Dating in Sweden

It's no surprise that thousands or maybe even millions of people are dreaming about living in Sweden or at least visiting it. This beautiful Scandinavian country is considered to be at the top for the level of life in the world, and its nature is absolutely breathtaking and the Swedes are one of the most beautiful people ever. Many stunning actors and models starring in different popular movies have Swedish origins. Even James Bond is into dating Swedish women! If those proofs are not enough for you, let's discuss five reasons why you should try dating in Sweden.

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The advantages of having a Swede partner

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Gender equality

Even though it is still considered to be just a new trend in many countries, gender equality is considered a serious thing there. In this system, both sides usually win. Men are less likely to suffer the terrible Madonna/Whore Syndrome and also they don't have any problems with helping out with the cooking. And Swedish women don't expect their men to be the breadwinners and hunters, nor to hold the doors open for them.

The Swedes don't call it a date: the term "Fika" they use instead means a cinnamon bun you'll probably have with coffee if you ask a Swedish person out.

The same situation happens in a cafe or a restaurant: the Swedes prefer to pay separately. You should not insist on paying for a Swedish woman if she said "No, thanks" - she really means it. At the same time, they don't expect men to pay for them on a Fika. And yes, the Swedes don't call it a date: the term "Fika" they use instead means a cinnamon bun you'll probably have with coffee if you ask a Swedish person out. It is not considered to be a date: it's more like a trial version when both of you decide if you like each other enough to go for another fika to communicate and know each other better. It's not called a date because sometimes it's a bad date – which is safer for both parties to refer to as just a fika (rather than a failed date).

It's a perfect country to end up in

If your fika or dates end up in something bigger it will be a perfect reason to move to Sweden, and there are no reasons you should not be happy about that. Healthcare, education, quality of life - all of those things are the highest priority in Sweden, and this country tops all the ratings again and again. Even though people usually imagine a perfect country as a paradise island with palms, oil trees and sunny days all year long, Sweden is considered to take the fifth place in the top of the happiest countries - and that can easily be proved. Imagine living in a perfect society valuing its laws and human rights the most. That's a perfect place to raise children or just to live a happy life in comfort and respect.

They speak English masterfully

If a country is rated to be the best in the world at English as a second language - that's a serious reason to consider dating a person from there. The problem of mutual understanding is a big one in many international couples all over the world, and you'll probably never have to face that. Of course, it's better to think about learning Swedish too, but at least it won't be a number one priority in the very beginning of your relationship. You can always talk to an attractive Swedish person and they'll understand you, so in most cases dating Swedish ladies isn’t much harder than dating American women.

They're stunning

As it's mentioned before, Swedish people are considered to be the most beautiful people in the world. In general, most of them look extremely good: they keep fit and have a perfect sense of style. A Scandinavian approach of choosing clothes to make them look simple but expensive and elegant gives the Swedes extra points. So why not have a beautiful partner for yourself? It won't only keep you attracted, but stimulate your motivation to look good too.

That can improve your sexual life a lot

Because of the Swedes being super liberal it's quite easy to understand that those stereotypes have a serious base to exist. Many people say that most of the Swedes are open for experiments with sexuality. This easygoingness can help you to become free and confident in bed. You may not have a serious and long-lasting relationship with the Swede in the end, but remembering they are loyal to one-night stands you should probably consider that worth-trying.

The Law of Jante (or Jantelagen) is the best way to describe the Scandinavian mentality.

The disadvantages of dating the Swede

It may look like there are all pros, but what about the cons of dating Swedish singles? There are some features of Swedish mentality that you need to remember about before plunging into swedish dating.

The Law of Jante

The Law of Jante (or Jantelagen) is the best way to describe the Scandinavian mentality. Those people don't tend to demonstrate their individual success in different spheres of life. All the rules followed by Swedish people can be summarized as "Don't think you're special, so stop bragging about yourself". It's not made to make a person feel miserable and worthless - on the contrary, it teaches people to remember that all individuals have their place in society and everyone should respect the others. Bragging about yourself won't go - so behave modestly and the Swedes will definitely see that.

The Swedes follow the rules

This fact may only become a problem for not very punctual people, but the Swedes don't usually demonstrate a lot of spontaneity. They do things as they're supposed to be done, the buses are always on time and you'll have to take a ticket even at the hairdressers. You'll probably forget about being random very soon if you date the Swede. But if that's worth it for you, you'll get used to it very soon.

They are not into chatting

That may be a serious issue for people from countries where small-talks can be seen all the time. The Swedes are not the most talkative people in the world and they mostly prefer staying in their comfort zone. This fact means that you'll probably be a person making the first step to get acquainted with an attractive Swedish person you see. Some people may say that they are even emotionally withdrawn sometimes. It may be a negative aspect for extremely extroverted people but if you're ok with that it won't be a problem at all.

The Swedes are not the most talkative people in the world and they mostly prefer staying in their comfort zone.

Swedes dress too well

People visiting Stockholm may feel as they walk in the middle of a catwalk surrounded by models during the latest fashion show collection. "Messy hair don't care" is not a thing there except it's an intentional fashion statement too. Once again, it can stimulate you to renew your wardrobe and rethink your looks. But it could be pretty uncomfortable for devoted fans of old scruffy T-shirts and flip-flops. Looks matter, and Scandinavia is the best place to feel that.

Some Swedish dishes may be too extreme for you

If you know about surströmming, then you know what problem you may face. The meal is fermented fish that has gone so far off that the smell of that Swedish delicacy may shock you. So if the Swede offers you surströmming, then you'd better refuse and quickly. It doesn't guarantee that the smell won't reach your nose, but at least you are prepared now.

Dating online

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Now you know that the Swedes might be hard to get close with, but there are still a lot of opportunities to find a Swedish partner and start a romantic relationship. Those people may be used to communicate in their usual circle in real life, but online dating services give a great chance of finding someone special for a long-lasting relationship or a small romantic adventure. can help you to find the love of your life! is a well-recommended dating service with two decades of perfect work that helped millions of people around the world to find their significant others.Nowadays dating online is considered to be the best way to meet someone special from other countries to make a couple.

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