Dating Romanian women

A country which is full of beautiful old European architecture presented by many amazing castles, hills and mountains, mysterious forests and breathtaking foggy sights: these things can describe mysterious Romania the best. This old European country is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit: whether you want to learn more about charming and exciting Romanian history or just take amazing shots to post in your blog - this country is definitely worth visiting. A motherland of strong proud people, famous Count Dracula and picturesque nature is also a country of exceptionally beautiful Romanian women which can easily steal men’s hearts.

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    San Francisco, USA
  • Olena, 46
    Odesa, Ukraine
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    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Beijing, China
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    Bogotá, Colombia

Romanian beauties definitely have something wild in their appearance: their keen eyes look a bit incredulous and playful and their natural beauty is stunning. Dark-haired and dark-eyed Romanian women don’t even need makeup to highlight their beauty: their dark eyelashes and eyebrows make their faces extremely expressive and bright without any adding. A Romanian lady only needs a red lipstick to look her best: an attractive contrast of black, white and red turns her into a real heartbreaker which can attract not only local men but also guys all over the world. They usually have slim proportional bodies with killing curves and long wavy or straight hair, so these features complete their image of the fatal beauties. There are lots of Roma tribes in Romania, so a lady with a little touch of Roma origin can cast a spell on a man and make him deeply in love with her.

How to date a Romanian woman: dos and don’ts

a close-up portrait of a beautiful dark-haired woman with red lipstick

Even though it might be hard to conquer a wild and passionate Romanian woman, it’s definitely worth it: these lively and free women can bring a spirit of adventure into your life. Though Romania is a European country, they have lots of customs and traditions based on their culture and history which you should be aware of before approaching: some of the normal things in Western dating can be inappropriate and misunderstood there. Remember that respecting a woman’s culture you show respect to her origin and history of her country and it’s very important for Romanians.

These lively and free women can bring a spirit of adventure into your life.

Though dating Romanian women can be unusual and exotic for foreigners, you should still remember that there are common norms of behaviour which are important in any country on Earth. Being polite, sincere, respectful and appropriate is essential for everyone interested in Romanian dating. There are also some things you should know about in advance:

  • Romanian people are very sensitive about culture and nationalities, so share your culture and tell your lady about the country you’re from. Ask her questions about her culture to show her respect and interest to her origins;
  • Family is essential there, so be ready to meet lots of her relatives when being invited to her house. Be cheerful, polite and respectful: her family’s opinion about you is very important for your relationships, so try to make a good first impression. Answer their questions and show your serious attitude towards their daughter and never refuse to join a family dinner: it can be seen as a sign of disrespect there. Try some unusual and delicious local dishes and you won’t be disappointed;
  • Romanian people love their friends and respect them a lot: they spend a lot of time together and trust each other’s opinions. If you’re with a Romanian girl, then she asking you to hang out with her friends is a good sign. Be friendly and become a part of her company to become an essential part of her life. You should also invite her to meet with your friends to show that you’re ready to show her as your girlfriend to important people in your life: she’ll appreciate that;
  • Don’t invite a girl to a messy house: tidy your accommodation and make sure that everything is pretty clean and nice. The same goes with clothing: Romanian women dislike sloppy and unclean men and prefer dating neat and stylish men. You don’t have to look too expensive or to show off - just remember about order and hygiene and everything will be fine;
  • Don’t try to show off with your money or luxury items you have - a Romanian woman can’t be impressed by a man who tries to buy her love. Everyone wants to have a partner with a good job and savings, but it’s minor: Romanian ladies see men who boast as shallow and unreliable. She’s not an item you can buy - she’s a person, so don’t think that your money is that valuable in relationships. You can buy her flowers though - local ladies love receiving bouquets on dates because it’s a sign of romantic love there.

Meet hot Romanian women on

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Even though Romania is an amazingly picturesque country, there are lots of people who have no opportunity to go there any soon. It doesn’t mean that you can’t find a beautiful Romanian girl interested in dating without visiting Romania: in the age of technologies there are lots of opportunities to meet new people without even leaving your house and online dating is definitely one of them.

In the age of technologies there are lots of opportunities to meet new people without even leaving your house and online dating is definitely one of them.

One of the most popular online dating services is - the site which is popular not only in Romania but also all over the world. The service was founded more than 25 years ago and has lots of experience which will help you to meet a single Romanian beauty. The site unites people’s hearts and helps them to create stable and healthy relationships which they are seeking. Regardless of your age, nationality, religion or interests, you can find a suitable partner on

  • Sign in and create a profile. Complete it with information about yourself and tell the users about your preferences and interests. Your potential partner will notice you because of the information you give;
  • Use the smart searching algorithm to sort single people and see the most suitable potential partners around or all over the world. You can sort people not only by their location, age or appearance but also by their interests, views and hobbies and that will help you to find your real soulmate;
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