Why younger women might choose older guys over younger men

Many people tend to think that real love has no limits: people who belong to different religions, age groups and cultures meet each other and fall in love. There are lots of mixed couples, couples formed by people who have extremely different values and interests, couples with different social status and financial well-being. Some people even claim that the bigger the difference is, the stronger attraction can be: while some people are only looking for soulmates and like-minded partners, the others are also interested in adventures and aspire to experience something new. There are lots of couples who seem unbelievable and surprising, but the main thing is just to be happy together: no matter who you are or how you look, loving someone is amazing and you don’t need to limit yourself.

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Even though our society has become pretty tolerant of many things, there are still women who feel stigma for their choice: a relationship with an older man is often seen as something fake and only profit-oriented. There are lots of stories about “sugar daddies” and their young lovely girlfriends: now it has already become a stereotype about younger\older couples and many people can’t even imagine that these feelings can be actually real. People judge younger women dating older men all the time because the cliche of a young girl dating an old rich man because of his money is often seen in movies and books: a stereotypical gold-digger is someone who is ready to date anyone who has some money to burn. People completely forget that there are still couples who are actually in love and they don’t even try to hide their negative attitude: younger ladies are labelled and laughed at on the Internet while their older partners are seen as “blind fools who can’t see what’s happening in their own relationships”.

It’s even more surprising for society to see a couple where an older lady is dating a younger partner. The very first thought people usually have in that situation is that an older lady is rich: it’s hard for many people to see the situation without their negative expectations and attitude. At the same time, people make jokes and feel sorry for younger men: it’s almost impossible for them to believe that someone who is twenty years younger can be attracted to an older lady. Of course, the age gap can be much smaller or much bigger: there are couples who seem absolutely unbelievable for society. The most important thing these people can’t understand is that appearance is not everything: many people are not that shallow to only value how their partners look. People of all ages seek love, understanding and care: they want to be on the same wave and feel safe while being close to their partners. If they find their soulmates in people who are much older or younger than they are, they often forget about the age gap: it’s extremely precious to meet a like-minded partner and that’s what is really important for relationships.

Many couples with age gaps tend to hide their relationships to avoid rumours and gossip around: it’s hard to explain to some people that love can be based not only on sexual attraction and it’s not a deviation to love someone older and more experienced than you are.

Even though both partners are adults and know what they want, some people are still judgmental towards younger\older couples. Just like in many other aspects, people feel like they have moral rights to judge and condemn other adult and independent people for their choice. That’s why many couples with age gaps tend to hide their relationships to avoid rumours and gossip around: it’s hard to explain to some people that love can be based not only on sexual attraction and it’s not a deviation to love someone older and more experienced than you are. Tastes differ, and you can never explain to someone your preferences when they think absolutely different from you, but at least they can learn to respect other people’s choices.

You should remember that money is not a universal answer for everything: older men actually have lots of qualities which can make them extremely appealing for younger ladies. Thinking that older guys have nothing attractive and interesting in them is extremely shallow: a person with great life experience and a great list of interests can be much more charming and charismatic than a young guy who doesn’t know who he is and what he wants. There is something alluring in every age, so if you want to understand a younger lady who is in love with an older man, then read what makes them interested.

Why younger women are looking for older men

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For lots of people, it’s pretty easy to get why many older men prefer dating younger women. Society tend to think that guys over 40 or 50 are only interested in having passionate sex with young and attractive girls: the stereotype is widely seen in many books and movies. People often forget that sex is not enough: lots of older guys also seek understanding and acceptance of who they are and also what they can give. Men who start dating over 40 prefer younger women because they tend to be more energetic, emotionally sincere, naive and expressive, they are full of life and know how to enjoy life to its fullest. Lots of older people who feel like they are too tired of their routine and pace of life seek something new and a younger partner who knows how to enjoy life is the best opportunity to do so.

What else you should remember about an older man and younger woman relationship

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Even though older\younger relationships are often just like any other relationships, there are still things you need to be aware of. All people are different and require different approaches: what is nice in one relationship may not work in another one. Every age is different, so people dating over 30 and people over 50 tend to be interested in different things and see the world differently too. While some of these things can be seen as problematic, many of them are actually pretty nice and show that this kind of dating can be comfortable and enjoyable. Every woman dating an older guy doesn’t expect her man to feel and behave like a younger one: they love their older boyfriends for who they are. Every relationship is unique, and we shouldn’t believe all the stereotypes, but sometimes they are pretty close to reality:

  • An older man is usually less active than his younger girlfriend. It might be seen in different spheres of their lives: you shouldn’t expect an older guy to be able to do everything that a 20-year-old guy does. Instead, remember about all the things that younger men can’t do;
  • These men might have conservative opinions about different things. The fact they were raised much earlier than their young girlfriends makes it easy to understand that they might have lots of things they disagree about. Even though many older men are well-aware of what’s happening in the world and are ready to learn new things, they often are less open for everything new they see.
  • They have a different pace of life. That’s true: they tend to be more humble and relaxed most of their time and their interests differ, so a younger girl should be ready to slow down her pace of life a bit. It doesn’t mean that older men are boring or too slow: they just prefer not to waste their energy on things they don’t see as important and worthy;
  • Older people have different values and interests in their life. They are interested in different topics, they read different books and prefer different movies than younger ones: their huge life experience makes them able to enjoy pretty complicated and thoughtful things. If an older guy dislikes your favourite movie or song - it’s fine: we’re all different and love different things;
  • Yes, they usually die earlier than their younger partners. That’s something every person dating someone who is ten or more years older should be ready for: even though healthy lifestyle and good habits can help people to live pretty long, nature is nature: the chances of your beloved one dying much earlier than you are are pretty high, and not much people are ready for such thing;
  • They are not only interested in sex with younger women. The most important thing every person should remember is that an older guy dating a young lady seeks love, care and mutual understanding not less (or even more) than a young guy. Every person wants to have a like-minded person who can make their life better, so don’t judge a younger\older couple: if everything works right, then they are happy together!
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