Dating Punjabi singles

Indian people are now living all over the world, including Europe and the USA. It is not uncommon at all to have relationships with a person of Punjabi background. But dating a person from an entirely different culture might be extremely complicated, especially if you are not familiar with their customs and traditions: unlike dating American women or men, dating Punjabi singles might be a challenge. We can make your journey into Punjabi dating much simpler. Let’s learn more about Punjabi people and start dating them online!

  • Yulia, 41
    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Donato, 44
    Madrid, Spain
  • Ysabel, 44
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Tati, 36
    Miami, USA
  • Ya, 29
    Beijing, China
  • Noah, 49
    Sydney, Australia
  • Olga, 39
    San Francisco, USA
  • Daniela 🤍, 34
    New Orleans, USA
  • Star beauty, 36
    undefined, Seychelles
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Jermaine, 31
    Cebu City, Philippines

What are Punjabi people like

a young Indian girl posing outdoors

First, let’s get acquainted with the Punjabi character:

  • The best way to describe people from this region is to say they are passionate and emotional. They are pretty loud and talkative, open to new people. If you ever get into an argument with your indian partner, you’ll feel their loudness to the fullest;
  • They know how to have fun and entertain themselves. There is no way a Punjabi girl or a guy can be bored. And they can teach you to find pleasure in various activities as well. They also love to make jokes, although for a western person some of them might seem a bit off. But when you adjust to the indian sense of humour, you’ll laugh just as much as your partner does;
  • Punjabis are generous. They just naturally love sharing something with other people, especially if they enjoy it themselves. But they also like to please their nearest and dearest;
  • They are very respectful, especially to the elder generation. Family is the main treasure in every Punjabi’s life, and they learn to show respect to their parents from the very early childhood. These ideas are rooted very deeply, so even as adults Punjabi people continue to have strong attachments to their relatives.

If we speak about relationships, you will probably see the man traditionally being the head of your couple. He is supposed to care about you, especially if you get married. But even when you are simply dating, he will be courting you like a princess. You won’t even have to think about splitting the bill - he will pay it without thinking twice.

At the same time, you might feel a bit of possessiveness from your indian partner. It is not that they don’t trust you or something, but the culture they grew up in taught them to be suspicious about any possible interactions with the opposite gender.

Dating Punjabi people you will also find out how much love is important for them. They are the kind of individuals who will do anything for their significant other, but they also like a bit of drama.

Marriage in Punjabi culture

Getting married is a big deal for any indian. Of course, it is an amazing opportunity to gather together as a family. But there are also a ton of rituals people follow - they all symbolize the possibility of having a happy life together in the future.

Getting married is a big deal for any indian. Of course, it is an amazing opportunity to gather together as a family.

There are many rituals, which are supposed to be done pre-wedding. Many of them include exchanging gifts. Engagement, when the couple puts rings on each other’s fingers, also takes place before the wedding. Another common pre-wedding ritual is henna evening, when the bride's hands and feet are covered with henna ornaments.

During the wedding itself, all participants should wear specific clothes, and even the colours of the wedding attire is chosen precisely, so that it means the right thing. One of the most common wedding rituals is Kanyadaan and Pheres. This is the process when the bride's father gives her hand to the groom. A sacred fire is lit and the couple should circle it seven times. Then the groom puts mangalsutra (a special necklace) on the bride’s neck and covers a part of her hair with sindoor.

Punjabi online dating

a young Indian girl in yellow working on her laptop

While traditionally Punjabis meet their partners through friends and relatives, there has been a move towards online dating in recent years. Especially with Punjabis living all over the world, it becomes much harder to meet a person of your background nearby. In that case Punjabi dating apps and sites come in handy. is a great platform to look for Punjabi partners. It is extremely simple to use as well:

  • Log in using an email or a social media account. This way you create your profile, which needs to be filled. You already have suggested fields to fill when describing yourself, but you can also get creative in your profile bio;
  • Upload a few pictures. When you see an interlocutor’s picture, you just instantly trust them a bit more. But at the same time, many people judge by appearance, so it is good to know if a potential partner meets your preferences;
  • Customize the searching system and start looking for a partner. You can choose any settings you like in order to get the most compatible users. Start messaging people you find the most attractive, and maybe you will become a couple once.

You also don’t necessarily need to use a website in order to date Punjabi singles. also can be used as a Punjabi dating app, which you can install on your phone. The only other thing you need is internet access, and the journey to love is opened to you.

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