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Somalia is a beautiful country: its stunning nature can impress you with its deserts, beaches, hills and mountains which create amazing sceneries looking good on photos and even better in real life. Though it’s a developing country with lots of harsh moments in its history, there are lots of people who acknowledge all the issues of their motherland but still love it. It’s a country of strict Muslim rules and culture, it has lots of polite and modest people who are pleasant to be around. Another reason to visit Somali is beautiful women living there. Local ladies with their smooth dark skin, thick hair, pleasant facial features, slim tall bodies and amazing eyes are real stunners, so it’s no surprise that lots of men would like to date them. Though it’s more complicated than dating a local girl, it’s still possible to start a relationship with a Somali beauty - you just have to learn a lot about local customs and traditions.

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What to do to win a beautiful Somali lady

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Somalia is a Muslim country with lots of strict rules connected with etiquette, behaviour, politeness and actions which can be considered appropriate or not. You should treat others respectfully to have chances with a pretty Somali girl: there are lots of things you should remember in advance to create a good first impression in local people’s eyes:

  • There are lots of things which are considered traditionally women’s responsibilities: for instance, they always cook for their families, they do lots of household jobs, they often eat separately from men and behave modestly. In Somalia, it’s considered extremely inappropriate for men to flirt with women openly: it’s even better to keep distance between two unmarried people of the opposite sex. Remember that Somali people aren’t Westernized or liberal by any means: they have their own culture and norms, and it’s a visitor’s duty to behave appropriately there. Don’t flirt with local ladies like you would do in Western countries and keep the distance;
  • Somali people have huge respect for elderly people: they behave extremely respectful and modestly with them. It’s inappropriate to openly disagree with them or to be impolite. Therefore, be very careful with what you say to a Somali girl’s parents to create a good impression about yourself. Don’t brag about anything, avoid criticizing their country, culture and religion, don’t ask them any questions which can be perceived as condescending: don’t ask them whether they have the Internet in Somalia or not, avoid anything which assumes that these people are uneducated or uncivilized. There are lots of well-educated and modern people in the country, so don’t offend their feelings;
  • Whether you offer something to Somali people or want to give them a gift you should offer it more than once and insist if needed: it’s traditional for local people to decline the offering at first because of their politeness and modesty. You should show them that your offering is not just your politeness as well: show them your sincerity and they’ll agree to take what you have for them. Don’t expect to hear lots of grateful words from them: it’s much more customary for Somali people to show their gratitude through their actions and attitude;
  • In general, Somali people tend to be very friendly and open: it’s customary to see new people in your life as friends rather than acquaintances in Somalia. Therefore, show your genuine interest in their personal lives and avoid being seen as ignorant and disinterested because it might seem offensive and rude. Communicate, be ready to share your interests and experience and behave openly to create a good impression;
  • Avoid talking about politics and don’t impose your opinions on the locals. It’s better to say nothing than to criticize: there are lots of stereotypes about Somalia and most of them can be seen as rude and offensive. Stay away from cliches about pirates and poverty, don’t discuss their political conflicts and avoid criticizing their Muslim beliefs to be seen as an open and friendly person there. Remember that the attitude of locals can help you to start dating a local beauty or kill your chances with her, so behave appropriately and openly.

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Somalia might be an unfriendly place to visit for many people, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of people who don’t plan to go there anytime soon. But it doesn’t mean that you have no chance to date a local beauty: there are lots of people who use the best Muslim online dating sites to meet their potential partners and create a long-distance relationship with them before they can meet in real life. There are thousands of Somali women who are single and open for relationships - so use your chance to find one.

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