Pros and cons of bipolar dating

Though it’s often harder for people with bipolar disorder to keep stable and healthy relationships, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love, attention, and warmth. If you happened to be a person having this disorder, then you still can have a happy life close to a person you love and who loves you back. If you want to understand whether you should start dating a bipolar person, then read the article to learn more about this type of dating.
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We all know well how much of a struggle mental issues can be. The modern world puts individuals under great pressure so there is a great number of those facing depression or anxiety. Having a problem with mental state certainly influences the ways of communication. It couldn’t pass by the love life of those affected without creating certain hardships.

Bipolar disorder is also a common issue nowadays. What is known as simple mood swings and considered as being unstable is actually a mental state that needs special treatment. It can be characterized by two phases. One of them makes a person energetic and optimistic, while during a depressive phase the sufferers are likely to be sad and seem lazy, while they actually feel constantly tired.

Recent data estimates that more than 50 million people nowadays are affected by bipolar disorder. That means it is simple to come across an individual with such a problem or find out you are such a person yourself. Being bipolar doesn’t mean the rejection of a relationship, even though it may sometimes seem hard to maintain: lots of people with this condition start dating over 30 and have happy and joyful relationships. If you happen to have a disorder or this is what your significant other suffers from, you just need to be aware of certain things.

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Being open

An important thing to help date a bipolar is staying open about having a disorder. If relationships certainly lead to being long-term it is vital to talk about such sides of personality. Being conscious of it makes a person ready for any mood swings their significant others might have.

Knowing your partner has bipolar disorder also leads to self-education.

Such things will be a good general knowledge but also a tool to help communicate with bipolar people be it romantic partners or just friends or relatives. If you are the one with mental issues, educate your partner yourself. Talk about the experience you had, describe how you feel during both phases, explain what to expect and how to cope and help.

Being open with your significant other about your mental state is vital for relationships in general. A good affair is built up of the trust. Not speaking about your condition means there is a lack of trust between you and your date. And if this is the case there is no chance to make such relations last.

Make updates

As bipolar disorder implies mood changes it is a good idea to keep your significant other updated on your current state.

  • If you are feeling the symptoms being too strong, warn about it so that your partner is not shocked by a sudden change;
  • If there is any chance a person can help you, discuss it and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when needed.
  • If you are sure you can trust the one you are dating, ask them to give you feedback if something seems wrong from the outside. Sometimes we get used to the symptoms so much it is no longer treated as a deviation, that is why somebody else can notice a change even before a manic or depressive episode actually strikes at full force.

Don’t get defined by your disorder

Even though bipolar disorder influences the personality a lot, it is not the only thing to take into consideration. There is much more to the character of the person than simply symptoms of a certain mental state.

This is the reason not to blame your disorder for basic everyday things. As any health issue can be under control you only need to ask for help. So be responsible for your actions and words, remember, no matter how depressed or active you are, it is still you who makes a decision to do anything, so just take action into your own hands.

It is also good not to concentrate on your disorder too much. Apart from it, there are hobbies and interests, there are appearance peculiarities and significant character traits.

No matter if it is you who is affected or your partner, spend your time the way you would if you haven’t known about mental problems any of you is facing.
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Risk of dating with a bipolar disorder

There are several risks bipolar people face while dating:

  1. The main risk people face while dating with such mental issues is being rejected because of it or being considered a lunatic. There is still a great stigma around mental health problems even though a significant number of people nowadays is affected by it;
  2. Dating with a bipolar disorder there is a possibility to meet individuals blaming or strongly disapproving you without even an intention to dig deeper and understand;
  3. For a person in a depressive episode rejection can be crucial especially if the date happened to be an attractive option. It can make a sensitive personality drown even deeper into a negative mood and lead to unpredictable consequences.

Those individuals who are getting treatment timely and are in control of their disorder may not recognize rejection as a trouble though. And all in all dating is a chance to gain positive emotions more often than it’s not. as a bipolar dating site

Respecting individual desires and finding a suitable approach is what is successfully doing for more than 20 years. Thousands of couples which are now together for ages prove the trustworthiness of this platform.

In this respect is a perfect resource for bipolar members of society to seek for a partner on.

As users with various mental states may have different needs when it comes to their significant other, offers a variety of tools to set the searching system the way it finds an ideal match. Here not only age, gender and location are taken into consideration, but also interests, appearance and your own personal preferences. You don’t have to worry about your security either as no personal data will be given to your potential date.

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