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Thailand is a beautiful country which sometimes looks like a paradise: there are so many amazing sights which look great both in pictures and real life that millions of people want to see its beauty every year. Thailand’s amazing nature impresses so hard that it’s almost impossible to believe that these picturesque sceneries really exist: blue or aquamarine clear water, bottomless skies, rocks and little islands covered with trees - these things look great on Instagram and even better in real life. The excellent climate makes this land a perfect place to spend vacations there: you can not only chill out on a beach with a cocktail in your hand but also enjoy Thai culture and see amazing architecture and historical places there. Whether you like crowded modern megacities or humble tropical seasides - you can find it in Thailand while enjoying Asian dating.

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Even though Thailand is a popular tourist place, it doesn’t mean that everything there is dedicated to entertaining different tourists coming there from time to time. Thailand is not only a place to visit for people all over the world - but it’s also a big megapolis with its pace of life and lots of people living their everyday lives. Thai people love, hate, meet and work just like any other countries: there are more than 69 millions of people living there, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of attractive Thai singles who are interested in dating and relationships. Whether you’re Thai or not, there is always a chance to find your Thai partner and fall in love there: such a beautiful country often becomes a perfect place to start relationships.

A lot of women come to Thailand to relax and spend their holidays in this paradise-like place: all the beautiful sights make tourists romantic, so lots of them are interested in dating men of Thai. Imagine being in that real-life paradise with someone attractive who you are in love with: all these amazing sights and sceneries become even more beautiful and charming for people who have lots of romantic feelings. This country is a perfect place to have the most beautiful date in your life and to have these amazing memories forever: it’s an experience worth having for everyone!

Imagine being in that real-life paradise with someone attractive who you are in love with.

It’s not only beautiful nature and climate which makes people so romantic: lots of Thai men have an exceptionally attractive appearance. Thai men have thick dark hair, nice skin, handsome facial features and amazing sporty bodies with well-defined musculature and great abs. Living in a country with such a summer-like climate makes the beach season lasts all year long: if a Thai man wants to look great shirtless on a beach, then he needs to work out regularly and have a nice balanced diet to keep in great shape. Luckily, coastal regions tend to have lots of sea products, fruits and vegetables to allow people to eat healthily. That might be a reason why lots of Thai people are so good-looking: the other reason is in their competitive nature which makes them work hard to become better and better every day.

Men of Thai are often famous because of their amazing qualities which can improve any relationship and give amazing dating experience. A perfect partner is not only a single attractive person but also someone who has good moral features and is mature enough to have great stable relationships. If you’re interested in dating a Thai man, then you need to know these people better to understand what to be prepared for in this beautiful sun-drenched Land of Smiles.

Men of Thai: what you should know about them

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Men of Thai can be not that easy to understand for a foreigner: these people have their customs, traditions and history and all these things have formed their dating culture a lot. For instance, Thai ladies have equal rights with men and during their history, they tend to be freer than many oriental women. They don’t have to fight for their rights and feel no need to compare with men: lots of Thai women have amazing femininity and sweetness which attracts lots of men from Thailand and abroad. Thai men are masculine: they might look differently from Western guys, but lots of them also have strong sporty bodies, attractive masculine facial features and strong beliefs that a man should be a breadwinner and protector of his family.

Though it’s believed that most of Thai men would prefer dating a Thai girl instead of dating a Western woman, it doesn’t mean that all Thai men dislike non-Thai ladies and there is no chance to date a Thai man of your dreams. Of course, it’s much easier to find a Thai woman and Western man couple, but the opposite situation also happens: Thai men have lots of qualities which can attract ladies coming there to spend their vacations. Even though these couples tend to fight with lots of stereotypes about “all Thai men being just interested in Western women’s money”, they are still happy and don’t listen to people around who know nothing about their actual relationships and feelings. There are stereotypes about every nation in the world, but if you’re lucky enough to meet a real soulmate from another country, then you can admit that most cliche and stereotypes are based on misunderstandings and rude people being jealous and mean to happy mixed couples they see.

Thai men have lots of qualities which can attract ladies coming there to spend their vacations.

Though dating Thai men can be interesting and exotic for many foreign women, you shouldn’t forget that no one likes to be treated like an exotic alien creature: we-re all humans who might have some different views from what Westernized people are used to but still value common things like respectful attitude, politeness and sincerity. Though everyone is unique and stereotypes shouldn’t be taken too seriously, there are still some things which can help people to know a few pretty common features lots of Thai guys have:

