Dating Mongolian women

The country of Mongolia is distant and mysterious. It's a land of steppes, huge deserted spaces and unique people, who manage to survive the unusual conditions of nature. Inhabitants of Mongolia developed their own unusual culture, which they treasure even nowadays.

The life of Mongolian women is definitely not easy. The country is not very rich, so everyone, men and women, have to work hard to provide their family. Despite this fact, Mongolian women are still eager to have a family, though they know they will have to balance between their career kids.

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If you want to date a Mongolian lady, you might be wondering how to find the right approach to her. It might not be easy, especially if you have never been acquainted with Mongolian culture before. But we are here to help you. We will give you the most useful advice on dating Mongolian women as well as provide you with a platform, where you can meet a date from this distant country and build online relationships with. Don’t put away your chance of meeting a bride from Mongolia!


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First, let’s talk about the appearance of women in Mongolia. Since the country is located amidst Asia, you might think that local people are similar to their neighbours - Chinese or Vietnamese people. But in fact Mongolians are very different from other Asians though they look just perfect for Asian dating.

Mongolian women are beautiful in their own way. They have a very distinctive appearance, which is both truly oriental and much more harsh. Even though the beauty of Mongolian women is not simple, they don’t try to fit into worldwide beauty standards. They prefer to keep away from make up or excessive cosmetological procedures, which alter the face. It is safe to say that the beauty of Mongolian women is truly natural.

Even though the beauty of Mongolian women is not simple, they don’t try to fit into worldwide beauty standards.

If we speak about fashion, Mongolians have their own sense of it as well. Even though world famous fashion brands reached this country as well, local designers and productions regularly release their own clothes. These usually represent Mongolian culture, combining it with the most popular fashion trends. As a result, Mongolian women dress in a modern and comfortable way, but each of their looks resembles some of the national costumes, be it in terms of the tailoring and fit, or because of decorations, ornaments and embroidery.


Speaking of the personality and character, most Mongolian women share the following traits:

  • They are really hard-working. First of all, since Mongolia has a background of a Socialist country, both men and women here are used to work equally. Everyone feels the obligation to find a job and provide themselves. It is in a very rare case that a woman will stay at home with kids - most probably, she will find a way to maintain both her career and a family. Even though Mongolian women claim, that they want to get married and have a family, they are much more emancipated and independen, so kids or marriage are never top priority;
  • They adore Mongolian culture. Even if a woman moves out of Mongolia and starts a family abroad, she will bring the most important pieces of her culture to her new home. She will speak Mongolian when possible (at least with her friends and relatives, if no other Mongolian speakers are available). She’ll cook Mongolian food and celebrate Mongolian holidays the right way;
  • They are rough. Mongolian women are definitely not the girly girls you can imagine. They are really tough and rough. They learned to survive the unpleasant conditions of their motherland, which is why they can survive any other environment. They hardly ever compromise to be treated neglectfully;
  • They are fun to be with. No matter how hard life is for Mongolian women, they manage to remain cheerful and know how to have fun. They love going to parties and dancing. They are not afraid of drinking alcohol and they have great endurance. They never stay at home and would rather go out any time at the weekend.

To sum up, the personality of Mongolian women was definitely formed due to the conditions and environment they grew up in. It might not be extremely easy to understand, especially for the people from western countries, but once you get to know Mongolian culture, you will not only accept everything about your Mongolian girlfriend, but actually fall in love with her even more.

How to date Mongolian women

There are a few things you should know, if you want your experience of dating a Mongolian woman to be successful:

  • Be respectful. This will help you stand out among the other men, who surround your potential girlfriend in her life. Many Mongolian women think that local guys are pretty misogynistic and disrespectful towards them. More mature women from Mongolia dating over 30 and 40 confess they were in abusive relationships. Which is why the more respect you offer your girlfriend, the better;
  • Be a gentleman. If you think you can get away with little effort dating Mongolian women, you are totally mistaken. Even though they are not spoiled with courtesy from the opposite gender, they are quite demanding towards their partners. Court your Mongolian girlfriend the way you would a person from your own country. Organize romantic dates, take her out to restaurants, give her little presents - such signs of attention will never be left unnoticed;
  • Learn more about Mongolian culture. Your partner will take every bit of her national traditions with her. Some of these customs might seem weird, others are just unusual for those who grew up in the west. Spend some time and do some research. Mongolian culture is not as famous as Chinese or Japanese, but it is definitely peculiar and fascinating to learn about. Your girlfriend will be pleasantly surprised to find out you are actually interested in her background;
  • Give her the freedom. As said before, Mongolian women are quite independent, no matter if they say otherwise. Respect your girlfriend’s personal space as well as her decisions. Be genuinely interested in her career, since it is one of the most important things in her life. Allow your woman to spend some time alone or with her own friends. Be respectful to her family. All of these small things, which leave freedom and personal space, will be much appreciated.

Dating Mongolian women online

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If you are fond of Mongolian women and are thinking about getting a girlfriend from this country, you might be wondering, where to meet such a girl. It is a pretty rare situation, when a woman from Mongolia appears on your way in real life, especially if you don’t live in this country yourself.

It is a pretty rare situation, when a woman from Mongolia appears on your way in real life.

Online dating is a great solution in this case. You will not only be able to meet Mongolian girls, but you will also have a chance to look precisely for a partner you want, since many dating platforms allow you to customize the search according to your preferences.

If you are looking for a good dating platform, we advise you to start your romantic journey at There are multiple advantages we can offer:

  • Thousands of people from all over the world, who are eager to meet a partner. These numerous users include single women from Mongolia. You shouldn’t be worried about the inability to find a partner, because people from your preferred country don’t register on a dating website - here at we have all kinds of nationalities gathering with one purpose of finding a life partner;
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