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Sometimes it is difficult, almost impossible to understand the complicated and mysterious Eastern soul. And it is especially difficult when we are talking about the United Arab Emirates. On one hand, there is a traditional way of life for all Muslim countries here. On the other, there is a huge number of foreigners from other countries who, who live permanently in the UAE and one way or another influence the culture and views in the country. Therefore, understanding how dating works in the UAE is quite difficult.
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Still modern technologies there are more than developed, so services for online dating becoming increasingly popular. is one of the oldest and most successful websites that allows single people to find their happiness in the United Arab Emirates. In order to find your soulmate successfully here, you need to understand how society and relations work, as well as take into account many traditional customs and legislative features.

Customs, traditions and laws of UAE

If we are talking about the percentage of the population of the United Arab Emirates, then citizens, meaning the Arab population, usually make up from 15 to 20% of all residents of the countries. Everyone else is either a tourist or a person from a huge number of countries who came here to work or study. In some ways they live in a symbiotic society, in another, they are very separated by custom differences and the laws. Therefore, when we are talking about dating in the UAE, it is necessary to bear in mind what exactly is meant - dating with those who arrived or with representatives of the local population. In the first case, everything is quite simple, since most of them are Europeans, Americans and Filipinos. They equally have more or less Western views and lifestyles, so creating a relationship with them will not differ significantly. However, when we talk about dating and relations with citizens, the situation becomes a little complicated.

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The legislation of the United Arab Emirates is based on the state religion - Islam. All the citizens here in their life philosophy submits to the main code of laws - Sharia, which is based on the main requirements and prohibitions of the holy book of the Quran. Arabs, like other nomadic tribes, throughout their centuries-old history lived in large families, or so-called clans. The concept of kinship in the Arab countries is holy and unshakable. Therefore, a family in the United Arab Emirates is not only children and grandchildren but also the most distant relatives. According to classical Arabic ethical standards, relations cannot be made for any other purpose than marriage, which makes dating a little problematic. Although other religions are allowed in the UAE, almost 100% of the population are Muslims. Such a religious unity over hundreds of years has given rise to strict observance of Shariah laws.

Nevertheless, modern society is developing, many Arabs in their youth go to study in European countries and learn more humanistic values ​​there. However, they do not abandon their traditions, and the result is a very specific situation in society. The position of men and women is quite different in the UAE. Initially, a man is considered the head of the family, but a woman has much more rights and freedoms than is commonly believed. The woman here is not disenfranchised: she can study, work, drive a car. But she is forbidden to open her body on the street. Feet, palms and face can only be opened, all the other bodies must be covered. In some strict families, the face is covered too, so you can only see eyes and brows.

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If a woman marries a foreigner, then he and her children will not be able to subsequently become citizens of the United Arab Emirates. If a man marries a foreigner, then children and a wife can become citizens, but for this, they will have to go through many complicated bureaucratic procedures. In the UAE, there is polygamy, it is allowed to have up to four wives. But there are unspoken rules. So, for example, a second wife can appear only when the first one gives his consent. And each wife after the first one must get the same things as she receives.

Dating in United Arab Emirates: features and hints

As it was mentioned earlier, in fact, all life in the UAE is subject to Sharia law, which is dictated by the Quran and the Muslim religion. For example, young people of different genders are forbidden to be alone before marriage, and the relationship itself is designed exclusively for creating a family. Therefore, many young people turn to the possibilities of modern technology and online dating, which allows communicating with other people and include romantic relationships in their lives without violating laws and ignoring traditions.

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In addition to the cultural and traditional, there is also a very practical side. In Dubai, the largest city in the Emirates, life is very intense. This is a huge centre for business, tourism and entertainment as if it was created only for families, couples and for people surrounded by a bunch of friends. There are many romantic restaurants, amazing parks for families, every week there are different parties in hundreds of nightlife clubs and areas. On the other hand, it is a city of lonely people separated from their roots and families. In such a crazy rhythm of it is not easy to find time and opportunity for dating. Therefore, people are increasingly resorting to online dating. This explains why is so popular in the United Arab Emirates because it is very difficult to spend time looking for interesting people in isolation from online life.

In order for dating to be successful here, you must constantly remember the features of the Arab way of life. You should always be polite in communication and never cross clearly defined personal boundaries. If you like to flirt, then you should do it carefully and with all the attention to the personal space of your date. If you’re dating an Arabic girl, be prepared for the fact that one of her relatives may be in the room when you’re talking in video chat - this is completely normal for them. Respect for such a tradition will be a way to build trust with her family.

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If you are a woman who is dating an Arab man, you should clearly outline the boundaries of the cultural exchange that will take place. It is worthwhile to prepare yourself in advance for what rules of Arab ethics you are ready to accept. UAE is a unique country where everything is adapted for the citizens who live there. They have their own traditions, for which they stand not for life, but for death. Therefore, here for the sake of love, a woman will have to sacrifice a certain degree of her freedom. It is very important to understand whether you are ready to accept the Muslim laws in the process of online dating, this will largely determine how communication between you and your date will be built. It is quite difficult to guess in advance how strict and traditional your date is, so you should always find it out as soon as possible. Feel free to ask questions, Muslims are willing to share with you all the necessary knowledge and rules.

It is very important to understand whether you are ready to accept the Muslim laws in the process of online dating. is the best choice in United Arab Emirates

More and more single people are looking for their own beautiful and romantic love story. Online dating is popular because it allows you to expand your social circle significantly and get in touch with a person from anywhere in the world. One of the best ways to include romance into a stressful daily life is online dating. If you want to try sometimes complicated, but very fascinating dating experience in UAE, is an amazing service, well prepared and nicely designed to provide you with the best possible options for online dating. The procedure is simple:

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  • Register on the website and download the mobile app. It will help you to get access to your account any time you need, which makes dating a nice part of a daily routine.
  • Fill your profile. It is your portrait in the service, the way all the users see you. It is important to find a perfect middle way, you need to give as much information as possible, but don’t share too much personal data. This is a matter of safety, so it must be treated with care.
  • Set your own searching criteria. It is very important to know who you're looking for and why you want to date. Your goals can be a huge matter when we are talking about such a specific country as United Arab Emirates.
  • Start searching and dating! creates a safe space for you, so you can feel fully protected from any unnecessary or disturbing communication. Here you have a choice with no limits. Spend your time carefully looking through the profiles, texting and chatting, be open and polite, and in the end, without a doubt, you will find your perfect match, the right person to spend a life with.

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