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Russia is a mysterious country which is extremely attractive for people all over the world, even though it’s not the most popular tourist destination (except, maybe, Moscow and St. Petersburg). It’s a huge source of inspiration for many foreigners: the stereotypically cold winters, multifaceted forests and endless fields, beautiful women and overly masculine men, Soviet past, culture and inconceivable Russian soul - all those things are very significant for everyone interested in this country.

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There are a lot of men all over the world who are extremely interested in beautiful Russian women, but it seems that Russian is not as popular for ladies from Europe, The USA and other countries. The answer might be based on the fact that there are much more women in Russian than men - so ladies need to compete a lot to be noticed. This fact creates a lot of neat and irreproachable women who sometimes even try too hard - most of the ladies there, especially living in big cities, tend to spend a lot of time and effort to look excellent 24\7. It’s not a joke that a lot of local women can do full makeup and dress up just to go shopping for food. At the same time, local men often neglect their appearance because in Russia it’s typical to value men’s moral qualities more than anything.

That’s why some Russian men are extremely appreciated not only in Russia but also in other countries: women see them as strong, masculine, principled and devoted guys who might be a little bit too brutal outside but can also have a soft and caring part inside them. This contrast is the most attractive for ladies: most women dream of a knight who can act like a “real man” whatever that means.

What is great about dating a Russian man

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There are a lot of stereotypes which are mostly based on a great influence of a traditional Russian upbringing. If it’s not a man who grew up in a dysfunctional family, his father probably taught him and explained a lot of things about what it is like to be a real man. Even if a man has a pretty depressing and harsh childhood, he has a lot of chances to become an exemplary friend, partner, husband and father. The importance of being a “real man” is hard to overestimate: a Russian man won’t be respected by other people if he has a lot of traits of character that are considered negative in Russia, so that’s why a lot of people there try to have high morals and honour in every situation. Even though in Russia some people might have slightly different views on what a “real man” should be or look like, there are some basic rules which many Russian men follow successfully:

Russian men are responsible

A famous saying claims that a real man should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. This saying is especially true for Russians who often associate being successful with family, children and common wellbeing. Of course, single Russian people also think that success comes from a great career and wealthiness, so in a Russian mind, an exemplary man should be extremely hardworking, family-oriented and able to supply and provide his family. That’s why a lot of Russians often feel responsible for their families and try their best to be good fathers and husbands.

A famous saying claims that a real man should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. This saying is especially true for Russians who often associate being successful with family, children and common wellbeing.

They are also romantic

Don’t believe anyone saying that the Russians are brutal and are not into romantic relationships at all! They actually are, even though they might demonstrate their affection and care in a slightly different way than the Westerners do. Russians bring flowers to dates, they open the doors for their women, they love camping and playing the guitar bear the bonfires on the bank of a river. If a Russian man has an opportunity, he’ll be more than happy to spend some extra money on his lady - just because he feels that it might make her a little bit happier. It’s a pretty traditional thing for a typical Russian family to see a wife managing family’s finances: a lot of men prefer to give their wives an opportunity to be homemakers and to operate their budget the way they want. So if you want to be cared for and treated like a lady - then a Russian partner is your choice.

They try to pay for everything

It’s essential for Russian men to insist on paying on a date in cafes or restaurants. It creates a great contrast with many Western countries where a man trying to pay for an emancipated woman might be seen in a very negative way and been called sexist. In Russia, a man should pay on a first date and often on the other dates too: it shows he’s responsible as a potential boyfriend and even husband, he’s not afraid to spend his money on a woman he likes, he’s a gentleman and his affection is pretty strong. By this gesture, a man often shows not the fact he’s rich and can buy a woman, but that he’s mature and responsible enough to date her - most men prefer to pay for both even if they are on a date with a woman who makes more money than they do. It’s not customary for a woman to resist his attempts to pay, even though there might be exceptions like modern women in big cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

There is an unwritten law in Russia which claims that “the strong should protect the weak” or “a man should protect his loved ones”.

The Russians are protective

There is an unwritten law in Russia which claims that “the strong should protect the weak” or “a man should protect his loved ones”, so it’s not surprising that a man tries hard to provide security and safety for his woman and children. A Russian man is now afraid to get involved in a fight not only to protect his woman from a criminal who can be potentially very dangerous but also to protect her pride and honour if a boor tries to insult her. They are always ready to pick up a tool to protect their house, friends and family and that’s why women often feel like their men are like stone walls.

