Best compliments for women to make them delighted

A person who can use compliments wisely can make other people happy: the power of a word can never be overestimated. A bad word can ruin a person’s self-esteem and make them depressed but a good one can improve their life and confidence. Compliments are often overused or used too little: while some people don’t even try to make their words sound sincere, others find it extremely difficult to say something pleasant to people they like. At the same time, being able to know what to say to a person you like is extremely important: it’s a great way to show your respect, affection and love to people who are important to us.

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Every person loves pleasant and sincere compliments: regardless of how independent and tough we are, it’s just how our psychology works. We love people admitting our accomplishments and success, we love people finding us attractive and talented, we love people wanting to make us smile and make our day better. Whether we want to admit it or not, people’s admiration improves our self-esteem and motivates us to work harder to become better versions of ourselves: being liked by others is something which unconsciously convinces us that we’re moving in the right direction.

People who can find the right words to make us smile are priceless: we tend to like people who like us back. Whether you have a tough day at work or just feel sad and disappointed a few nice words can make you feel much better: even when we fail, we still need someone to say that we’re strong, capable and talented and we will definitely succeed the next time. Power of words is hard to overestimate: a good and appropriate compliment said in the right moment can be something extremely important for a person. Whether you want to cheer your friend up or to make your partner smile - use a compliment to see a person’s mood improving.

Why compliments are so important for ladies

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"A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.” This phrase is often used to show the sacred and personal meaning of a compliment for both speaker and receiver: by giving a compliment to a person you become a bit closer to them and show what you feel about them at the moment. Women are rarely disarmed by compliments they receive but they definitely like them: for ladies, a man who is not afraid to express his affection and admiration through compliments is often perceived as bold and courageous. It’s a stereotype about men too tough to say pleasant words to their women: often it only shows their insecurity or inability to make a little effort to please their ladies.

Women are rarely disarmed by compliments they receive but they definitely like them.

Being able to say a compliment to a woman you like is very important to her: a lady sees a compliment as a sign of your affection, care, love and interest in her. This is a great way to show your attention: men who don’t bother to say something pleasant to women they like are often seen as men who simply don’t care enough. Whether you’re dating American women or ladies from other countries, they all sometimes want to hear compliments: it’s something which takes an important place in their minds. Of course, too many compliments are not good either: men who tend to talk too much and use too loud words to praise their women are often seen as unreliable and not trustworthy. But women need to feel that they’re loved and cared for: it’s something that makes every woman’s day warm and happy and makes her shine.

What kinds of compliments you should avoid

Though there are lots of nice compliments you can use to make your lady happy, there are some compliments that you should avoid using - especially at the very beginning of your relationship. It’s easy to understand that you should never use insincere compliments: even if you think that you sound reliable, a person usually knows when you’re not truthful and can’t understand your motives and reasons to say so. People don’t like liars and they don’t like people who want to have benefits in exchange for compliments: say pleasant words to your women but never overuse them.

People don’t like liars and they don’t like people who want to have benefits in exchange for compliments: say pleasant words to your women but never overuse them.

When you are in the very beginning of your relationship, it’s better not to use any compliments with sexual aftertaste: it can show your partner that you’re most interested in her looks and her appearance plays a major role in your relationship. Also, it might make your partner think that you’re a shallow person who can’t see her personality and other advantages: try to concentrate on your lady’s beauty, intelligence, great character and tell her how she makes you feel to achieve the best result with your compliments.

Compliments to make her happy

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Complimenting a lady is not a difficult task as long as your admiration and interest are sincere: find out what attracts you the most and find the best words to highlight it. Avoid using a compliment sandwich: if you decide to say something pleasant to a woman, don't use the opportunity to criticize her at the same time. When you give a lady negative feedback she often remembers only the worst thing from what you said and doesn’t perceive your words as pleasant. Save your criticism for later and concentrate on her best parts: we all have good and bad sides, so use your compliment to describe only the best ones.

There are lots of things you can say to your lady to highlight her best traits: it’s always better to compliment her intelligence, beauty, talent, determination, her character and your own feelings and reactions to her. Women really appreciate men who can openly speak about their emotions and feelings - and especially when these feelings are connected with them. There are a few ideas on how to compliment a lady and make her smile:

