Dating a man over 40

Even though some people may think that it’s extremely hard to start new relationships when you’re not as young as you used to be, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have become worse or less interesting or attractive. More than that, it doesn’t mean that your potential partners are less interesting and attractive than young boys in their 20s too. There actually are many pros mature men have that you should remember about.

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What is good about dating an adult man

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Lots of men over 40 become even more attractive: some men can actually age like fine wine, so they cause interest of women of their age and younger. An adult man becomes more self-aware and confident, he often gains a good sense of humor, style, and his experience helps him to be a better partner, friend, and companion. At the same time, some people over 40 divorce or break up with their partners, so they want to start dating someone new while others decide to settle down only when they’re in their 40s. Therefore, it’s no surprise that lots of attractive, interesting, and single men are present on dating services - so it’s time for you to find a good one for you!

Becoming older doesn’t make any man worse than he was before - of course if he’s the type that you’re looking for. Men in their 40s normally become stable, mature and understanding. They know how to treat others right, how to behave correctly and how the world works. So there are some things you should remember about before dating men over 40.

Communication will improve greatly

If communication was a real problem for you in your 20, then it’ll be pleasant for you to understand that this problem doesn’t usually bother people in dating in their 40s. In relationships where both partners know exactly who they are and what they want from life, what goals they want to set up and what they should do to achieve that everything normally becomes much easier. You can easily discuss the problem that you both face or your personal insecurity or issues if you have any. You can be sure he won’t play any games with you and will be clear in his intentions and attitude. Isn’t it great?

Having the ability to communicate is somehow very underrated by some people. Don’t forget that to solve the problem it’s always better to discuss it and to find a decision or compromise than to become offended and leave the problem unsolved. He has already learned that.

He knows a lot of stuff and understands life better

Another thing you will probably face while dating a mature man - he actually understands how things work and the world around is not such a big mystery for him. He’s down to earth, he knows the latest news, he has skills to earn money and has a job. He can fix things or he can earn money to pay someone who can fix things. He knows solutions for problems you have never experienced before and can give you advice or even solve your problem himself.

It’s not surprising that he has his experience from the past - some ex-girlfriends, wives and maybe children (or even grandchildren), he has a lot of old friends and he has actually seen a lot of people in his life - so he’s pretty good in understanding what he wants from the new potential relationship, what problems he might face and what consequences it may lead to. Just like you, he might be tired of bad choices and decisions and he’s learned from his past mistakes a lot. So this time he’s going to do everything right.

Financial and emotional stability

While young guys are concerned about their future career and perspectives in life, men in their 40s usually have jobs, careers and understanding who they are and what they want. He may not be exactly rich, but he always has enough money and some savings too. He’s much more financially stable than he used to be twenty years ago.

But emotional stability is something that can be even more valuable. As a person who knows what he wants from life and what kind of person is suitable for him, he will be pretty clear with his attitude and intentions. If you two don’t fit together - you’ll know about that anyway. But if you are exactly suitable for him - he won’t miss his chance to start long-lasting serious relationships with you.

There will be no intense drama in your relationship

As a person who already knows his likes and dislikes as well as what to expect from relationships, there will be much less intense drama you will have to face. There will be no tantrums because of the dirty dishes - you both work and feel exhausted in the evening. No outbursts of jealousy - both of you have old friends you want to see sometimes and not gonna cheat with. You don’t have to argue about how many children you would like to have - you probably have some already. All those little things won’t spoil your mood and relationship enough to throw tantrums and make scandals - you’re simply above it.

He is much more experienced in bed

Though some people really have a talent for being gods in bed, most people have to practice a lot to become really experienced lovers. A young guy might not know not only where various interesting zones of your body are located, and he is probably not very interested in finding them anyway. Young people tend to think only about their own satisfaction and to measure the quality of sex in how fast, rough and often it is. Many of them don’t even think that being rough all the time doesn’t make them good lovers.

On the other hand, experienced men over 40 don’t only know how to receive the pleasure but also how to give it. They want to make the process satisfying for both of you - and this puts the quality of sex on a much higher level. The adult man of your dream has practiced a lot before giving you all he has learned before.