They never whine

A lot of men are told that “Real men don’t cry”, and the Russians stick to this rule strictly. They tend to be humble and calm in any difficult situation and try to find a way out of it instead of an excuse. That is another reason why they might be seen as emotionless and cold - they are taught to keep their feelings inside and don’t show the others what is really happening inside. A loving and caring woman can make her man open and less reserved, but this doesn’t happen too often. A man who has been hurt once can find it very difficult to trust again.

What Russian men are known for

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The Russians are surrounded by stereotypes and cliches about their culture and traditions. Most of them are based on their brutal appearance, some outer attributes of their history and culture and details about their Soviet past. It’s sometimes hard to say where the line separating the truth and misconceptions about those people is: Russia is a huge country and people living there can differ drastically from one region to another. While many citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg are rather close to people with Western mentality and habits, a lot of Russians from distant parts of the country can be very different and suit the stereotypes a lot.

Every person needs to remember that stereotypes are mostly just a generalization.

Even though many of those beliefs are pretty funny and can create a solid image of a typical Slavic man, every person needs to remember that stereotypes are mostly just a generalization which can’t be used to describe each and every person living in Russia. More than that, they might be offended if you try to ask them about bears, vodka and other cliches - they want to be seen as humans, not as brute stereotype compilations.

  • Russians actually respect women - in their own way. Of course, patriarchy is strong there and a lot of men can say sexist things about women and expect them to do a lot of household chores and babysitting. At the same time, during the Soviet period, a lot of women were mostly seen as workers just like the men - there were no real handicaps and attempts to make their lives and work much easier than the men's lives. Also during the war women managed their houses and businesses all alone, so this made them and their children real die-hard. So even now women can be seen as bosses, workers, carers and generally strong people - especially babushkas, who are usually considered extremely experienced and wise;
  • It’s pretty customary for Russian men to fix things - if a man can’t fix a pipe or his car it might be seen as a shame in Russia. So a lot of men really know how to work with their hands and avoid plumbers and mechanics as much as long as they can. In some cases they succeed, in some, they don’t. Never laugh at your Russian man because of that and try not to help him to fix something: this process might be seen as his duty he must do on his own so he can be irritated by people giving some unnecessary advice;
  • They don’t panic if something goes wrong - they try to concentrate and find a decision for a problem they face instead. There are not so many situations which can really confuse or confound a Russian man because they usually are pretty immune to being devastated or broken because of failures. Those people have their hot tap water off for two or three weeks every summer and regularly face -20 winters when cold running water freeze in pipes, so be sure - there is always a way out of every problem;
  • Russian men really appreciate women who can cook - and usually it doesn’t even really matter what exactly. They tend to be undemanding and interested in tasting something new at the same time: in Russian families, mums and babushkas (or grannies) often cook for the whole family, so they are used to home-made food and often prefer it over restaurant dishes. If you can make soup, a pie, mashed potatoes and cutlets - then he’ll be more than happy;
  • Those men can be a bit patriarchal, so you’ll sometimes feel like a child. This sometimes confusing approach to relationships shows their care and love: it’s pretty normal there to hear “you drink too much coffee” from a man you’re on a date with, and some of them might even try to take it away from you. On a very cold day, a Russian man might insist on you wearing a warm hat and a coat just like he’s your parent who’s responsible for your health and well-being. It might be irritating sometimes, but in some cases, it may feel extremely cute too;
  • Unfortunately, the locals know English not really well: you’ll be pretty lucky if you find a man who is b1 level of English and it’s even harder to find someone who knows it better. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you won’t completely understand each other: in most Russian schools English is taught for at least 6 years from 4th to 9th grades, so your potential partner will understand at least some words from what you say. Of course, international couples find a lot of ways to communicate with each other no matter what: they use signs, wine and try to learn the languages of each other, but it’s usually much easier for a Russian person to learn English at an acceptable level than to learn Russian as an English-speaking person. But your knowledge of some Russian words and your ability to say some phrases will be appreciated though.

As you may see, Russian men are perfect for ladies who want to feel protected and cared for by her masculine and severe knight. The Russians might not be as gloomy or aggressive as it’s sometimes portrayed in the media, but their views and traditions can differ drastically from what you are used to. On the other hand, if you’re ready for experiments and want to be treated like a real lady to taste the brutal but touching Russian romance - then that’s your choice!

Start dating Russian men online

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