  • ” I can’t decide what is more beautiful: your face or your soul;
  • ” Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me for a really long time;”
  • ” When people think of strong and smart women they probably think of someone like you;”
  • ” I feel like I should protect you though I know that you could protect yourself perfectly;”
  • ” You look so beautiful yet so effortless that I start to understand what natural beauty means like;”
  • ” I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve someone like you in my life;”
  • ” You’re the type of a woman I want not only to sleep with but also to wake up next to;”
  • ” You make me believe that I can achieve anything as long as you’re with me;”
  • ” Your presence makes me stronger than I could’ve ever imagined;”
  • ” You are the type of lady men fight dragons for;”
  • ” It’s so easy to hug you but so difficult to let you go;”
  • ” I’ve never tasted anything as good as your cooking. It’s like the mixture of everything I like;”
  • ” I never smiled when receiving text messages until I met you;”
  • ” Your sense of humour is perfect and you make me smile every time I see you;”
  • ” I feel like I’ve never met anyone like you before. I guess you’re really special;”
  • ” You put so much effort into everything you do. I know it might be tiring but you’re doing such a good job;”
  • ” You have an exceptional taste of style. Your outfits always look outstanding;”
  • ” You make me feel so comfortable. Sometimes it feels like the only place where I feel like home is with you;”
  • ” There’s so much warmth in your eyes that I just can’t stop looking into them;”
  • ” Your taste in music is perfect. I’d listened to every song you like because I’m sure that all of them are great;”
  • ” I’ve never seen people who can smile as warm and charming as you can;”
  • ” You should never want to change anything in you because you’re absolutely perfect the way you are;”
  • ” Is it hard to look as perfect as you all the time?;”
  • ” I don’t believe in supernatural things but sometimes it seems to me that you can read my mind;”
  • ” You make me a better man every day;”
  • ” I’ve learned so many things from you and I feel that you know so much more;”
  • ” Your smile is a real ray of sunshine - it can brighten my day;”
  • ” You are the person I can trust;”
  • ” Every time I spend with you is different and it’s always exciting;”
  • ” You’re so selfless - no wonder that so many people around like you;”
  • ”I can’t resist your charm: you are completely irresistible;”
  • ” Even when I’m tired you somehow manage to recharge me completely;”
  • ” Sometimes it seems to me that all romantic songs were written just for you;”
  • ” It truly amazes me how easily you can find the right words in every situation;”
  • ” You’re one of the smartest ladies I’ve ever met;”
  • ” Your intelligence is outstanding: I bet your boss values it a lot;”
  • ” You are the person whose messages make me smile every time;”
  • ” I often feel like I’m an idiot because of how deeply I’m in love with you;”
  • ” Every day feels like a holiday when I’m with you;”
  • ” You’re a lady who doesn’t need any makeup to be beautiful: it’s so precious to see someone as naturally stunning as you;”
  • ” You radiate so much energy that you make every person around a bit happier;”
  • ” You look so slim and fit - I can’t even imagine how much time it takes you to keep your perfect shape;”
  • ” You have such pretty and petite hands - it’s adorable;”
  • ” Your cheekbones make you look like a supermodel;”
  • ” It’s hard for me to make compliments to you because it always feels like I’m saying not enough and you deserve so much more;”
  • ” You’re so sensual that it attracts me like a magnet;”
  • ” There are so many women in the world and I’m so lucky to meet the best one;”
  • ” Everything you wear suits you perfectly;”
  • ” You somehow manage to be so strong yet so sensual that it’s unbelievable;”
  • ” Is it even legal to be so attractive?;”
  • ” You’re that type of a girl every parent want their son to have;”
  • ” You’re so reasonable in everything you say. It’s no surprise that everyone is interested in your opinion;”
  • ” I would like to travel all around the world with you;”
  • ” You make me feel like I’m a young boy sometimes but also I feel like a real man when I’m with you;”
  • ” Your hair always looks like a few stylists take care of you all the time;”
  • ” You’re such a refined and glamorous woman;”
  • ” Even when you’re casual it’s easy to see your perfect manners and style. You’re definitely outstanding;”
  • ” I want to be around just to protect you and make you feel confident all the time;”
  • ” I can’t even remember my life before I met you. It seems that it was so boring back then;”
  • ” Your confidence is outstanding: you can become a coach and teach other people to be as self-aware and secure as you are;”
  • ”You’re such an inspiration for me;”
  • ” You’re better than chocolate - and you know that everyone loves chocolate;”
  • ” You somehow make me think differently and I really like that;”
  • ” You have perfect traits of character to be a great leader: your personality, knowledge and confidence make people listen to you carefully and put attention to what you say;”
  • ” There are lots of stereotypes about beautiful women but you are a great example of a lady who is so intelligent yet so irresistible that it’s hard to believe sometimes that you even exist;”
  • ” No one could ever replace you neither at work nor in my heart;”
  • ” The sound of your voice makes me shiver;”
  • ” If it was a TV show then you would be the main character: you’re so charismatic and attractive that no one can take their eyes from you;”
  • ” You’re a great listener: I feel like I can talk to you for hours;”
  • ” You’ve accomplished so much that you should be really proud of you;”
  • ” There’s so much dignity in everything you do. You might look so low-key and careless but you are always perceived as someone who has character and charisma;”
  • ” I love the way your eyes burn when you speak about things which are important to you;”
  • ” It’s not that easy to gain so much wisdom in such a young age but you manage to surprise me every time;”
  • ” Everything you do suits you perfectly: you’re like a movie star and the whole world looks like your background;”
  • ” My friends really like you and this is a great reason for me to be sure that you’re the one;”
  • ” It’s so easy and comfortable with you that I can easily imagine my whole life spend with you;”
  • ” You somehow manage to make your casual outfits look as perfect as they’re from the newest fashion collections;”
  • ” You’re full of creativity and amazing ideas, Have you ever wanted to write a book?;”
  • ” I never want to pretend to be someone else when I’m with you because I feel that you understand me perfectly;”
  • ” You’re my priority.”
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