Dating single German men

Germany is a country with an impressive standard of life, beautiful landscapes and nature, amazing European architecture and great beer. All the things create an image of Germany in the eyes of people living in other countries and make it a very popular tourist destination. People want to travel there, people want to move there and also people want to date appealing German guys who have already stolen millions of women’s hearts all over the world. A stereotypical German guy is pretty tall, neat, handsome and smart - and all these things are very close to reality. German men are wildly attractive because of their charisma and intelligence mixed with their appealing appearance and style.

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Whether you like German men because of your favourite German singer, actor, sportsman or model you know what your ideal German partner would look like. It’s obvious that most people don’t look like supermodels and actors, but there are still lots of extremely handsome German men who are single and open for relationships, and you can find them on the best dating sites in Germany. People all over the world explore other countries and travel not only to have a new experience but also to have an opportunity to meet their potential partner in a country of their dream. Even if the world doesn’t shrink the distances between countries seem much shorter than they used to be and nowadays a person can meet their love anywhere on Earth.

German guys can steal your heart and to make you the happiest person in the world: their special approach to dating and relationships is stable, persistent and based on mutual respect and understanding. Every person is unique, but if you’re into things people say about hot German guys - then you should definitely try it. If you have already been to Germany you might already have an image of them in your head but if you haven’t travelled there yet you still have a chance to know them better in advance. Read the article and find out what to expect from neat and charismatic Germans.

What you should know about relationships with attractive German guys

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Every country has lots of stereotypes about its people, but Germany might easily take their first place because it’s often considered one of the most stereotypical countries in the world. There are hundreds of beliefs, jokes and stories portraying legendary German punctuality, their neat style of clothing and manners. Of course, there are some people who can be living examples of these situations, but also we should remember that believing in all the generalizations always leads to failure. Dating one German guy you can’t say that you know all of them: just like in any other country, all people are different and it makes no sense to say the opposite.

German men can be an absolute treasure for women who can really appreciate such qualities as dignity, honesty, loyalty and punctuality. The country’s culture and traditions have created a lot of very persistent and hard-working people who value their time and know exactly what they want. German people have the healthiest self-esteem in the world and if you’re ready to be with a strong partner, work hard for your common future and respect each other’s personality and private space - then dating a German man is your choice.

The country’s culture and traditions have created a lot of very persistent and hard-working people who value their time and know exactly what they want.

If you’re interested in dating German men and having relationships with them, then you need to know and respect their lifestyle, customs and traditions not only to create a good first impression but to be suitable in German society. If you want to enjoy the country and to understand the locals perfectly, then read the facts about German men and who they are.

They are straightforward

One of the most distinctive features of German men is their honesty which can sometimes be even a bit too brutal. If you want to date a German man, then remember that he’ll probably tell you if he dislikes your dress, the colour of your shoes or even a present you gave him. Even though it may sound as something unbelievably rude for most Western people, it’s pretty normal in Germany: people are straightforward with what they think and don’t sugarcoat their feelings and opinions. It doesn’t mean that they’ll shower you with their negativity and criticism but if you ask the question - then be ready to hear the answer. The same goes with compliments and flirting - German people don’t use it: if you give a compliment to a German man, then he’ll probably be very sceptical about it and will think you want something from him. Handsome German men don’t waste time flirting with women - they just look into their eyes and steal their hearts without even a word.

They are punctual

That’s another distinctive quality German men have which has created their reputation and image of people who are always on time. That’s actually true: Germans value their time a lot and have a very serious attitude towards their work, so they prefer being a bit earlier than needed instead of being even a minute late. The same goes not only with their professional life but also dating: if a German man has arranged a date at 8 o’clock, then he’ll be there at 8 at any cost. If he said he’ll call you later - then he’ll call you: he might actually call you to say you’re too different and have no future, but at least he won’t disappear and leave you in ignorance. Also, remember that he expects the same attitude from you: be on time or you’ll be seen as immature and unreliable.

Germans value their time a lot and have a very serious attitude towards their work, so they prefer being a bit earlier than needed instead of being even a minute late.

Germans are professionals at planning

It might be seen as a part of being punctual, but actually, it’s mostly connected with an almost supernatural ability of German men to predict and control any situation. They prefer to think about multiple scenarios their future might go and they are always ready for any of them. If the system fails, then a German man can become almost helpless but only until the moment he creates a new plan. In the context of dating that means that dating German men is a great investment in your common future: if you actually match together and have a healthy stable relationship, then be sure he’ll lead you through all the bureaucracy and possible problems you might face and will always help you in a difficult situation.

German guys are loyal

Loyalty is key for everyone who wants to have relationships with German men. Women dating hot German guys can vouch for the fact they are against infidelity - it’s considered completely inappropriate and disrespectful towards both partners. If you can’t be loyal to a person you’ve chosen then you don’t deserve their trust and love and can’t even believe yourself. German singles can be rather slow in making serious decisions and they might need weeks and months to know you better, but when he decides you’re the one and he wants to have something serious with you - then he’ll be exclusively yours.

