, sex on the first date is not uncommon and there is nothing unusual about it. French guys love their women being free, initiative and feminine, so their character and charisma attract them the most. Show a French guy what kind of a person you are and he’ll appreciate that!

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