Dating Indonesian women

Indonesia is a place which contains exciting natural beauty and amazing unique culture which was created there in ancient times. A country of countless islands washed by two oceans, full of buried in greenery hills and rocks, a country where you can see amazing old architecture and places of interest which can amaze everyone interested in the history and culture of this land. It’s a magnetic place for millions of tourists all over the world because of its stunning natural beauty, excellent climate and breathtaking sceneries which look perfect on Instagram photos but even better in real life.

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    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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    Medellín, Colombia
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    Jiaxing, China
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    Cebu City, Philippines
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    أبو ظبي, United Arab Emirates

Another reason why people love visiting Indonesia is the number of hot Indonesian women living there. Though it’s often considered that generally there are more attractive women in Japan and Korea, some Indonesian ladies are smoking hot and they can easily overcome lots of other ladies by their attractiveness and make men want to try Asian dating. They have pretty feminine faces and amazing bodies: petite and curvy Indonesian beauties can easily steal men’s hearts and never give it back.

Indonesia is a perfect place to relax both physically and mentally: its beauty can make you humble and inspired and its fresh air and healthy diet based on delicious exotic products can improve your health and mood. Also, you have chances to meet the love of your life and to find an amazing Indonesian lady who you would like to be with. Lots of Western tourists are amazed by Indonesian women’s attractiveness and even marry local beauties: these women have lots of qualities which can turn them into gorgeous girlfriends, wives and mothers. They are passionate and intelligent, their soft and humble character makes them even more irresistible, so it’s obvious why so many men would like to date them.

Why you should try dating an Indonesian woman

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Every person interested in dating Indonesian beauties should remember about the importance of learning the local’s culture: though there are lots of modern Westernized people living in big central cities of the country, they still have different cultural backgrounds and are raised with different worldviews. You should remember that religion is a very important part of Indonesian culture and most of the locals are Muslim: therefore, you need to respect their beliefs and their attitude towards the world and relationships.

Just like many other things which are pretty different from what people used to see in Western culture, the local dating culture is unique and requires some knowledge and understanding of what’s important for the locals.

Every culture is unique and can provide us with a wonderful experience of learning more and more about it. Indonesian customs and traditions have been formed by Asian culture mixed with local history and beliefs, and it’s a great source of entertainment and inspiration for every person interested in the history and wonderful atmosphere of other countries. Indonesia is a pretty new and unusual place for many Western tourists, and that’s why lots of newcomers become excited by this country. Just like many other things which are pretty different from what people used to see in Western culture, the local dating culture is unique and requires some knowledge and understanding of what’s important for the locals. At the same time, these people still value the most basic human things such as loyalty, respectful and polite attitude, friendliness and understanding.

Though Indonesian women are Muslim, it’s not extremely difficult to find a single beauty who is ready for a relationship with a foreigner: they tend to be more open and ready for new things than you might expect. Your respectful and polite attitude plays a bigger role than your religion or views there: you can always meet a decent woman if you’re not inappropriate or disrespectful in the eyes of the locals. The prize is worth it: these amazing women are definitely interesting and attractive for men all over the world:

  • They are thick and hot! Unlike many other Asian ladies who tend to be very slim and petite, Indonesian beauties have some killing curves which can conquer men’s hearts easily. Though lots of local ladies look different, most of them have gorgeous dark hair, dark soft eyes, excellent skin and pretty feminine facial features. They don’t have to use a lot of makeup because nature gives them everything they need: their smooth skin and dark eyebrows and eyelashes create attractive contrast and make them look amazing in any condition. Indonesian women use makeup though, but they do it in moderation: it’s made to highlight their natural beauty, but not to change it. Also, most of the locals have great bodies: their pace of life and healthy diet based on seafood, fruits, vegetables and rice make them healthy and fresh and help them to age really well;
  • These women are kinda submissive and they respect their men. It’s no surprise that Indonesia is a pretty conservative and traditional country with patriarchal values in many terms: local beauties are taught to respect their fathers and their potential husbands a lot because a man there is often seen as the head of his family. Men make all important decisions there and take responsibility for the consequences, they are often breadwinners and protectors of their wives and children, so ladies know and respect that. It’s natural for them to be a bit submissive: they are humble and shy and they always try to negotiate conflicts because it’s seen as inappropriate for couples to argue there (especially in public). It doesn’t mean that these ladies have no self-respect: in fact, they are full of humble dignity and they know their value: you should treat your lady right and she’ll treat you like a king;
  • Indonesian women are family-oriented and love kids. Another consequence of the traditional patriarchal upbringing of Indonesian families is their wish to have families and kids. They tend to see relationships with men as a prelude to marriage: a serious relationship in Indonesia usually ends with the creation of a family. These ladies are not into random hookups and definitely disapprove of premarital sex: it’s seen as completely inappropriate there. Just like in many other conservative Asian countries, these people pay lots of attention to their image and reputation of their families: they would never do anything to upset or disappoint their parents and relatives;
  • They are intelligent and their English is often pretty good. Though there are lots of Indonesian people living in comparatively poor regions of the country, there are also lots of modern and educated Indonesians who are good at English and have decent education and knowledge of many things. Lots of them are pretty well-read and they are interested in various things, so you’ll always find a topic to discuss with your Indonesian beauty. It’s pretty important for you to try learning Indonesian though: your partner can speak English pretty well, but there are lots of Indonesian words which are hard to translate in English, so it’s easier for you to try understanding her at least on a level she understands you. Communication is extremely important in every relationship, so invest your time into learning her language: she’ll appreciate that.

