Dating in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is often associated with sun and beautiful beaches and there is a reason to think about it that way. The country is part of the Balkan Peninsula, so there is not only wonderful access to the sea but also the proximity of the warm waters of the Black Sea and the climate made this land one of the most visited regions by tourists. Bulgaria is considered to be an amazing land with many beautiful natural formations and ancient architecture that has passed through the centuries and looks attractive for many people all over the world who come there annually to relax and enjoy the wonderful seascapes.

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There are not only tourists and historians who have been attracted to Bulgaria for many years. Many singles seeking for love choose that place for a romantic getaway or an opportunity to meet someone new to make romantic relationships with. Many couples also tend to attend the resorts and beaches of this country in search of beautiful places to relax and spend some time together. It’s a great opportunity for people to spend time together whether they’re dating over 30 or any other age.

What the Bulgarians are like

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To visit a country it’s always better to know a bit about its people in advance. What kind of people inhabit this caress of the sun land? Most Bulgarians are characterized by calm and poise. The inhabitants seem to be a reflection of their land, they lead their measured life just like leisurely waves washing the Balkan Peninsula. The spirit of peace and lack of fuss reigns everywhere. That’s why the lush land of Bulgaria is a perfect place for a resort.

To charm the Bulgarian you have to learn how to cook - that skill is not only useful in everyday life but also can present the culture of your own country.

The Bulgarians are very hardworking people who also know the value of a good vacation. It is unlikely that the local will be in a hurry and skip morning coffee or lunch break. It’s no need to rush anywhere - the work will be done anyway.

Like many other people from other Balkan countries, the Bulgarians have a special attitude to the cuisine. Delicious, tasty dishes made of different kinds of meat, a variety of salads and exotic local cheeses are preferred there. Baking is also on top - the Bulgarians love and know well how to bake. If those people have decided to have a feast, then the table is always full of food. Also in Bulgaria people love and respect good quality alcohol drinks. A mandatory attribute for many people is the cellar with a nice supply of wine and the traditional strong drink of this country - Rakia, a local kind of brandy.

To charm the Bulgarian you have to learn how to cook - that skill is not only useful in everyday life but also can present the culture of your own country. To spend an evening while cooking together with an attractive person - what could be more romantic?

Romantic places of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a country of amazing natural beauty. This land has many wonderful places where anyone tired of the bustle of the city can find peace. Bulgaria is famous not only for its beautiful nature but also for its many picturesque ruins - the heritage of old civilizations. Make a little tour and enjoy this ancient beauty to have an opportunity to meet a Bulgarian person you may like to date with.

  • The Valley of Roses is considered one of the most beautiful places to spend time with your beloved one. This amazing view is located near the city of Kazanlak. Most of the rose oil in the world is made there and also a lot of perfumes based on rose oil are produced there too. You can not only enjoy the picturesque views of that place but also give your companion an interesting souvenir from a local shop that will remind you of this magical trip with its aroma for a long time;
  • Lavender fields are an ideal choice to visit if you want to enjoy unusual beauty and take a walk in a quiet lush area. The attractiveness of this place also gives people in love an opportunity to make a wonderful photoset together;
  • One of the oldest European cities Nessebar is not only valuable for the archaeologists to study, but it also attracts many visitors every year. The cosy and romantic streets of the old city bring a perfect romantic atmosphere and create a great place to enjoy a vacation with your partner or to meet someone new. You can also spend time there and enjoy your meal in one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea;
  • In the town of Balchik, you can see the largest botanical garden in the Balkans. Many exotic plants, a soothing coolness in the shade and a wealth of architectural forms will be an excellent setting for a pleasant walk. There is the old palace of the former Queen of Romania nearby. If you get tired of walking through the labyrinths of green spaces, you can always relax among ancient stone buildings and enjoy local wines;
  • The town of Kiten is one of the favourite resorts for tourists and couples who just want to have a good time at the sea. Warm water, sun and golden beaches - there are a lot of things that this place can offer. You can also find many interesting places there to visit alone or with your partner, from cosy taverns to nightclubs and discos;
  • Sozopol is not only a comfortable resort but also a beautiful monument of ancient architecture. You can see many beautiful wooden houses and cobbled streets there, which are just nice to walk around. And another romantic thing to see there - the place is notable for a huge field of floating lilies near the old city.

The Bulgarians tend to have a good attitude to foreigners and do not mind making acquaintances, but you should not expect much.

Dating the Bulgarians

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The first dates in Bulgaria are not usually set up at the nearest cafe. It’s much better to choose a pleasant cosy restaurant where you can be alone at the table and spend time together. The local girls love attention as much as all girls do, but no one wants to feel that the date is only made for a small affair.

It’s also traditional to present flowers. It is better to dress well and be in good shape, because Bulgarians tend to pay serious attention to the appearance and visual aesthetics of their partners. The Bulgarians tend to have a good attitude to foreigners and do not mind making acquaintances, but you should not expect much. With all the relaxation and complacency those people have, local girls and guys are very purposeful and are unlikely to lose their dreams for someone else.

People in Bulgaria are quite friendly and cheerful and it’s pretty easy to get acquainted with them. So it should not be hard for you to enjoy an evening and have a good time, even if there is no continuation after the first date.

Also, most bulgarians are orthodox christians. Even though religion doesn’t influence the daily life as much as it does in other countries and you won’t have to face it regularly, like in case of dating bosnian girls, there are still signs of it. Bulgarians often celebrate religious holidays, such as Christmas or Easter and use these as an opportunity to gather with the family.

Dating online with

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