They are also smart

It’s easy to see that German men are tall, stylish and handsome - their appearance and manners have created a big fanbase all over the world. But there is something more: their intelligence and insight can sometimes be even more attractive! These guys are smart: they are usually interested in many fields and have great knowledge about the subject, and of course, they are great professionals and do their work perfectly. If smart men are perfect for you, then dating a German man can become an amazing experience which can potentially grow in something bigger.

If smart men are perfect for you, then dating a German man can become an amazing experience.

They show their care and affection in details

For some people, it might seem that German men are too emotionless and often prefer to hide their emotions and affection. The fact is they don’t use cliches and stereotypical confessions, they don’t shower their partners with compliments and behave tender or cheesy. Instead, they demonstrate their love and affection by being close to you when it’s needed, trying to help you in any difficult situation and asking how your day was. They are stable and you can always have a helping hand from them - a German man who cares about you will show it by his actions, not words. Eventually, the man who is actually ready to help and withstand all the difficulties with you is much more valuable than a passionate but windy guy.

What you should know to win a German single’s heart

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If you have already decided that you want to try dating German men, then you should think about what kind of a woman every German guy wants to date. It doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be someone you’re not or to reach absolute perfection in everything you do - in fact, most of us dislike perfect people because they are unrelatable and we can’t help comparing their successful everything with our lives. At the same time, there are some things you need to know in advance about how to behave with German men to win their hearts and to be successful in dating.

Every person has their own preferences and things they value in their potential partners. At the same time, you need to remember how to behave with German men and what not to do if you avoid being misunderstood. German men are not easy to surprise but you probably don’t need to - impress them with your best qualities and they’ll understand what kind of person you are.

Respect their pace

German men are always on time but they hate being in a hurry. That is connected with many aspects of their lives: while being in the very beginning of their relationships they don’t rush things and prefer to know each other as best as possible. A German man won’t marry a woman he doesn’t know really well - and even then he’ll wait a bit more. You shouldn’t expect to become very close to him quickly - that will happen a bit later when he’ll be ready for it. It’s easy to understand that a German guy sees you as a close person: he starts joking, so you probably won’t miss the moment.

Pay your share

The rule which is pretty common for many Western countries - a man and a woman pay separately on a date in a cafe, restaurant or anywhere else. It’s connected with basic norms of society and the fact that both partners in Germany are considered equal - so no one is obliged to pay for the other one. He’s still a gentleman - for most German men it’s seen impolite to pay for someone because it shows dominance and might offend a person: he knows you are not so dependent and poor. In general, most German men are reasonable with money and prefer not to waste it: just like in many other aspects of life, German men are accurate, they like everything being in order and they would prefer to spend their extra money on travelling with their partner rather than on extra coffee.

In general, most German men are reasonable with money and prefer not to waste it.

Be initiative, but not pushy

Many German men are rather shy and humble and they don’t always have enough courage to approach: they would rather speak with you to know who you are without demonstrating anything flirty or romantic in their behaviour. That’s why German men often like initiative women who can start a dialogue and let them understand they are appealing and attractive. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be too pushy and loud: German people respect the delicate approach and friendliness more than overly dramatic or sexualized communication. Lots of Germans prefer dating over 30 because they feel more accomplished and mature for serious relationships. As it was mentioned before, they have their own pace and if they don’t want to continue the conversation or feel imposed to have a date - they’ll reject it. Every mature person understands that dating and relationships without great mutual understanding and mental connection are irrelevant, so learn to wait and use that time to know the attractive German man better.

Criticize softly or don’t criticize at all

It might seem paradoxical but even though German men are rather straightforward and honest they often can’t handle the harsh truth towards themselves. They can sometimes be traumatized by a joke they don’t get especially when the joke is connected with the historical past of the country. Even if his straightforwardness has offended you, don’t try to take revenge and insult him back: a humble German man might be deeply wounded by your reckless words.

Respect his work and personal space

German guys are very responsible and they take their jobs very seriously, so don’t expect him to answer all your messages while he’s working. Don’t call him all the time and don’t always try to initiate a meeting: if he’s busy then he’s busy so he won’t stop doing all the important things to give you some attention. He’ll call you when he’ll call you, but if he promised - he’ll do it anyway. Also, just like any other men, German guys need some personal space to meet their friends or just to be alone doing their favourite activities. Use your free time to meet your girlfriends or enjoy being alone: remember hobbies you have and spend your time improving yourself. It makes your dates brighter and reduces boring routines from the relationship, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Online German dating on

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Even though that travelling has become pretty affordable for many people all over the world, there are still lots of women interested in German guys who can’t travel there and live in Germany long enough to meet someone for a serious and healthy relationship. Nowadays there’s an opportunity for everyone: the modern world of online dating has created lots of opportunities for people to meet their perfect soulmates and like-minded attractive singles wherever they are. There’s no need to just dream when you can act, and online dating will help you to meet a perfect German single.

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