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One way or another all of us are looking for love. For some people, it is just a desire to add an inch of romance into their daily life. For another, it’s an opportunity to create a family and build a serious relationship. Anyway, if you want to go big into dating, looking for love it is much better to make it professionally. When we are talking about dating, it is hard to imagine someone more experienced in passion and love than Italian men.

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Dating Italian men is not as difficult as it may seem, especially online dating. They're very open to communication with other people, always welcoming and charming, ready to support any activity or conversation. If you feel attraction to strong and cheerful Italian men, you should definitely try to find them on

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Best dating experience with a Mediterranean taste

Italy is a vibrant, sunny and picturesque country with extremely beautiful views and welcoming people. Italian men are very open, emotional, and passionate, overwhelmingly attractive and well-groomed, sociable, and prepared for everything new.

One of their superpowers is to turn any woman’s heads with compliments, admiration, and gifts. Italian men are masters of beautiful words, swearing, and making promises. Despite the stereotypes, they are often ruled not by an emotional vibe but rely on a truly deep feeling. As a rule, Italian men are absolutely sincere when they surround a woman with a cloud of admiration. They are just exaggerating a little since it is natural for them to express emotions in a very expressive way.

Italian men are absolutely sincere when they surround a woman with a cloud of admiration.

Italian men are very generous in relationships, they always have a must-have kit with flowers and small gifts. It makes them quite unique, compared to, for example, French or German. For someone, it may seem odd, but Italian men can be patient when it comes to online dating. They have easily integrated their mentality and modern technologies, so you can find a lot of their profiles on It is possible to have long-term communication with them online, but you should not be surprised that they will make a huge amount of attempts to transfer it offline quite quickly. Close and live communication is significant in dating, that is why calls and video chats are more preferable than texting for Italian men. Also, prepare yourself for the fact that they enjoy integrating the lady of their heart into their daily life as soon as possible.

cheerful and smiling Italian man

What you need to know about Italian men

Men in Italy are very emotional. The reasons for their tears may be different — when Inter loses, the girl leaves them, mamma is ill or too sentimental, a scene is shown in the movie. They love their culture and country, almost all Italian men are huge patriots. Culture, climate, traditions, breathtaking history, and the world's famous cuisine are combined into a deep devotion to Italy.

Italian men always have a huge amount of hobbies and activities, they are simply unable to stay in one place and chill for a long time without doing anything. Clothing, gardening, food, football, women, movies, opera, art, traveling — list of their passions can be quite long. But the main interest of almost all Italian men is talking. Small talks and deep conversations are equally interesting to them. You will never find a quiet Italian, they are simply created to always build all sorts of communication with the world. Italian men can spend hours, discussing everything from relationships and politics to football and food.

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Family values ​​remain to be a core of Italian society. Breaking the stereotypes again, not all Italian men are mothers sons, but they are firmly attached to their family, the ritual of Sunday lunch with their parents is sacred, they will move and cancel everything to be free for their family. Lots of Italian men live with their families until marriage: most of them prefer serious dating over 30, so they have very strong family bonds with their relatives. If your Italian date has decided to introduce you to his relatives, you can see it as a sign and serious intentions.

So always try to support any conversation about your date’s friends, such care from you will be welcomed.

Another sacred thing for men in Italy is their friendship. You can see a lot of small groups of men in the restaurants, discussing something with a passion and an inch of intimacy. Friends are a great value for Italian men, it is a common situation when such a friendship can blossom for decades, becoming a part of the family. So always try to support any conversation about your date’s friends, such care from you will be welcomed.

gorgeous Italian men on a railway station

Rules for dating Italian men

You should not perceive Italians as people from another planet: there is no need for some special approaches to date them. Nevertheless, it is worth considering a small number of rules that will help to establish communication with Italian men much easier and make dating more successful.

