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Greece is a beautiful country which is well-known because of its culture, mythology and history. Amazing city views, beautiful nature, excellent weather and appealing people attract tourists all over the world. They want to enjoy the clear warm sea, sandy beaches, fruits and wine, historical places and museums. The country looks like a real paradise and can be not only a great place to relax and spend holidays but also to move and live there. Imagine being able to go to the seaside whenever you want or having summer all year long - that sounds like a real dream to many people.

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Another thing which also attracts many people to Greece is the beauty of the locals. Slim, sporty, tanned and extremely attractive Greek people look like they are descendants of the Greek Gods - these people tend to have “beach bodies” all year long and they look beautiful in any season. Lying on a Greek beach it’s easy to find lots of handsome Greek men who are single and open for relationships. If you dream to spend the rest of your life living in this sunny country, then hot Greek men are perfect for you.

Greek men have always been warriors who are not afraid of hard work and harsh conditions. They know how to value their time and effort, they are confident and aware of their attractiveness. They are pretty conservative, so women who share traditional family values can easily find men ready to provide their wives and children and be leaders for their families. If you’re seeking a strong shoulder, then a Greek man will be your perfect partner and potential husband as well.

What you should know about dating Greek men

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Every country has lots of stereotypes about its people and their mentality, but Greek people have literally myths which have affected the image of an average Greek man a lot. Some of them are true for many locals of the country while the others are correct only for some people of Greece. Stereotypes and cliches about Greek people are widely spread so most Europeans have an opinion about Greek people even without speaking with any of them or visiting the country.

Stereotypes and cliches about Greek people are widely spread so most Europeans have an opinion about Greek people even without speaking with any.

Even though lots of stereotypes are actually based on stories and facts about people and are influenced by economics, culture and customs of Greece, we should remember that all people are different and there are lots of exceptions. Knowing a Greek man you can’t speak about all Greek men and their characters, but some general facts can help you to create an image of what to expect from Greek dating and dating culture in that country.

Some Greek people actually look like Greek Gods

That’s a very obvious fact which can be proved by many model-looking attractive Greek people. Their healthy diet, pleasant climate and active way of life make them slim and sharp. Their bodies look a lot like old beautiful sculptures of ancient gods you can see in local museums of Greece: lots of men are masculine, they have a strong muscular constitution and conventionally beautiful faces. Even though many old statues portrayed muscular but bulky people, modern Greek men are more like Instagram models from America and Europe: their endless beach season makes it pretty important for them to look great all the time. The weather in Greece is usually hot, so you can’t hide the snacks you’ve eaten under sweaters or baggy jeans. Dating a Greek guy means you date a sporty and handsome man, so it can be a great motivation to buy a gym membership and to use many traditional healthy Greek dishes to look stunning.

They love to dance and celebrate

It’s pretty customary for Greek people to have festivals, holidays and other events where you can spend your time well and happily. The locals have lots of traditional Greek dances they love to perform, so dancing is often seen as an important skill every person should have. Dancing with hundreds of people can give you lots of unbelievable impressions and great experiences, so visit a few dancing classes and don’t be too shy to move your body! Being with a Greek guy means being ready to dance on dates and public events, so enjoy life, move and be happy. Greek people love living most of their lives, they love relaxing in public and being active. Your potential Greek partner will be happy to show you a good time and create some great memories with you.

These people are emotional and passionate

These people are not reserved and emotionless - they are always ready to express their opinions, to use gestures and mimics to show their emotions and feelings. They are pretty expressive in their routine and work, so you don’t need to be too quiet and humble as well. You also don’t need to guess what they’re thinking about - their faces will show you exactly what’s happening in their heads, so there will be no misunderstandings or awkward moments with them. Also, Greek men are extremely passionate not only in their everyday lives but also in relationships. You’ll be showered with their attention, compliments and care all the time: these men know how to treat a woman and demonstrate their affection. They might be a bit jealous as well, but most women think that being with a moderately jealous partner makes their relationships even more spicy and hot. So if you’re into emotional and passionate men - then Greek guys are great for you.

Greek men are extremely passionate not only in their everyday lives but also in relationships.

Greek people love good food

Greece has a very unique and interesting cuisine, so it’s pretty obvious that these people are fond of delicious food and creative recipes. The Mediterranean climate and easy access to the sea bring lots of fruits, vegetables and sea products to the Greece diet. The locals eat salads, fish, olive oil and see products a lot and their diet helps them look stunning and age well. Dating a Greek guy is often like dating an Italian man: you should cook well - just like in many traditional countries most of the local guys think that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. In general, Greece is a very traditional country: men and women are expected to be rather masculine or feminine there and every gender has its role there too. Of course, there are lots of modern Greek people who know that women are much more than just housewives, but if you love cooking and see no problem in being a stereotypical homemaker, then dating a Greek man can bring you real happiness. Enjoy food, learn the local cuisine and don’t be afraid to improvise - and you’ll open your culinary potential a lot.

They are family-oriented

Family is very important for every Greek person and they pay lots of attention to their parents and their opinions. It’s pretty normal for adult Greek people to ask their mothers for advice and follow their recommendations. Their words can be crucial when they approve or disapprove of you: a Greek guy can end a relationship if his mother thinks that a woman he’s dating is not good for him. Therefore, every woman interested in dating Greek men should use all her charm to make her partner’s parents fall in love with her. If his parents like you, they will facilitate your relationships and even possible marriage. Having a family and children is also very important in Greek society. Traditional families are expected to have at least two children, so if you want to have a big family, then Greece will be a great country to have one.

They love themselves

The last but not least - Greek men love themselves and feel very confident so that quality attracts many women all over the world as well. These men love being obeyed and cared for, many of them also have a pretty fragile ego and dislike being disagreed with. They prefer their women being on their side, so if you want to have great relationships with your Greek man, then behave politely and listen to what he’s saying. You can have your opinion as well - just be sure to express it softly and respectfully.

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There are lots of ways to meet a handsome Greek man for dating and something bigger: you can visit this amazing country and have vacations there, you can find a Greek expat in your country or you can use the most modern and convenient way to meet new people open for relationships - online dating. Unlike the real world, people using dating services are definitely united with the same goal - they all want to find someone special to have a romantic adventure or even to meet a real soulmate to have healthy and long-lasting relationships with. There are no misunderstandings or awkward moments because everything is clear, and that’s why online dating has become so popular and important nowadays.

Unlike the real world, people using dating services are definitely united with the same goal - they all want to find someone special. has a great experience of more than 25 years in the field and knows exactly what people want from online dating and relationships. People from Greece and other countries come there to communicate, socialize and date people within their circle of interests and views. Modern dating allows people to sort potential partners according to their age, views, religion and appearance, so everyone can find a perfect match and be happy.

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