Dating single Lithuanian men

If you are a girl who considers Lithuania as a scene for dating good guys, you might be interested in the features men in this country possess. It is always important to know what to expect when dating in a different culture. We discovered everything you need to know about Lithuanian dating traditions as well as studied the personality of Lithuanian men. Just read furtner and you’ll know everything you need about seeing Lithuanian guys and being successful in these relationships.

  • Marina, 27
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Esmeralda, 27
    Caracas, Venezuela
  • Alex, 49
    Milan, Italy
  • Zhara F. , 31
    Venezuela , Venezuela
  • Veronika, 24
    New York, USA
  • Tatyana, 53
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Robert, 36
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Maximiliano, 50
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Guiying, 50
    Chongqing, China
  • Nikola, 33
    Odesa, Ukraine
  • Andrea, 37
    Miami, USA
  • Silvina, 46
    Los Angeles, USA

Lithuanian dating customs

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First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that the number of partners Lithuanians have is regularly lower than the same parameter among western Europeans or americans. The things are this way, because Lithuanians are much more focused on serious long-term relationships, than on various dating experiences. Of course, there are people here, who enjoy seeing new people and hooking up at the night clubs, but the general position towards relationships is quite serious.

It is not at all impossible to marry a co-worker or a childhood friend.

Most commonly, Lithuanians meet their partners in daily life. For example, it is not at all impossible to marry a co-worker or a childhood friend. If you meet a partner at a workplace or in a university, you can spend a lot of time together, which means you get to know each other well before starting a relationship.

Nowadays dating online becomes more and more widespread here, so if you want to meet a Lithuanian man, online dating platforms are a great choice. Even though this is a new way of meeting a partner, people in Lithuania are not judgemental at all and are happy to discover a new way, which they can use to get to know interesting people.

Lithuanian man: personality

Now, let’s talk about Lithuanian men themselves. Here is what they are like:

  • They are nice-looking and stylish. Lithuanian men have a very pleasant appearance, just like anyone from Baltic or Scandinavian region. They know that caring about their looks is not only a female responsibility. But at the same time, they have a pretty unique sense of style;
  • They are true gentlemen. It is quite rare nowadays to find a man in a western society, who would hold the door or split the bill. But Lithuanian men do this without a doubt. They are definitely romantic and know how to court a woman. Although they are not as emotional as, for example, spanish or italian guys, they still manage to show various signs of affection;
  • They choose a partner for a lifetime. As we said before, it is very uncommon for Lithuanian men to change partners every now and then. When they find a woman they like, they stick to her for a long time. So if you manage to win the heart of a Lithuanian man, you can be sure he’ll stay with you. Cheating is definitely not approved by Lithuanians, so you shouldn’t worry about your partner looking at other girls. Also, lots of men prefer dating over 30 because they choose their partners properly;
  • They are protective. If you are looking for a man, who is like a stone wall, Lithuanian guys are the best choice for you. They protect their girlfriends and when you create a family, they’ll do everything to provide you and your kids. There are many examples of Lithuanian men going to work in a different country to maintain the good level of life for their family. At the same time, sometimes you might feel that there is too much protectiveness from the side of your boyfriend, as if he wants to know every little detail about your life;
  • They are quite reserved, which is why it might take you some time before you finally feel the connection. Lithuanians are pretty reserved by nature, which is why local men don’t open up to strangers too easily. But they are just taking their time to get to know you better - when this happens, the personality will open up;
  • They are self-confident, but not too much. It is always pleasant, when a man has good self-esteem and you don’t have to be his therapist. Lithuanian men are definitely confident enough and know their boundaries well.

Dating Lithuanian men online

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As said before, online dating becomes more and more widespread in Lithuania, which is why online dating platforms are the perfect place to meet a Lithuanian man: suggests you the most convenient features, which make the experience of online dating extremely pleasant and fascinating. Here are just a few of these:

  • Advanced matchmaking system. You can customize the search however you want, which raises your chances of meeting the right partner. You not only search by location and gender, but can also choose preferrable education level, hobbies, appearance and many more;
  • Convenient interface. It shouldn’t be too complicated to look for a partner, and kept that in mind while developing a website. Everything here works intuitively, and you won’t spend any time at all adjusting to any features;
  • Mobile app. You can keep dating even on the go with A convenient mobile app was developed specifically for this purpose. Keep messaging your online dates even if you don’t have access to a personal computer at the moment.
  • With the reputation it gained in over 20 years of experience, has become one of the most trustworthy dating platforms on the Internet. Thousands of happy couples were created here. Don’t hesitate and try it yourself - the love of your life may be out there, waiting for you, and will help you meet the soulmate in just a few clicks.

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