Adult men know well that no one is perfect and there are some flaws in everyone.

He won’t judge you (or at least he will judge you much less than a younger one)

Another quality of young men - they tend to be idealistic towards everything including women. They dream of a perfect life in a perfect house, with an ideal job and an amazing salary, and in those dreams, they also see a flawless woman close to them. Even if in the very beginning of relationships people often idealize their partners, those heart-shaped glasses can be broken pretty soon.

Adult men know well that no one is perfect and there are some flaws in everyone. It’s not bad - but we should always keep our expectations on a realistic level unless we are masochistic and love being disappointed. You are not perfect, but he is not as well - and that’s enough for an adult to avoid being too judgemental.

There is no hidden meaning in your interactions

You don’t have to rewrite your message ten times to make sure it has no hidden meanings in it. The same happens in face-to-face communication between you because words are just words and if you’re not sure about something, you can just ask. The same is from his perspective: even though people say that it should be a mystery in a woman, too much misunderstanding and complications can kill the interest and attraction between you.

You don’t need to be nervous about what he means - and it makes your dating experience only better. Who except teenagers needs any extra drama?

He is introspective

And that’s one more quality that young men don’t usually have - the adult man wants to know your opinion where he was wrong and what he can improve. He does that not only because you want him to change - but also because he wants to change for better, and his decision to change is much more important in that case. He won’t be offended to hear the truth about himself, because he wants his life to be better and he needs to make the first step to achieve that.

You can find an adult man of your dream on

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One of the best modern ways to find an adult man over 40 for serious long-term romantic relationships is to look for him online. Nowadays there are a lot of websites for online chatting and hookups, but is one of the biggest and the most popular dating services. Twenty years of working experience and thousands of happy couples all over the world proves that everyone can find their love.

Being one of the most popular dating services, attracts lots of singles from the US, UK and other countries who want to meet partners, so every user has a huge number of options to choose from. You can meet people with different interests, occupations, and relationship goals online, and the service’s searching algorithm helps users to sort potential partners perfectly to help you meet the most suitable users. Men over 40 come to not for hookups but for something bigger and more serious, so your chances to meet a good man for long-lasting relationships is much higher there. If you’re ready for starting a new romantic adventure and seek something deeply emotional and full of commitment, then is the best platform for you. Whether you prefer to date local singles over 40 or to find love abroad, the service can help you: online dating connects people, so you can find your lover wherever he is!

There are some things you need to remember before dating online when you’re over 40. Most of these rules work for younger people as well, but there are some features and little differences that should be known for everyone looking for a potential partner:

  • Don’t use an old profile photo. It’s no need to trick anyone into believing that you’re younger than you are - it never works, cause it’s always a bad idea to start your relationship with lies. There is nothing more pathetic than seeing people on a first date understanding that the reality doesn’t match the internet profiles they have not because of unrealistic expectations but because someone tried to pretend to be a person they are not. If you’re looking for an adult and mature person to start dating with, you should be sincere and the right man will appreciate that;
  • Even though there are millions of people online, it’s still better to be patient - no need to rush at the first person you meet that seems attractive. Remember that you’re still at a perfect age for dating and you don’t need fast in making decisions. There are many people who fulfil their profiles with information about their hobbies, interests and views. Spend some time looking through them, and you’ll find a lot of interesting people worth speaking and even dating with;
  • Try new things and hobbies to find a person who you can share your interests and favourite activities with! It’s useful not only to put them in your profile on (which is also nice) but also to keep active and to become a better version of yourself. Think of a single person you’d like to meet and try to be one! There are so many amazing things you can speak about on a first date except turning it into an interview for your potential partner;
  • Find a line between going with your gut and being judgemental - as you remember, there are no flawless people, and some of the so-called flaws are just our features which make us who we are. Try looking twice and you will probably be surprised to see how many interesting people are there wanting to chat with you;
  • Keep positive - in terms of dating your cynicism usually plays against you. Be open for a new experience and change your mindset to “dating is fun and easy” - and let’s go!
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