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Whether you’re from Croatia or only want to travel there, you can meet an amazing Croatian single and start them with the help of your smartphone or tablet. Online dating allows you to find the best suitable partner in Croatia or abroad, so choose wisely and give it a chance. Croatians have lots of amazing features and become great partners for dating and serious long-term relationships.

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Croatia is a wonderful country with amazing and unbelievable views and landscapes. It has a uniquely charming atmosphere. It has incredible nature: flora and fauna which attract lots of tourists. Anyone who has ever spent vacation in Croatia wants to return there again and again. Well, it's not just about nature and places, but also about Croatian women. The whole world admires them, many men fall head over heels for women from Croatia. We will tell you why Croatian dating a woman is worth everything.

What makes Croatian women so special

Women all over the world are unique and individually different. But there are a couple of things that distinguish Croatian girls from a bunch of other women.

They are incredibly beautiful

Appearance plays an important role in relationships, especially on your first date or even the very first time you have met. The longer you stay in the relationship, the less you think about your partner’s appearance. For a married life appearance makes no difference at all, it is important what kind of person you are.

If we talk about Croatian women, they absolutely know how to make a first impression, just like all the ladies from the Mediterranean region, like Albanian, Greek or Bosnian girls. The first thing you notice immediately is perfect and soft features and indescribable beauty. As a rule, they are tall and slim and they are not afraid to wear high heels. They have pale skin (sometimes with an olive tint). They all show that they should be loved and love themselves. It can be said that they were created for this. Ancestors from Eastern Europe gave them light eyes of grey or bare colours and awarded them with long thick hair that looked like silk. The modern world instilled an impeccable taste and love for fashion in them. Having a walk through Croatian cities is like attending a fashion show - young Croatian women look stunning. They know that they look irresistible and are proud of their beauty.

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They are very smart

Many people think that a woman who is beautiful and smart at the same time does not exist, that this is some kind of a fairytale and fiction. Croatian women are direct evidence of the opposite. They can be stunningly beautiful but still very clever. Croatian women can discuss any topic: politics, sports, recent studies, economics and others. They really love to express their own opinion and listen to what other people think. Most Croatian girls have excellent higher or secondary education. They never stop developing themselves, they read books and study something all the time. You will be proud of a girl like that. It is very pleasant to realize that your partner is not only beautiful but also smart. You do not have to worry that she will say something wrong at an uncomfortable moment.

They are very stylish

Girls in Croatia love to look very good through and through. They are always spick-and-span and constantly update the wardrobe. Despite the addiction to becoming better and more beautiful every day, they do not visit plastic surgeons. Enlarged lips, fake hair or tons of makeup - these things are not about them. They value natural beauty and skillfully emphasize it. They know how to make themselves more attractive, but they don’t like to overdo it.

Croatian wife will support you in grief and joy, be proud of your victories and successes.

They are very loyal and faithful

If you are officially dating a Croatian woman, she will be completely devoted to you. If she makes a promise, she will surely fulfil it. They definitely keep their word. Moreover, if you marry her, she will never betray you. Croatian wife will support you in grief and joy, be proud of your victories and successes. If she decides to be with you, other men will cease to exist for her.

They were created for motherhood

A Croatian wife is much more a beautiful appearance, a sharp mind and an amazing lover. In addition, she will be the perfect mother for your children. Croatian women love their children very much and constantly take care of them. They try to make their baby's childhood fun and unforgettable. They know how to entertain children with all sorts of games, travelIng within the city and exciting adventures. Croatian mothers know how to develop their child’s talents and skills, how to educate and bring them up well. Croatian mother will perfectly prepare your child for independent life in the future. You can be sure your child will grow up as a wonderful person, with a heart of gold and prepared for life in the scary adult world.

