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Getting an education is an important period in many people’s lives. It might be difficult and very intense, but it doesn’t mean that people studying hard to get their degree don’t want to have romantic relationships and dates. It might be hard for some busy people to find some free time for going out in restaurants and cafes with their dates, but they require as much love and romance like the others.

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There is a stereotype that men don’t like very smart women who have a great degree because they just can’t value clever ladies enough. A lot of people pay much more attention to other people’s characteristics such as kindness, cheerful personality and attractiveness, but it’s always much more interesting to communicate and to be in long-time stable relationships with someone you can share your interests and hobbies with. Imagine being with someone who you can’t discuss most of your interests and values - it might be pretty hard sometimes. Many women who have higher education love dating equally smart men or even men with a higher level of education. Those people tend to have very stable and healthy relationships because they can communicate on a high level and discuss all topics and issues in advance. A stereotype about smart guys who are also bad in social aspects of their lives is very outdated and it usually doesn’t have anything common with reality.

Being smart is sexy, so people with PhD also try to communicate and socialize, but a lot of them prefer looking for partners in their social group. Imagine being with someone as involved in science and interested in it as you are and you’ll definitely understand why PhD dating has a lot of advantages.

What you should remember while dating a PhD student

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It’s hard to imagine any relationships as bright and careless as we can see in romantic movies. Every mature person understands that rom-com cliches don’t work in real life so it’s better not to have any illusions about it and take heart-shaped glasses as soon as possible. People are complex and complicated, and that’s why it’s so exciting to start dating with someone new.

Just like in any other relationships, couples might struggle with some difficulties and have their ups and downs.

Even though there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages some people might find in dating PhD students, the truth is not so black-and-white. Just like in any other relationships, couples might struggle with some difficulties and have their ups and downs. There are always some things a person who has never been dating someone getting their PhD can’t know about. There are some things people interested in getting a highly educated partner should know about in advance:

  • Some partners prefer to live together not only because it’s easier to survive together while being on a budget for a few years, but also because otherwise, they won’t probably have many opportunities to see each other at all. Be ready just to have dinner together and don’t spend enough time enjoying each other, so learn to do some things on your own. Find a hobby and learn to enjoy your own company while your companion is very busy;
  • Your partner might be obsessed with some tiny little things connected with their subject during the day. Even if you don’t understand much in the field, you need to play along to show them that you care and everything which is important for them is important for you as well;
  • PhD students tend to be very responsible and sometimes it might look like workaholism. Even if you have a holiday or spend a nice evening off together your partner might think about their project, work or studies. If they think they need to prepare more then they will think they need to read\write\work more and more. Your role there is to tell them that sometimes they need to relax too and the world won’t collapse. It doesn’t always mean that your relationship is less important than their education - they just need a few years to finish that stage of their life;
  • Many of those people are perfectionists who are too harsh to themselves sometimes. A little mistake might make them think they are idiots who can’t do anything right. Remind them that making mistakes is normal and you’re always on their side. Also, it’s pretty usual to see that people dating PhD students are as worried about their studying and defence as they are;
  • If the theme your partner is studying becomes popular in the media, then you’ll probably see your partner absolutely irritated and overcoming emotional consequences. “That’s false” and “This is not what it all is about” - you’ll hear these words a lot;
  • Unfortunately, sometimes it might feel like you need to have the student way of life for eternity. Being on a budget while dreaming about fundings is a pretty common thing, so it might be hard to be minimalistic for a long time;
  • You can always learn something new from your PhD partner, even though most of this knowledge is pretty useless. At the same time, those people usually tend to work with papers a lot, so you’ll never have any problems with covering letters and essays;
  • Remember Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory?” Well, it might be a little bit exaggerated, but be ready not to understand your partner’s sense of humour sometimes. Being involved in a very specific theme means to have a lot of inner jokes which are understandable only for people who also study the subject. Also, remember the others from the same sitcom and deal with the fact that the style of flirting of your partner might sometimes be a little weird too. But you love them for being the way they are, right? So be ready to guess if a confusing phrase was flirty or not;
  • Even though sometimes it might feel like it’s impossible to wait for things to change, remember that it’s a sprint, not a marathon. Grad students require a lot of time to work and learn, so there’s nothing surprising they are too tired or too busy to hang out. Even if it looks like their programme will never end, it’s not like that: your partner is closer to the finish line every day. Be understanding and cheer them up while they’re achieving their goal;
  • Your partner might change after their education. We all change constantly, so that’s pretty obvious that the education every person does for many hours every week during a few years influences them. Some of their opinions, views and interests might change, but you will change during this period as well. There’s nothing bad in it: we all grow up and become a little bit different, so learn to love your partner the way they are now;
  • They often just need someone to listen to them. That means that you don’t have to try to solve their problems for them: just listen what they want to say and make them understand that you care about what they feel and what they think about different things in their life;
  • They might have very sad, frustrated, lonely and tiring times in their life. It’s hard for anyone not going through PhD to understand them completely, so learn to hear them when they say they want to relax alone this time or they have no mood for visiting friends, etc. Even though sometimes it’s essential to take a break and have fun, sometimes they really can’t find time for these things and people only trying to make them change their mind may irritate them. Be patient and understanding and do your best to make their life a little bit easier.

Date PhD students online on

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Busy PhD students often have no free time for dating, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need love and romantic moments in their lives or that they should only enjoy dating over 30 when their education is finished. That’s why they use online dating: it doesn’t take much time, it’s mobile, convenient and effective.

Busy PhD students often have no free time for dating, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need love and romantic moments in their lives. provides its users with an opportunity to find a perfect partner based on not only appearance and age but also interests, hobbies and life goals. That’s why it’s easier for PhD students to find an attractive single soulmate there. You can always find people who are as intelligent, smart and interested in science as you are. When you and your potential partner match mentally and intellectually then you have great chances to have a stable and long-lasting relationship.

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