Dating over 35

They say that dating in your late 30s is a kind of mystery. However, it’s interesting to know that if you start this new period of your life with new relationships, you’ll be more successful in it. Why does it happen like that? Why should you choose online dating and look for a match via dating sites? Let’s try to find it out.

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That is what you call an uphill struggle for people over 35 to meet new interesting people as they are stuck in their old circle of friends. Are you familiar with the difficulty of going over and talking to people you like? After people have grown up, they often lose their natural ability to make friends because of many different fears and biases, but still, people are social beings, they are constantly in need of interaction. And here it’s always necessary to keep in mind: when there is a will - there's a way to get what you want. Online dating over 35 may save the situation - you should think of this option. It’s much less nerve-wracking than talking to people directly. There is a range of dating sites on the Internet, however, online you should choose the site carefully.

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Nice opportunity to meet your love provides you with the opportunity to find your partner online. Using the site you are to be sure that your personal data is well-protected because it’s absolutely safe.

There are a bunch of reasons why you should choose online dating via It becomes much easier to find a match and go on a date just in a few clicks. You always have a choice - if one option isn’t suitable for you, then, we’re sure, another will suit you best. Online dating is a convenient way to test your potential partners.

However, not a lot of girls quickly “became friends” with the waiter and easily resolved all the conflicts in a playful manner.

I’ve got one friend who organized a kind of exam for his girlfriends while making a decision about taking the next step in relationships. He invited a young woman to a restaurant and then watched carefully how she could resolve conflicts with the waiters. The waiters were warmed and asked to create confusion and conflict situations. Such a cruel kind of test: the waiters provoked her to be rude. The man was watching the girl's behaviour and reactions. Some of the girls immediately started showing their anger, continuing to be rude to the waiter and then “turn on the lady” while communicating with the man. Some of the girls stoically kept anger inside, some simply endured, falling into the state of “I am a poor victim, the world is cruel and filled with boors and snappers”. However, not a lot of girls quickly “became friends” with the waiter and easily resolved all the conflicts in a playful manner.

The man believed that the way the girl behaves with waiters is a reflection of how she behaves with people around in general - and with him after a while. In addition, this performance just amused him. By the way, now he is happily married and lives in a good friendly union - his wife is supportive and treats him with respect. So, this kind of testing seems complicated and unkind. It’s much more rational to get to know each other with the help of online communication.

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Establishing and ruining borders

To my mind, there is one important point, which gives birth to the myth that relationships in the late 30s are dull and unemotional. It only appears in romantic relationships after a potential actor becomes 35 years old. The truth of life is that after 30 dates seem more like job interviews. People in their late 30s study resumes of applicants more cautiously and carefully - they have already grown enough. Their drawbacks are more noticeable because a well-known fear of “failed investments'' increases. In some cases, our experience becomes our limiter. It establishes borders between us and our happy life in love. Knowledge and experience only meet the fire of love with cynicism.

When you are at the age of 18, nature itself is keenly interested in your desire to build relationships.

Let’s have a look at a question from the opposite side. While living and meeting people, enjoying different life events, life’s pluses and minuses, people gain new experiences and learn how to build relationships in the right way. They clearly define their priorities, become more open-minded and experienced at the same time, so it leads them towards a better understanding of what they are looking for in romantic relationships. They understand whom they want to see and to talk to in the morning just after getting up. Also, people in their late 30s understand better what they can hope for and then they look for a partner, who may become their pillar of personal development and support them. Building relationships in your late 30s can give structure and meaning to your life. You can make your life full of wellness with the help of healthy relationships.

When you are at the age of 18, nature itself is keenly interested in your desire to build relationships. It is generally known as the nature of women: women live on the Earth to give birth to new generations. Today this statement is highly controversial - women take part in building the world today, they take part in every sphere of life on a par with men, and men have learnt how to be polite and tactful with women and treat them with respect for their contributions. Over time men have learnt how to take women’s opinions into consideration. So now it’s also a shared kind of responsibility - both men and women are responsible for creating basic social units. The age after 35 or even older is the right time to come to this conclusion.

When the girl is 20, she also has little experience. Her desire is meeting the guy who drives a really great and most prestigious car and can invite her to an expensive restaurant. Yes, these are the standard requests of an average woman. However, when a woman is over 30, it’s ok for her to want to get much more.

An average set of requests may look like this: “I often get nervous, so I need someone, who may help me relax so that I could forget about all the fears and difficulties. I love chatting and having fun, and I need a partner with similar interests. I love learning new things, so I need a man who wants to teach me something”.

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Searching for a match online: recommendations

Here are some tips and recommendations for those who are over 35 and wants to find their match online:

  • The best thing to say is “You should never fold your arms”. Where there is a will, there is a way - do you remember? Even if your life seems so hard and unpleasant, you should take your chances and build it over again. Any person of 30+ who remained to have no pair, most likely, experienced this or that kind of misfortune: the partner left, cheated, or died. At the very moment that you find out there are some things wrong with your life - it's the right time to leave the past behind.
  • Talking about leaving the past behind. On a date, you should not tell your partner how your previous love cheated on you for a disgusting three years, and how you did not notice it until everything became quite obvious. Please, forget about telling it! Everyone has skeletons in the cupboard, but this is not the very reason to expose all the secrets to the world. Yes, your past has made you who you are, but it shouldn’t define your present and your bright future. It’s better to focus on what is happening right now and the destination you are going to.
  • There are no doubts that you should love yourself to make others like you. Online dating on our site is one of the best ways to find admirers. You’ll see how your self-esteem becomes better every day.
  • When you're over 30, it's easy to get stuck on things that you still don't have or own. You haven’t got married, you don’t have a beautiful house with a porch, a garden full of flowers and many children, who take after you and your spouse in everything. Wanting all of this is normal and totally OK. However, it’s better to focus on other things while talking to people in order not to scare them. You may try to find out whether he is worth becoming the father of your children - what you think he deserves.
  • It’s a cool idea to have fun together to get to know each other better. If the relationships aren’t filled with fun, then they are meaningless - it doesn’t depend on age. Relationships should not be treated as work and lead to depression if you want them to stay full of happiness for a long time. They must be filled with joy, laughter and love.
  • All these rules, which you get as a set with your education, like: “A girl should be a little late to make a guy a little nervous”, “a man must come with flowers to the first date,” “you need to talk less and listen more”, “avoid talking on political and religious topics”, “don't take the first step "- and all the rest dos and don'ts should be left behind.

While trying dating after 35, the only thing we have to do to each other is to behave politely and respectfully, the rest is optional and completely dependent on the situation and personal tastes.

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