  • Avoid being too aggressive. Italians cannot stand poorly mannered, arrogant, and aggressive people. Yes, sometimes they can be overwhelmingly passionate, but this temper will never turn into rudeness. They are very friendly, pleasant, and polite by nature, unable to tolerate aggression. They welcome sincerity and mild approach to everyone around, always do their best to take care of the feelings of everyone around. So you should be quite sensitive and delicate with Italian men, and, without any doubt, will get the same in return. Italians can be clumsy in some things, too straightforward, too loud. Forgiving their small failures is key to long and strong families. It does not mean that you shouldn't discuss any problems in your relationship and stay quiet about things that bother you. But don't pay too much attention at over-salted food, missed call or broken cup.
  • Fill your time together with pleasant memories. What connects two different people who are only at the beginning of their relationships? Nice memories. Therefore, try to be positive and support him with any ideas for spending time together. It may be a tough matter, especially when we are talking about online dating, but right now there are a lot of options to spend time together with joy and fun. You can watch movies or theater plays, cook some similar dishes for dinner, get online courses, or just talk with wine and cheese plates. All of that depends on your interests.
  • Pay attention to nice words. Strong long-term relationships with Italian men should be based on the mutual exchange of feelings, love, and respect. Italians cannot live without being cuddled and cheered. They talk a lot and expect the same from you, everything should be put in words and those words will always have value. So you need to pay attention to what you are saying, and it has nothing to do with grammar rules. Take care of your Italian date, it will be fully rewarded with an enormous amount of love. They need to know that you need them, that they are the best in everything, and that you will never look at anyone else. Don't worry and you will get your fair share of attention: Italian men will shower you with compliments and put their love to you in all possible worlds.
  • Always show your care. Italians, like any other men, need their woman's attention. Talk to them about work, share your thoughts, successes, and failures. Your opinion is valuable, they need to see how much you are involved in their lives. Having a very sensitive temper, Italian men can easily feel faked interest, so sincerity is your best shot. It is not that difficult to show, how much you care: offering tea or coffee, making dinner, helping to choose a shirt for a trip, remembering all important dates and milestones in your relationships, taking care of their family.
  • Don’t hide your emotions. It is very important for Italian men to share the joyful moments of life with their soulmate, to see her complicity, to know what she thinks and feels. The exchange of positive emotions with you lies in the foundation of successful dating. Therefore, if you decide to choose dating an Italian man, you will have to learn at least a little about the ways to verbally express your admiration for everything beautiful or inspiring.
  • Don't criticize. Italians do not like to be criticized, the tone of any conversation should be calm and even a little bit funny. They love jokes and pay attention to your sense of humor, but even though they are not really good with too much attention to small failures and mistakes.

Dating Italian men is not that hard. Almost all the rules are very intuitive and with some empathy you will easily deal with it, building a great, bright, and amazing love story.

bright woman dancing in a garden is the best shot to date Italian men

If you want to put your bet in dating on something truly reliable, is the best shot. One of the most experienced web-services in Italy accumulates a lot of different men looking for their love. It is an easy and convenient starting point. All the steps are super simple:

  • First of all, you need to register an account on the website. You can use either your email or any convenient social network to get access.
  • Fill your profile. Creating an interesting and sincere picture of yourself on a dating website is a key moment because this is the form you will be seen by your potential partners. Speak about your interests, hobbies, tell honestly what you are looking for. This is the most efficient way to find a date with the same goals. It's okay to date people for whatever reasons, so there is no need to create any limitations for yourself.
  • Start searching. Just sitting and waiting is not the best approach. provides an opportunity to set a bunch of criteria for the searching process, so you can try to look very specifically for a perfect match. The success of dating depends on the connection between you and your potential partner, so it is good to have high chances right from the beginning.
  • Begin your journey in dating. There are a lot of people who are waiting for love, a lot of shining, interesting, charming and super hot Italian men, who would like to find a love of their lives.

Dating is an amazing opportunity to widen your boundaries, to get in touch with people from all over the world, to see that love does not have any limits or ending points. It can be found anywhere, it suits anyone and dating is the best way to fill your life with romance, passion, and love. It's easy to start and who knows, maybe in just a little while you will find your sparkling and shiny Italian love.

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