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If you are in college, you probably already know that dating is all around. From freshmen to graduates, everybody enjoys dating in college as a part of fun and free from prejudice. Adult life is about to start and making the most out of the last carefree years feels so important. That doesn’t mean college students don’t make mistakes in dating at all. Moreover it is so common to break up and start over that nobody really expects relationships to last. But still there are students who want to meet somebody trustworthy, understanding and truly loving to build the whole future life together.

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If you want to start dating, then the main question is: how to start dating in college and make it a long-lasting commitment? And where to even find a partner who is eager to do the same for you? No one of your group mates or even older students or those who study different programmes can fit into your description of a perfect partner. And that is totally fine, because as much as students enjoy dating, nobody says you should date another student from your college.

Then a place to look for a partner becomes an issue. And this is where we enter and suggest having a look at which is well known for being one of the best dating sites online. Let us show you its advantages.

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There are multiple reasons why using this platform is perfect for college students. Here we only present you several of them:

  1. It is convenient for busy people who are studying in college for sure. You won’t get distracted from your daily responsibilities too much but at the same time won’t allow your partner to suffer from lack of attention. This happens because to keep in contact you only need to send simple messages. And it is possible to do it from wherever you are at. also has a version available for mobile phones, so even in case you don’t have a computer with you there is no need to worry about inability to send a text. And in case you are doing long distance relationship but still want to see your significant other every now and then, there is a video chat installed into the platform which you can use anytime;
  2. It allows you to look for people with similar interests. If you are someone strongly devoted to scientific society, you might want your partner to treat your interests with equal fascination. But even if you just want to get a profession, you definitely have hobbies outside studies and meeting a partner who is accepting and understanding of those is extremely important. With you can focus your search for a perfect partner around hobbies and interests you have. The searching system allows you to pick your favourite activities as a trait to search by. And if degree of education is one of the things you judge your possible partners by, than you obviously can choose those who only have higher education;
  3. Personal safety is guaranteed. If you are worried that at dating websites your personal information can easily leak and get into the wrong hands, forget about such troubles using The data is kept securely and nothing which would lead to an actual person is required. There is only an email used to register, and it is not shown to users of the website. As for phone numbers, social networks accounts or personal addresses, it is not even asked to share this information. Moreover, it is strongly advised to think twice before giving any of such details to a new date before getting to know them well enough;
  4. The website is worldwide. Many young individuals leave their hometown in pursuit of a perfect college or university. They don’t even necessarily stay in their country: many migrate to neighbouring states or even to other continents to get education. So if you joined a college and want to date outside your place of origin you might have hard times finding a partner. But with you can be sure there always will be an option for you wherever you go;
  5. And as a continuation of a previous reason, the website is not solely used for dating purposes. If you are struggling with finding a friend in a local area, search at the dating site as well. Many people come here because they feel lonely and need somebody to do fun stuff with and easily resolves this problem.

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College and dating: important things to remember about

If you already joined our online dating website you might want to know how to make the relationships work. So we prepared some advice for those who are just starting to date in college.

Long distance is a torture

People change even when we are right next to them.

We often come across situations when we start dating back in high school, then proceed to a different college than a partner has chosen and end up dating in a long distance format. Think twice before agreeing to do this. You should be extremely sure that this is the person you want to dedicate your life to as well as he or she is the one worthy of your trust.

People change even when we are right next to them. And when a young person gets separated from their significant other as well as from their home they can change drastically in a blink of an eye. So chances are that when you finally reunite you won’t recognize your partner at all. Better pause the relationship for a while or think about a compromise.

Enjoy your time

College is for you to enjoy your opportunities, take up chances that appear and get experiences which will last for the rest of your life. Dating in college doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice these all in order to keep the relationship going. Once you see your partner starts prohibiting you things, you should definitely have a conversation about it. And if it doesn’t help - well, maybe it is not the right person for you.

By the way, speaking about opportunities we mean getting a scholarship, devoting to a fascinating project or going abroad as an exchange student for a while. These are the things which contribute to your development as a person and no one should ask you to reject them for their sake. But if by opportunity you mean hooking up, cheating or partying a lot, maybe it is the right time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Don’t expect to meet the one

You can never influence feelings and make a schedule of the whole life ahead.

Of course, we all dream of our charming princes and beautiful princesses who we are supposed to live happily ever after with. Many of such couples are actually created in college, so there is often pressure to find somebody who later will become your spouse. And even if many people claim they met their significant other in college, remember, you are not obliged to do the same.

You can never influence feelings and make a schedule of the whole life ahead. You never know where you meet a perfect person either. It may be your college mate but it may turn out to be a person you meet on vacation in Vietnam in your late 30s, so who knows.

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Don’t be afraid to fail

It is also understandable that you will be under pressure to be a perfect partner for your significant other. If it comes with sacrificing your own desires, don’t stick to such behaviour. First of all, you are your only treasure and a person who you will have to live together through your whole life is you again. So you just need to learn to treat your personal desires and space with respect.

Second of all, talk to your partner about what he or she actually wants. Society often tells us we have to follow certain patterns to become ideal, but that doesn’t imply these patterns are what everyone desires. While discussing this matter with a significant other you might eventually find out they actually have absolutely different concepts about a person they are willing to see by their side.

Don’t pay all of your attention to relationships

You have to have your own personal life too. You have to see friends, go out with them, remember about the family and keep doing the activities you especially enjoy. That is also a key to healthy relationships: once you get enough personal space, you can develop and keep being interesting to your partner. Otherwise, sooner or later you will get bored of each other.

Being too focused on love may lead to bad grades and missed opportunities.

And don’t forget about college as well. Remember, that the main reason you are there is to get education. If you get distracted too much, this is not going to happen. Being too focused on love may lead to bad grades and missed opportunities.

This also includes the issue about texting. As technology developed and allowed us to constantly stay in contact, many people saw it as an opportunity to never leave their partner wherever they go. Texting 24/7 is not a great thing to do. It is quite distracting and often feels controlling. It is better to send a short but genuine message once in a while.

Do it for your own sake

Remember: it is better to stay alone than to be with somebody you don’t like.

Make sure you start dating not because everyone else has been doing it for a while, but because you are sincerely interested in sharing your life with another person. Your relationships won’t work out perfectly until you are invested in them. And if you are not interested, you will never put enough effort.

Remember: it is better to stay alone than to be with somebody you don’t like. And it is better to remain alone if you are doing it just because you will eventually get approval from society. Nobody else but you knows what is best for you.

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