What dating Indonesian women is like

a tanned asian woman is posing in bikini on the beach

Dating games are never easy: whether you would like to date a Western girl from your city or a foreign woman from another country, there are lots of things you should and shouldn’t do to succeed. In general, Indonesian ladies are not very strict or choosing: they are rational and pleasant and they want the same things as any woman would like to see in her man: they are interested in decent, reliable, sincere and caring men who can be real leaders of their families and can protect them and provide their wives and children. They tend to be amazing girlfriends and wives, but there are a few things you should remember about:

  • Respect her culture and religion. It’s obvious that an Indonesian woman won’t fall for a man who is openly disrespectful towards her origins and culture, but it’s also hard to believe that a lady would fall for a very ignorant and narrow-minded guy who doesn’t want to learn new things and explore her world and culture. You shouldn’t be openly negative or condescending towards her language, country or history of her country: she might think that you’re a fool or a rude who has no social skills and who doesn’t care for other people. Listen to her, ask her questions about her language and country, try to understand her better - and you’ll have better chances with your beautiful Indonesian girlfriend;
  • You should remember that her family is extremely important for her. A family-oriented Indonesian lady is not only interested in creating her own family - but she also loves and values her relatives and parents a lot. Her immediate family is extremely important for her: she would always listen to their opinions and advice and would do nothing which can upset or disappoint them. You shouldn’t try to make her rebel: she probably wouldn’t choose a man over her parents. Though they might look too strict and conservative to you, it’s always better to create a good first impression and to behave politely and respectful: having good relationships with them can increase your chances to have a great relationship with her a lot;
  • Don’t try to get into her bedroom before marriage. Because of strict social and religious rules in Indonesian society, it’s almost impossible to have sex with a decent Indonesian girl before marriage. Men who try to persuade them to be intimate are often seen as inappropriate and unreliable: a decent respectable Indonesian woman would never risk her reputation by sleeping with men before marriage. Learn to wait: an Indonesian wife won’t disappoint you, so it’s worth waiting. Of course, there are ladies who would agree to sleep with you without any responsibilities and even relationships, but you should remember that their social status is probably pretty low while your risks are high;
  • These ladies are into Western men. Though these ladies are born in a conservative society, they are actually very interested and attracted to Western men: they are often seen as tall, masculine, fair-haired and handsome. Also, most of tourists and businessmen coming there are pretty rich and generous, which is a pleasant advantage for some locals too: lots of tourists have created a controversial image of a “bule” - a Western guy who is only interested in having fun with a naive local girl. Though it’s pretty easy to find a girl who will be attracted to you, you should never prove the stereotypes about “rich Western guys who think they can buy a girl in Indonesia”: don’t be too generous and don’t be condescending with her. The right one lady won’t be interested only in your money, so use your wallet in moderation;
  • Be the real head of your couple - both as a boyfriend and a husband. Local ladies love men who behave like men, but it doesn’t mean that you should be rude or overly masculine with her: act decently and appropriate with a woman to make her respect and love you. A perfect man in Indonesian woman’s eyes is a man who is loyal, straightforward, humble, caring and responsible: as you might see, this picture is not really different from what most women want all over the world. These ladies want their men to keep their word and to be firm and decisive: every lady wants to feel protected when she’s with her guy. Show your Indonesian girlfriend that you’re a reliable person who can take care of her and she’ll appreciate that;
  • Deal with her passion and jealousy. Though Indonesian women might look very humble and shy, they are actually full of passion: an Indonesian wife can be a real goddess with a man who loves her and cares for her, but she also can be a witch with a man who is not loyal and always makes her jealous and incredulous. Make her lady sure that you’ve chosen her and you’re not into infidelity: don’t give her any reasons to be suspicious and surround her with love and care she deserves. A woman who feels loved and needed can be a perfect partner and the best girlfriend in the world - unless you make her feel deceived.

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