Dating in Singapore

Singapore is a unique place. It is a mix of several cultures: Western and Asian. In result we have something very interesting and special. This mix has its flaws, the values and beliefs of two different cultures collide with each other. This circumstance makes Singapore dating special, together with its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless you may have the experience of best dating in Singapore in your life.

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The main feature of singles in Singapore

Singapore children are brought up in severity. From childhood, they are told that they need to be an excellent student in school. If you graduate with honors, you can get a good job. With a decent position, you can have a demand for a wonderful husband. A successful marriage is equal to success in life. Every Singaporean citizen should be useful to society, also they must be successful in all respects. Failures could be severely punished.

If you have a good well-paid job, you graduated from a prestigious university with honors or you are very rich - you will have corresponding success with women of any age and social class.

Most people in Singaporean culture believe that your success with women directly depends on your success in life. If you have a good well-paid job, you graduated from a prestigious university with honors or you are very rich - you will have corresponding success with women of any age and social class.


Stereotypes about Singaporean women

People say that singaporean women are mercantile and superficial, that they have an overestimated sense of self-esteem and they demand that men treat them like a princess, or rather a queen. There may be some truth in these words, but only partially. In each country, there are spoiled girls who require special treatment to themselves.

If you meet a Singaporean girl, you will understand how smart and comprehensive they are. They receive one of the best education in the world and strive for constant development.

Singaporean girls will think about your financial situation if they count on a long-term relationship. In addition, personal growth of a man is important to them. They like it when they feel safe with their man and when he can provide them and their children with a decent life. Other factors will also play a role: compatibility, view of life, attachment, and so on. These aspects are also very important when choosing a partner.

Singaporean women willingly start dating and marry foreigners. Some find visitors more attractive than local men. Especially if the foreigner is smart, rich and attractive.


Reasons for the popularity of Singaporean girls

Despite the bad stereotypes, Singaporean girls still remain popular. Many men from all over the world want to marry a beautiful Asian woman.

Incredible appearance

Singaporean women look indescribably beautiful. Western men want to start a relationship with Singapore girls because of their incredible appearance: smooth skin, perfect face contour, huge eyes in which you can drown and thick dark hair to the waist. In Asia, girls have everything they need to maintain themselves and their beauty in shape, while remaining beautiful and seductive for a long time.

The main feature of the appearance of Singaporean girls is that they can look like 20 year olds for a very long time. Mothers and daughters look equally young. Not everyone can understand where the mother is, and where the daughter is because they both look perfectly young. If you marry a Singaporean girl, even after 20 years you will have a young and spotlessly beautiful wife.

Wonderful wives

From childhood, they are brought up as good housekeepers and mother's helpers. In traditional Asian culture, women are supposed to stay at home, do housework, and raise children. Girls live with their parents for a very long time before they get married. And all this time, girls help mothers with household chores such as cooking and cleaning. It is not difficult for a Singaporean woman to prepare a delicious multi-course dinner, to bring the perfect order in the house, or to raise children. Moreover, no matter whose children, her or yours. They will cope with everyone equally well.

Since childhood, girls are taught to rely on men, support husbands, respect their opinions and trust the decisions their husbands make. But it does not mean that you can do whatever you want. A Singaporean girl trusts you and supports you while you treat her well, support her, respect and love her back.

Set up for marriage

Few Singaporean women are inclined to short-term relationships. Most of them count on something serious like marriage. If you want to start a relationship with Singaporean ladies, be prepared and think everything through. She will agree to be with you if you show her that you are serious and want to have a future together. In no case should they be deceived, they do not forgive this.


Family is top priority

Singaporean girls are very dedicated to their families. If you marry Singaporeans, nothing will be more important to them than your marriage. This does not mean that she will stay at home and will not go anywhere. She will have her own personal life and her own space: she will have interests, walk with friends and do her business. But she will never forget about her husband and children. Most of her attention will be paid to them, no one will feel abandoned or lonely. This prioritization is due to ancient traditions transmitted from mother to daughter. The happiness and prosperity of their families is very important to them.

Your responsibilities will include caring about her, solving important problems and maintaining a family. She will do everything to have a happy atmosphere at home.

Material aspect is very important

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, the average salary here is very high. For this reason, Singaporean girls seek to find a richer husband. The higher your income, the more success you will have with Singaporean women. For most women in Singapore, material status plays a very important role in their lives, for them it is directly vital. She must be confident in her future. Any girl dreams of a wealthy and financially stable life, so don't be surprised.

In search of a foreigner

Fortunately or unfortunately, Singaporean women do not consider local men suitable for serious relationships and marriage. Therefore, they are looking for partners from around the world. Some girls are ready to do everything to move to another country and turn over a new page. That is happening because life in Singapore is very expensive. Despite all the wealth of the state, it is almost impossible to acquire real estate due to very high prices. Mostly for this reason, girls live with their parents for so long - they simply cannot afford to live separately. The desire to marry a wealthy person is just logical in these conditions, as this allows them to move out of their parents' homes and start living independently. If you take her to another country, it’s even better.

Singaporean women are hardly attracted to local men because they are dependent on their families. This is another reason why Singaporeans want to marry a foreigner. You can find reliable singaporean ladies on various asian dating websites.


Best dating website to find Singapore spouse is one of the best dating services. If you want to start looking for a single Singapore woman, you need to do a few simple things:

  • Register on our website or dating app to find Singapore using your mobile phone. You can do it with your email or your social network page. It is quite easy to do, just follow the instruction to complete the registration;
  • Fill in your profile. Attractive profile will help you to find the love of your life. Add personal information about you that you would like to tell your future partner on the first date. But try to avoid oversharing. Tell about your hobbies and interests. Politely describe what you expect from a future partner. Be sincere, describe your true desires. So that young ladies could start a conversation with you about things you have mentioned before in your personal profile;
  • Add photos. Best of all, if there will be at least 5 of them. Girls are much more willing to get acquainted with men if I have an idea of their appearance;
  • Start searching. Fill in search system filters with the things your future spouse should have. These can be appearance, age, education, hobbies and other things that are important for you;
  • Text her. Start with a simple message to your chosen one. Get to know each other better and eventually try to meet her offline when it’s possible. Do not lose your chance to have the best Singapore dating in your life.

How to chat with a girl online

There are some simple rules and recommendations. If you follow them, you will increase your chance to turn online correspondence into something more real and serious.

  • The first thing is to look through her profile. Look at her photographs, find out what her job is like, what her hobbies are and what things she likes to do in her free time. This information will help you start a conversation with her. Discuss her hobbies or her favorite literature. During conversation, be polite and gentle. Try to avoid obscene or incorrect questions and comments. It is better not to argue about anything with a Singaporean woman, especially if you are not a specialist in this topic;
  • Compliment her. Do not be limited only to her appearance. Remember that a girl is not only a beautiful face, heels and a fashionable dress. In addition, this is still a person with her achievements, tastes and shortcomings. Show her that you see her personality and appreciate her. She must understand that you were interested not only in her appearance;
  • Show her that you are not interested in one-night stands, and that you are looking for a partner for your whole life. Singaporean women take these things very seriously and will not talk to you if they realize that you are not serious;
  • Respect her and her family, especially parents. In Singapore, family is very important and if you do not show respect to her family, she will not communicate with you. She will be faithful to you if you take the opinions and decisions of her parents seriously.
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