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All women are beautiful: the beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, so every person has their own preferences and tastes. While some people prefer dating only slim and sporty ladies, the others like them big; some guys are fond of tall ladies while the others are mad about la petite girls. We’re all different and our tastes differ as well: in our modern world, everyone can find a partner who suits them not only mentally, but also physically. Even though appearance is secondary, it’s still a very important part of every healthy relationship, so if you have clear preferences which are not that hard to achieve - then go for it!

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Short girls are awesome: even though it might sound stereotypical, they often tend to be very energetic, loud, humorous, charming and extremely cute. Lots of guys are mad about them: these ladies are extremely pleasant to care about, so every man feels even more masculine and strong with them. Even though short women don’t need to be protected and cared for all the time because of their independence and strong personalities, they are still adorable and attractive for many guys around. There are lots of pros they have, so if you’re interested in dating short women, then you should take it into account.

What is awesome about dating short women

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Every person is unique, so stereotypes tend to be wrong lots of times. At the same time, they are not created to describe every person around: they are useful when you want to have a general opinion about a group of people with the same characteristics. Speaking about short ladies you should remember that every case is different, so avoid speaking about “short people stereotypes” with a petite lady you like - it might offend her and kill your chances with her.

Avoid speaking about “short people stereotypes” with a petite lady you like.

Short women are awesome because of their inner strength and energy they radiate: lots of people say that short people compensate for their size with huge personalities, and that’s true. They really have the presence of huge people when they are around, so if you’re lucky enough to find your petite princess and date her, then you’ll never be disappointed. There are some obvious advantages of dating a short lady:

  • They are adorable in everything they do! Even though lots of short ladies won’t be excited to know they are perceived as something cute and small all the time (they are adult women, by the way) it doesn’t interrupt their boyfriends to adore them. A short lady trying to reach the upper shelf or doing basically anything is sweet: it makes her man want to be a knight in shiny armor and help her with all the things she does. You need to hold your patronising instinct while you’re with her though: she’s not a child and she’s definitely not a cute pet for you, so don’t be condescending and behave politely and respectfully. Ask her whether she needs help and don’t insist if the answer is “no” - just be around and let your heart melt because of how cute she is;
  • They really have huge personalities - short ladies tend to compensate for their height and impress people around with their personal traits. It’s not that easy to be a short girl: people often don’t take you seriously and look down to you because of how you look. It’s frustrating, so many short girls are extremely strong, humorous, stable and interesting to talk with. They radiate energy and they are extremely lively - it’s never boring with a short girl, and that’s why guys are fond of them;
  • Short girls often look younger than they are! That’s another amazing quality they often have: whether it’s their genetics or their taste of clothing, they often tend to look young and therefore even more attractive. Short ladies often have nice figures which allow them to shop for clothing in shops made for teens and young people, so they have a great opportunity to develop their own style and choose the best outfits to look gorgeous all the time. Also, don’t forget that your short lady will be able to wear heels when she’s with you whenever she wants - so she will look amazing and stylish most of the time;
  • Short ladies tend to be feminine. It might be connected with their hormones or body type, but they often look very feminine and pretty with their soft faces, small hands and petite figures. Lots of clothing looks great on them: oversize sweaters? Great! Shirts? Awesome! Dresses? Stunning! Short ladies also look extremely hot in their boyfriends' huge T-shirts and hoodies: it looks like a flag on a conquered fort and makes everyone understand that the lady is not single anymore. If you’re into very feminine petite ladies and want to look and feel even more masculine, then a short lady is your choice;
  • Short girls don’t discriminate against others because of their physical features. That’s true that short ladies are into tall guys: somehow the great difference between heights makes them feel even more feminine and a tall guy is often seen as a strong and protective boyfriend. But it doesn’t mean that they are into tall guys only: they can date guys with any height because they will be taller than their ladies anyway. A girl who went through a lot of discrimination will never belittle or tease a person with complexes or different physical features which make them different from the others: that is another witness of their great personalities and cheerful nature.

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Though it’s easier to spot a short lady while seeing her in real life, some people still have issues when meeting new people. Shy and introverted singles might feel awkward and not confident enough to approach a girl regardless of how much they like them: a fear of being rejected is often too strong. But even though confidence is extremely attractive, it doesn’t mean that introverted and shy people should stay single - there are still lots of opportunities to meet a lady of your dreams and have a relationship with her.

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There are still lots of opportunities to meet a lady of your dreams and have a relationship with her.

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