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Germany is an amazing country by any means: it’s beautiful, it has high standards of living, it’s full of exciting places of interest and German nature is excellent. There are lots of things to see there: whether you’re a person who’s excited to communicate with locals and go shopping or a person who loves exploring museums and art galleries, there are lots of things you can do in Germany. Also, the number of extremely handsome German boys is incredible: most German men are tall, attractive, stylish and intelligent, which makes them even sexier. Find out more about German boys to find a perfect guy for dating and relationships.

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What to remember to date a cute German boy

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Germans have lots of stereotypes about them: some people call them pedantic and claim they have no sense of humour, some people think they are all very friendly but show no interest in foreign women. It’s not true: Germany is a Western country which has most international dating rules in their culture: you just need to communicate with a German guy long enough to see how pleasant, sensitive and affectionate they can be. There are a few things you should know about these guys in advance to increase your chances with them:

  • They are not good at flirting. Even if you look incredibly hot, a German guy won’t openly flirt with you or show you his attention by any means: it’s considered impolite and inappropriate there. German people prefer to start their friendships and romantic relationships slowly: it requires time to know a person better, so they usually don’t act too straightforward and ready to initiate with ladies they like. If it's the first time he sees you and he’s not sure that he’ll see you again, then it will be harder for him to approach. At the same time, if you’re lucky enough to have a group of friends there, then it might be much easier for you to meet a great German guy who’s open for relationships;
  • They are pretty straightforward. Germans are well-known for being direct and honest: they don’t sugarcoat the truth but they are also polite, so they never want to offend you or to be rude with you. Some people might think that Germans have no sense of humour, but they actually have it: these people joke with people they are really close with, so be patient and continue your communication and eventually, you’ll understand that the attractive German guy you like actually understands jokes and humour;

Germans do everything on time and they always feel at a perfect pace: they love their relationships and move slowly because they always want to be sure that they date the right person.

  • German guys are intelligent but shy. They are a great mixture of being smart and modest: there are lots of amazing professionals with lots of skills and interests in Germany, but they don’t think that showing off and bragging about their intelligence or accomplishments is a great idea. Quiet handsome German guys can steal lots of ladies’ hearts: though some people think that their charisma doesn’t strike quickly, give a guy some time to show his inner world and affection - and you won’t resist his charm;
  • These men keep their words. If a German guy says that he’ll call you, then he’ll definitely do it: these men never give any empty promises and always stick to their words. Even when a guy doesn’t think that it’s worth trying to date you, he’ll call you to say that everything is over - but he’ll never ghost you;
  • German guys prefer their relationships to move slowly. Germans do everything on time and they always feel at a perfect pace: they love their relationships and move slowly because they always want to be sure that they date the right person. They try to know more about you, they slowly become closer to their partners and form enjoyable strong relationships which can potentially end to the marriage.

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