  • Thai men tend to be easy-going and communicative. It might be connected with Thailand’s warm climate and pace of life, but lots of Thai men dislike being in a hurry and they just enjoy their lives. They have a sense of humour and love spending time in groups of friends speaking, joking and having fun together. Drinking is a popular way to relax there: it doesn’t mean that Thai men are alcoholic, but just like people from other countries they love to have a few drinks with their friends in the evenings. Lots of Thai men don’t think they need to too hard to achieve anything” they can simply enjoy life and what they already have and be happy with it;
  • They also tend to be friendly and generous: though the name “The Land of Smiles” is mostly connected with tourism business there, the locals are actually pretty friendly and smile a lot. Even when you see a man who doesn’t smile and looks a bit gloomy, it doesn’t mean that he’s unfriendly: just like any other guy he might be shy or unconfident and not sure how to behave with a foreign woman. If you happen to get in a difficult situation in Thailand, then your Thai friends can surprise you with how they are ready to help and how much they actually care about you;
  • Lots of Thai men look a bit older than they actually are. This is often connected with wealth and the style of life a person has: since there are approximately 10% of people living in poverty in Thailand, lots of men have to fork to support or help their families from a very young age. They work hard, spend a lot of time outdoors under the sun and have no access to healthy food, so if you see a Thai man who looks a bit older than you, then there’s a great chance of him being the same age with you or even younger;
  • Many Thai men have tattoos. Unlike other Asian countries like Japan where tattoos are often seen as a sign of a person being connected with the local Mafia, Thai people love tattoos and see no negative connection with them. Lots of Thai tattoos are believed to give luck and even magical powers, so that’s why lots of Thai men have floral, geometrical or deity designs or even Buddhist psalms written on their bodies. Whether you like tattoos or not, you can’t deny that it makes attractive people’s looks even more spicy and hot; /li>
  • Thai men are sensitive and caring. It might be connected with Thai upbringing or their opinion on what masculinity is, but they tend to be more sensitive and express their feelings more often than Western men. It’s much easier to offend a Thai guy with an inappropriate comment than a Western guy, and they also tend to be better listeners and show more empathy than the Westerners. They are not afraid that a demonstration of their care will emasculate them: for instance, you can easily see a Thai guy carrying his girlfriend's handbag because it’s heavy and he wants to help her, so he won’t be nervous about being seen with a lady’s bag in a public place;/li>
  • They are creative and innovative in many ways. Because of the number of people living in Thailand, lots of young people wanting to start their business need to think carefully and to be really creative to have good chances to succeed. It’s not that easy to be competitive in a country where lots of people are trying to do the same: you need to be unique and innovative to stand out and to be noticed. That’s why there are lots of interesting ideas and projects that appear there regularly. You need to be creative to survive - and that’s why these people often create something new;
  • Unfortunately, the chance of meeting a Thai man who is a cheater is pretty high. That’s mostly connected with Thai culture which often allows men to have casual relationships with women without any serious plans or obligations: there are more women than men in Thailand, so they often have lots of opportunities to choose from. Many men have a few lovers before they are married, and even after marriage, some men have their minor wives. Of course, not all Thai men are like that, but you always need to be careful and try to know a Thai man’s relationship status in advance.

Find handsome Thai men for dating and relationships on

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Thailand is an amazing country which is definitely worth visiting: whether you have business there or just want to relax and spend time in this paradise you can have an amazing experience and lots of great memories about this place. But even if you have no opportunity to go there any soon you still can find a handsome Thai man who is open for relationships without even leaving your house. A modern world is full of opportunities: lots of people date foreigners to visit their country later and spend amazing time together or just to find a soulmate who can become their partner for stable and long-lasting relationships. Love has no limits and dating someone who lives far away from you is not that hard or complicated anymore - everyone who has an access to the Internet and a gadget is now available for amazing online-dating relationships with suitable and attractive singles all over the world.

A modern world is full of opportunities: lots of people date foreigners to visit their country later and spend amazing time together or just to find a soulmate who can become their partner for stable and long-lasting relationships.

Online dating is a modern and convenient tool to meet new interesting people around, and that’s why becomes more and more popular among people of different nationalities, ages and views not only in Thailand but also all over the world. The service is made to help people socialize within their social group and meet people with similar interests and goals or to experiment and enlarge the personal boundaries. More than 25 years of experience in the field of online dating make the site extremely proficient and effective: thousands of couples were made online on and new users come there all the time.

You can be extremely skilled with computers or a complete newbie - it doesn’t matter because is user-friendly and easy for everyone: there are just a few simple steps you need to do to become a member of the service. Open the world of new opportunities and meet a Thai man of your life on

  • Tell the world about yourself! Create a profile and fulfil it with interesting and truthful information about you - these facts will help your potential partner to find you. Stay honest and sincere: lying about yourself is not the best way to start any relationship. Write about your preferences to make users know what you want from your relationships and who you are looking for;
  • Complete the registration and start the searching algorithm which will show you the most suitable singles around or abroad. A searching system allows you to sort potential partners not only by their basic characteristics but also by their tastes, interests and goals. Find a perfect soulmate to have not only romantic relationship but also a great mental connection and mutual understanding - these things are essential for healthy and stable relationships;
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