Dating single Portuguese men

Portuguese men are often considered the sexiest boyfriends ever - and that’s not just a crazy exaggeration. They combine a lot of attractive traits of character and can be great partners - both for short romantic adventures and long-lasting serious relationships which can potentially lead to marriage.

So if you’re interested in dating not only an attractive man but also a person who is caring, humorous, natural and smart - then dating a Portuguese man is your choice! These men can be great boyfriends, husbands and fathers, so consider dating one if you’re into it!

  • Patti, 28
    Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Olga, 39
    San Francisco, USA
  • Silvina, 46
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Andrew, 53
    Marbella, Spain
  • Yan, 33
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • kiara, 47
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Olena, 46
    Odesa, Ukraine
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Tati, 36
    Miami, USA
  • Mido, 40
    أبو ظبي, United Arab Emirates
  • nanhai, 48
    Hangzhou, China
  • bella, 25
    أوكلاند, New Zealand

What is great about dating a Portuguese man

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Whether you’ve met an attractive Portuguese man while travelling abroad or he’s an expatriate who moved to your own country, he’s a child of his country with its customs, traditions and views which can differ the dating process and general view on relationships as well. You might think that all people are more or less the same, especially while speaking about people from neighbouring countries. It’s not true: the difference is often hidden in small details and dating a Portuguese man is often pretty different from dating a Brazil man.

Remember that sometimes stereotypes are just stereotypes.

There are a lot of features and qualities most Portuguese people have which can make you fall in love with them. Remember that sometimes stereotypes are just stereotypes, but sometimes generalizations and cliches can actually help you to create an image of a person you deal with. People are all different and sometimes it’s completely impossible to put their character in a stereotype, but also it’s always better to know about some of the cultural features and customs in advance.

They are smart

Every person who has already spoken with a Portuguese guy can admit they have an amazing level of general knowledge. They might not know everything like a pro, but they know a little bit about everything and master in a few fields. It’s hard to surprise a Portuguese man with some random facts or confuse with a question about something - they probably know the answer anyway. Their general knowledge helps them in different fields from cooking to fixing a car. They know just enough to start and to ask their friends or relatives some good questions about the things they don’t know - and be sure that their friends know the missing puzzle of information they need. Finally, nowadays you can always google everything you want, so these people who are curious from nature and love learning new things use it masterfully.

They are real chefs in the kitchen

Many of Portuguese men can cook - the country has an impressive diversity of wonderful products from meat and vegetables to seafood and legumes. If you have a bottle of the nice vine, why not to cook something special which will suit it perfectly? Therefore, seduction starts from the kitchen: nothing is sexier than a man who can cook and does it passionately. You won’t probably know it if that’s the only recipe he knows because of how naturally and confidently he cooks while joking and keeping a nice conversation with you. Besides, even if a man needs to google some details or even call his mom to cook a great dish for you his efforts are worth praising!

If some of the things he “forgets” to do might piss you off, it often means that it’s not super important for him to do it right now.

He knows the priorities

Even though sometimes it looks like a Portuguese man is a procrastinator who leaves everything last minute, it’s not completely true. They don’t break their promises or forget about the things they need to do but they prefer to concentrate on a thing that’s important right now. They often can change their plans immediately when they need to do something right now: if their friend or relative asks them for help then he can stop anything he’s doing at the moment and go there. Therefore, even if some of the things he “forgets” to do might piss you off, it often means that it’s not super important for him to do it right now.

He says he’s not romantic

Even though many Portuguese people tend to be realistic and down-to-earth and describe themselves as “not romantic at all”, it's usually not like that. Portuguese people are often shy and prefer to avoid cheesy pick-up lines and dating cliches: they won’t probably give you lots of flowers and watch rom coms with you, but they can demonstrate their love and affection in other ways. Portuguese men would demonstrate their real emotions and feelings by the things they sacrifice to spend more time with you, by their efforts to help you in difficult situations and how they try to make you laugh. Though they have passion and sometimes dating a Portuguese guy might feel like dating an Italian man, it’s quite different. Real love is not all about flowers and hearts, is it?

He’s not into small talks

If you’re used to starting a dialogue by speaking about the weather, then you need to remember it’s not a thing there. Those men prefer not to speak about meaningless or unimportant things just to look polite: they would discuss interesting news, their hobbies, their secrets, they deeply covered emotions and basically everything instead. Even though they might look reserved and too shy to discuss their feelings and emotions you need to remember they are warm and talkative with their close people. When you become the one, they will open their inner world for you.

He loves his family and respects his parents

It’s essential for Portuguese people to love their relatives and to spend a lot of time together. They respect their opinion and advice, so you need to show his mother that you’re a good potential housewife (even if you have a great career and diploma). No one is going to force you into being at home and cooking or cleaning the house all the time, but it’s considered customary for a woman to be able to do all these things. His mother will be very careful with you and judge everything you do and say to decide whether she likes you or not. If she approves you, then you can be sure she’ll be the kindest person for you who treats you like her own daughter and constantly reminds your partner about how great you are. It might result in constant pushing you both to marriage, but parents from most countries usually do the same.

Find your perfect Portuguese partner online!

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