Some other facts you should know before starting a serious relationship with a Croatian woman

  • They know how to appreciate every moment of their life. Croatian ladies are never in a hurry, they are calm and balanced. They like to have a slow walk around the city, stop by some nice coffee shop for a cup of tea or read a book on a bench in a picturesque park. They understand that they will not live forever and strive to enjoy every moment in their lives. It is very difficult to knock off a Croatian girl. She can find a solution to almost every problem. If the problem cannot be solved, they shrug their wonderful shoulders and wait until the problem disappears by itself;
  • They cook very well. Croatian cuisine is very tasty and varied. Girls learn how to cook from their mothers since they are children. There are thousands of different recipes in Croatia and each one makes an incredibly tasty dish. If your girlfriend cooks dinner for you, always be sure to compliment the hostess. She tried to please you and deserves praise. If she invites you to her place, be sure to come on an empty stomach so as not to offend her with a refusal. One thing is certain to notice - you will not leave the house of a Croatian girl hungry and unhappy;
  • They know how to be emotional. Do not think that Croatian girls are soulless statues without emotions. Sometimes they cannot restrain themselves, wave their hands and even raise their voices. This is not because she is angry with you, but because she cannot restrain herself and control her emotions. At such moments, she will expect a response from you and sincere support. Do not disappoint her, support and reassure her. So that you will show her that her experiences are important to you;
  • They are extroverts. They really like to be around people and communicate with other people. They like to go to big noisy parties, travel in groups, hang out in company, and even travel with their friends on vacation. Do not think that you will spend all the time at her house in front of the TV. This way of spending time is very boring for her and she will ask you to take her somewhere. If you give her carte blanche to plan a joint weekend, you definitely won't get bored. She organizes a stunning outdoor activity full of experiences that both of you will enjoy.

a couple hugging and enjoying each others company on a date

How to attract Croatian women

You may be shocked and in a sense paralyzed by their appearance. Here are a few ways not to lose face in front of a Croatian girl:

  • Be yourself. The girl will quickly figure you out if you pretend to be a hero and lie about yourself. This is totally unnecessary, do not spoil an impression about yourself. Croatian girls do not admit a lie, so just relax and tell about yourself things as they are;
  • Be interested. Show her that you are interested in her and in everything connected with her: ask her about her family, work, hobbies, favourite food and literature. Develop a conversation to share your own opinions and tell about your interests. Try to avoid oversharing on your first dates, do not load the girl with unnecessary information;
  • Be a real gentleman. Pamper her with gifts, take active care of her. It is not at all necessary to spend more money on this. Pleasant little things will pleasantly surprise her, and a gift made by hands will amaze you to the very heart. Come up with something interesting for a date: take her on a hike or invite her to a cute picnic on the beach. The main thing is that she should not be bored with you. Your dates should leave only pleasant memories;
  • Learn more about her culture and country. Croatian girls are comprehensively developed. And it will be embarrassing if she knows more about your country than you about Croatia. They can navigate worldwide history very well and speak several languages. Be sure of the accuracy of your information. If you make a mistake in something so that you will imagine yourself in a disadvantageous light. Do not talk nonsense about Yugoslavia or talk about their Eastern European culture. Do not forget that all countries are unique and have their own cultural characteristics, regardless of kinship;
  • Learn some Croatian words. This language is very complex, it is almost impossible to pronounce girls names. Almost everyone makes a lot of mistakes in the pronunciation of the name and this can hurt the girl a little. But if she sees that you are trying to pronounce her name correctly, she will be very pleased. She will be pleasantly surprised if you tell her a few words in her native language. You won’t be able to speak without an accent, but it’s a very good thing. Croatian girls find the accent very romantic and sexy.

She will be pleasantly surprised if you tell her a few words in her native language.

How to start dating a Croatian woman online on our website is one of the best dating services. If you want to start looking for your soulmate from Croatia, you need to do a few simple things:

  • Register on our website using an email or your social network page;
  • Fill in your profile. Add personal information about you that you would like to tell your future partner on the first date. But try to avoid oversharing. Tell her about your hobbies and interests. So that young people could start a conversation with you about things you have mentioned before in your personal profile;
  • Start searching. Fill in search system filters with the things your future spouse should have. These can be appearance, age, education, hobbies and other things that are important for you;
  • Text her. Start with a simple message to your chosen one. Get to know each other better and eventually try to meet her offline when it’s possible.

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