Dating Greek women

If you think about Greek women, goddesses of Olympus immediately come to mind. These beautiful women, impersonated in various paintings and sculptures, had long been representing worldwide beauty standards. But are Greek women actually like this or is it just a myth?

Well, it’s safe to say that some of them are and some of them aren’t. Modern Greek women can be very different - you won’t be able to find two of them who are exactly the same. Nevertheless, they still share some common traits, be it appearance preferences or personality.

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If you want to succeed at dating a Greek woman, you should definitely know more about local traditions and features. We can not only help you understand Greek women better, but also suggest assistance in looking for a compatible partner from this warm and welcoming country. Let’s discover everything you need to know about dating Greek women and find you the love of your life!


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Mediterranean location definitely influences the looks of people living here. Greek women regularly have tanned skin and thick dark hair. Healthy lifestyle most mediterranean people lead and access to sun all year round give Greek ladies natural yet very nice complexion.

You definitely can’t say that local women are skinny. Yes, due to the healthy diet they are mostly pretty fit, but still kind of curvy. Don’t mistake this with being overweight and don’t tell your Greek girlfriend to lose some weight - local people appreciate the bodies they have and may be offended by your suggestion.

Greek women usually prefer natural looks to bold heavy make-up.

Also, Greek women usually prefer natural looks to bold heavy make-up. They regularly have pleasant facial features, and, combined with tanned skin and overall healthy and neat look, they just don’t need to use too much make-up to feel beautiful. You might see your girlfriend doing her eyebrows or using eyeliner, but this is something she does to enhance the natural beauty rather than to hide her insecurities.

Greek women are also pretty stylish, choosing the clothes which perfectly correspond with their amazing figures.

Personality of a Greek woman

Speaking of the character Greek women have, most of them share the following traits:

  • They are quite emotional. Not to the point italians are, but still very vulnerable. If a woman likes you, you will be able to tell it immediately - her face, her body, her gestures will give her out. If she is angry with you - there will be signs of that too;
  • They are passionate. The most vivid reflection of this trait is in the arguments you will have with your girlfriend. She won’t start them for every little thing - you have to fail really bad to get into an argument with a Greek woman - but if she does argue with you, she does it with all the passion and emotions possible. But apart from emotions, a Greek woman regularly has good point in an argument, which means you’ll have to do some hard work to persuade her she is wrong;
  • They are very chatty. Greek women and Greek people in general are very sociable. They like to meet new people and are definitely not afraid of foreigners, thanks to the constant stream of tourists. So, if you don’t know how to start a conversation with a Greek woman, don’t worry. Just say “Hi” and she will take the initiative into her own hands. Well, she’ll simply be happy to chat to someone new and she knows how to lead the communication;
  • They don’t worry too much. While women from other countries might be disappointed by their boyfriends being late on dates and not bringing flowers, Greek women don’t pay too much attention to these small things. They choose not to stress about the little everyday failures and enjoy their life instead;
  • They are welcoming to foreigners but not necessarily eager to marry them. While Greek women will always be extremely polite and sociable, don’t take it wrong - they don’t want a foreign boyfriend. Greek men are good enough to satisfy all the needs of the local women, which is why ladies see no point in looking for a foreign husband - why do it, if they have everything they need on hand;
  • They are very active. You will hardly find a Greek woman who likes to stay at home. Most ladies would prefer to go out, see their friends, visit a party and dance. Even though they might be great girlfriends and housewives, they don’t want to miss out on social life. That being said, you will never get bored dating a Greek woman, but you’ll also have to adjust to the active lifestyle she leads.

How to date a Greek woman: main rules

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If you want to date a beautiful Greek woman, keep in mind that gender roles are still pretty vivid here. Of course, women can be quite independent, have their own successful career and personal life, but when it comes to relationships, they expect a man to be the leader in their couple, as well as a breadwinner.

Family is one of the most important things for Greek people. Most relatives have really tight bonds and have examples of happy marriages all over. This is why people here are looking for partners to create the same happy family with.

Women in Greece can easily give up their careers for the family and kids. This is why they are looking for a man, who can provide them with everything necessary. At first, the approach of Greek women might seem materialistic, but if you understand, that they are just looking further into the future and comparing a partner to their expectations of a spouse, you won’t be as surprised.

You don’t necessarily have to splurge on each of your dates, but making a present every now and then and paying the check is necessary for leaving the right impression.

That being said, be generous with a Greek woman. You don’t necessarily have to splurge on each of your dates, but making a present every now and then and paying the check is necessary for leaving the right impression. If you suggest going dutch, a Greek woman might agree, but you will never get a chance to take her out again.

Also, be respectful to the family of your girlfriend. Keep in mind that they have a lot of influence on her, and if your woman’s relatives don’t like you, chances are your relationships will end with nothing. But if you become their favourite, you’ll be invited to every family gathering, every birthday and holiday. You’ll become a part of the family too.

Be respectful to her friends as well. They are like the second family, so you have to mutually love each other. Also, you can see that your relationships are serious, if a Greek woman introduces you to her friends. If that happens, you can be sure she is counting on a long-term commitment.

And a few tips on where to meet a Greek woman:

  • Go to the beach. Especially when it’s swimming season, you’ll have a chance to get acquainted with many hot Greek women;
  • Visit a local restaurant. Greek people like good food, and they enjoy going out just as much as eating home-cooked meals. You can start a conversation about food with a girl you like and it will be a great reason to get acquainted - Greek people not only enjoy eating food, but also love talking about it;
  • Find some Greek friends. It is very common for Greek women to find a boyfriend through her circle of friends. This way she will instantly know, that she has her friend’s approval and that she knows this person well enough to trust. So looking for Greek friends is a good starter if you want to get involved in relationships with Greek women at some point.

Online dating

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There is also another great way to meet a Greek girlfriend. Online dating sites are all the rage in Greece nowadays, especially among the younger generation. Many young Greek people are too busy with work or education, which is why they choose to look for a partner or friends online. They might not be able to find time for meetings everyday, but even seeing each other at the weekend after you got acquainted online is a great starter.

Many young Greek people are too busy with work or education, which is why they choose to look for a partner or friends online.

Also, many Greek people find it hard to meet someone, who has the same interests or the same worldview. But online dating sites solve this problem easily, since they allow to filter people by hobbies and interests. Many great love stories start online, and Greek women know it pretty well.

If you want to meet a Greek woman to date, you’ll need a good and trustworthy platform. Even though there are many advantages to dating online nowadays, choosing the wrong website may end up in a disaster. If you don’t find the best partner, it’s not even the worst result, while some people have to deal with fraudsters and tricksters on some dating sites.

But if you are looking for a good and trustworthy website to date Greek women, will be a great choice for you, and here is why:

  • We have over 25 years of successful matchmaking in the background. Not only we managed to prove our reliability in these years, but we also gathered thousands of successful love stories, which prove that our approach works spotlessly;
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  • We have an amazing security system, which makes a very safe platform for online dating. If you feel that your interlocutor is kind of suspicious, you can always send a report and the case will be investigated. Your personal data as well as all payment information is well protected, so you don’t have to worry about data leakage. But if you want to take some extra safety precautions, we developed some guidelines you can use to feel even more protected.

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