Dating Romanian singles

Romania is a mystical European country which has many myths and legends and also a lot of beautiful sceneries and landscapes which attract tourists all over the world annually. This place combines European architecture of old cities with beautiful nature, so as result we can see stunning old castles surrounded by rocks, that look like perfect places for Dracula to live (which they are because that mystical character was from Transilvania, which is located in Romania). Dating Romanian singles is often like dating Bosnian girls and guys but it’s pretty unique at the same time: we all have our roots and culture.

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Another thing Romania is famous for - beauty of the local people. They usually have wavy dark hair and amazing hazel eyes, which attract not only the locals but also tourists all over the world. The Romanians have a fair amount of Gipsy blood in their veins, and that ancestry makes local people not only extremely attractive but also temperamental. They are strong, kinda maverick and have self-esteem high enough to avoid men who don’t know how to behave or how to treat them right.

What Romanian women are like

a portrait of an attractive dark-haired woman

Beyond the gorgeous looks of Romanian people and their temper there are a lot of things which make them perfect partners, spouses and parents. Those women tend to be caring, loving and they always know how to take care of themselves and their children while Romanian men are breadwinners and always do their best to take care of their families. Romanian women like their men to be leaders responsible for their happiness, while she is providing comfort and doing household chores and looking after children. At the same time, that doesn’t mean the local women like being neglected or offended in any way. Those women are proud, protective and down-to-earth, they are full of life, they like communication with people and are always ready to make new friends and their men love to spoil them and protect their family.

We’re all people, and it’s okay if someone is more emotional and expressive and someone is less

Because of their temper Romanian people can sometimes become a tad tempestuous. Those ladies and men can become angry and cool down very easily, so don’t be anxious or frustrated when this happens. We’re all people, and it’s okay if someone is more emotional and expressive and someone is less. A lot of Romanian men prefer to admit that their lady is right even if she’s wrong, and this usually leads to a quick end of an argument. Moreover, after those situations, Romanian women often admit they were wrong, but at the same time they are pleased to understand their men value their point of view.

In Romania it’s traditional to cook daily and that’s why the Romanians usually go shopping for food and cook every day (and sometimes not even once). The ability of fresh products in their diet makes them look extremely healthy and slows their ageing a lot, so most of the Romanian people look gorgeous at any age.

All those things make Romanian men and women worth dating and making a family with. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you’ll have not only a reliable and caring partner but also a companion who can bring colours to your life. For mature singles who want to start dating over 30 and seek serious relationships, Romanian singles are the best. If you want to date a real person, who has character, charm and personality, then a Romanian partner will be perfect for you.

What you should do for dating a Romanian woman (and what not)

a woman wearing a mask while standing in a dark room

To understand the way a Romanian person sees an ideal dating and relationship, you need to understand how they think and what their likes and dislikes. In general, most of the Romanian dating rules are pretty common and work perfectly in other countries as well. But remember to bring a bit of romantic and passionate attitude in your dating process - and that will be the best way to win a Romanian's heart.


That’s a basic thing that should always be the most important part of any relationship. As it was said before, Romanian women strongly dislike having a lack of respect. It might be shown in different details and even small actions: if you’re always late and don’t even warn her if you make unpleasant sexist jokes or look at other women, if you don’t listen to her and neglect her needs - all those things can be seen as disrespect towards her. Romanian women are not extremely needy or requiring special attention - they want the same as all people do. Love her, listen to her, take her opinion into account and she won’t ever feel disrespected. And of course, a Romanian man requires respect as well. The fact that those men are usually seen as the heads of their families doesn’t mean he’s gonna be pushy or tactless with you - he’ll just behave like a real man to make you feel like a real woman.

Many things can be combined in a short phrase “respect her”.

Forget about finding a fast road to her bedroom

Even though many things can be combined in a short phrase “respect her”, there are some details worth discussing in a special order. Romanian women especially dislike men trying too hard to have sex too early - that gives women an unpleasant feeling that sex is the only thing the dating was started for. If she accuses you in tricking her to have sex as soon as possible, then you will probably have no sex at all and your relationship will be ended immediately.

Buy her flowers

It’s pretty traditional in Romania to bring flowers on a first date. There are almost no special details to remember while choosing a bouquet, but don’t forget to avoid buying an even number of flowers, because it might be seen as a jinx in Romanian and many Eastern European countries as well.

The attention is what really matters there.

Even though Romanian women are usually delighted to have gifts and presents on dates, it doesn’t mean that their men should buy them only expensive things, especially on first dates. The attention is what really matters there, and even more than that, they strongly dislike being associated with gold-diggers. Those women don’t need your wallet, but your affection, your attitude and your readiness to spoil them and show your love. So a good compliment can sometimes be much better than an expensive but boring gift.

Family bonds

Romanian people usually have very strong family bonds with their relatives, so keep in mind that your partner’s parents are very important in their life. You’ll probably hear a lot of stories and information about their parents and cousins, so be prepared and remember that they tell you all those things because you are important for them. You don’t need to try hard to remember all the relatives’ names - you’ll probably learn some of them naturally while hearing them from time to time. At least show that you’re interested enough and ask some questions about the story they’re telling you.

While being invited to a family dinner, behave politely and respectfully, and never refuse eating there. Having dinner together is traditional there, so a person saying no for all those home-prepared dishes might be seen disrespectful and unfriendly. So even if you’re not hungry, at least try a bit of everything to show some respect for your partner’s parents. Moreover, a lot of traditional Romanian dishes are very tasty!

Meet her friends

If a person wants you to be acquainted with their friends - that means you’re an important person in their life. So if your Romanian partner invites you to spend time with their friends - go there and try to be as friendly and polite as you can, even if some of those people are not extremely pleasant for you. After that, you may invite them to spend time with your friends as well - it will show that you want to integrate the person into your life and make them seen by your friends. If you invite Romanian guests at your place, be sure that your house is clean and tidy - those things are pretty important for the Romanians and can tell them a lot about you. The same situation is with your clothing: choose clean and good-looking clothing to make a good impression on a person and their friends.

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