Dating in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful exotic country with amazing nature, which is presented by many sun-drenched beaches washed by the Indian Ocean, the Drakensberg mountains and various subtropical sceneries of hills and valleys on the east of the RSA. It's not only an interesting tourist destination but also the most economically developed part of the continent with plenty of resources which are hidden there.

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It's not a secret that South Africa is one of the most nationally diverse parts of the continent. The RSA is a multiethnic society, and there are eleven official languages there, which is reflected in the Constitution. That's the fourth-highest number in the world, and this mixture of cultures and nationalities has created a lot of beautiful and interesting people all over the country. It's no surprise that people visiting South Africa are interested in dating attractive people from South Africa they meet.

8 rules of dating in South Africa you need to know

a beautiful African woman is posing in white lingerie

Just like in other countries, people here have their own dating rules, that they try to follow. It's always better to know some interesting features of other people's mentality before dating them - it can be extremely useful in finding an approach to communicate with them.

Let him be a real man

There is nothing bad in gender equality that is a thing in Western society now. But most of the South African girls, unlike American chicks, prefer their men to be the breadwinners and the strongest part of a couple. Taking risks and bearing responsibility - those things are always attractive to women and important for real men all over the world. So if your partner doesn't have to kill a mammoth for you - at least allow him to pay for your meal in a restaurant.

Don't fall easily

Just like French women do, girls from South Africa know that the best reward is the one you need to work hard to get. If most men are kind of hunters and tend to run after girls they like, then South African girls will try their best to become the best snack that could ever be. It doesn't only mean to look perfect all the time, but also to keep the distance between them and men around. Women who fall easily often face the situation when they become just short-term sexual partners for men who don't want to have any serious romantic relationships at all. But being modest and testing the depth of men's feelings can always help to find someone who values not only looks but also what kind of person you are.

Have some personal boundaries

The best way to be respected is to respect yourself first. Don't let your potential partner call you in the middle of the night or cancel a date fifteen minutes before the start - those things are offensive and immature and show no respect for you and your personal time and boundaries at all. South African girls tend to think that if in the very beginning of a relationship your partner doesn't behave with dignity and decency, then things won't change for better. It's time to think if he is that interested in being with you or not.

Dating place matters

Some men may think that the fact that women would prefer going on a date in a restaurant instead of a club shows their mercantile side - and they are often wrong. The fact is that clubs are mostly made for hookups, not serious relationships. So if a man is interested in a woman, he'll probably try to demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions. Making a woman feel that she is special is the key to winning her heart.

Choose your clothes right

South African women know that men prefer natural beauty, and this means not only that it's better to follow the "less is more" rule, but also dress decently. Simple but stylish clothing always looks better on anyone, so there's no need in putting war paint on and mixing all the jewellery that you have together. Whether you go on a date in a fancy restaurant or just on a pleasant romantic walk in a park, think carefully what you are going to wear. Elegance is the most important feature a woman may have, so if your favourite dress seems too modest or boring for you - experiment with your hairstyle, apply your favourite perfume on (but just a bit!) and choose some pieces of jewellery. He'll appreciate that!

Don't be too picky

We all remember that people who don't fall easily for less will have more in the end, but being too choosy is not a helpful thing in a tough world of modern dating. Thousands of people around you are very different, but we should know that no one is perfect and there are some flaws in everyone. The only key to happiness is to choose the right person with the flaws you can live with.

The same advice is also useful for women who are not very keen on trying new things or expect too much. Be open to experiments and you will understand there are much more things you like in the world then you used to think. A lot of places, drinks and dishes can be very enjoyable but you've never tried them yet!

Stay true

That's a problem both men and women may face in the very beginning of dating. We all tend to show only the best sides of who we are to be as likeable as possible, but if you hide your real hobbies and interests because you're afraid to look "weird" - that's an issue. Many are hiding their age, because they think that singles over 30 and older are not worthy of love. You should never start dating with a lie - so stay truthful and open. The right person will always appreciate all your hobbies and things that make you unique and support you. So stop changing yourself for someone - and you'll find a person who is the best for you.

You should never start dating with a lie - so stay truthful and open.

Some people are pretty introverted and it's not easy for them to make new acquaintances and friends. It doesn't mean that their destiny is to stay single for the rest of their lives - they only need to change an approach to find someone special for dating and building a stable long-term relationship with. That's extra advice for people who prefer dating online before meeting in real life.

Choose a dating platform wisely

a young African couple in a library

South African women know that if you start looking for a potential partner online you should be ready for the attention you will have. It's always better to use a popular and verified site to find not only a man for one night stand but also for long-term relationships. One of the best dating sites in South Africa is, which has proven its worth and effectiveness by thousands of couples created after meeting online all over the world. is better for finding a reliable partner of your dream because:

  • It's easy to use - just create a profile and you're ready for an adventure! Find attractive people from South Africa to date right after registration;
  • It's comfortable - you can start with reading a person's profile before starting a conversation, so you'll always know what common interests you have and what to speak about;
  • It's mobile - download an app and keep communicating with attractive people wherever you are;
  • It just works - the searching algorithm will help you to find the love of your life and start dating!

Those dating rules will help you to start a relationship and have the best experience ever. Dating is an amazing opportunity to brighten up your life, so let it happen!

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