French dating culture: love in the nature

France attracts lots of people because of its reputation: being the “City of Love”, Paris has a very special romantic atmosphere that makes it so appealing to tourists. Many people all over the world would like to have an authentic “French date” just like in movies, so they would love to date French people as well. The French have a very special attitude towards dating: some of their concepts may differ from what people living in other countries are used to. Let’s find out more!

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France is well-known as a country of love. If you consider yourself a romantic individual, there is no way you never dreamed of Parisian Mademoiselles or monsieurs. It seems like the art of flirting is passed genetically and there is no French person unable to capture the hearts of the opposite sex. Dating in France is yet another way to get pleasure and the whole process of artwork creation, the same as anything French people do.

But what is hidden behind the surface of frivolous identity? Is it really a miracle to date French girls and guys? And what do you do if you actually fell in love with a person growing in the best of the French traditions? For somebody who is American or simply comes from other European countries it might not be so easy to get used to the dating culture that France has.

No worries! We are sure it is possible to get used to the traditions if you learn more about them. So here is what you should know about dating French men and women.

Dating a French woman

a young couple spending time together at home

No matter how charming and tempting ladies in France are, they are also true modern women who have their own images of perfect relationships. There are certain things you definitely need to remember while dating French ladies:

  1. There is nothing more important for them than independence. And you are supposed to accept it if you really want to keep the affair together. There is no possible way French women will sacrifice their interests in order to live happily ever after;
  2. If you want your girlfriend to be beautiful but unintelligent - search somewhere else. French women are clever and well-educated which makes them a good companion and an understanding partner, but definitely more than a housewife;
  3. Don’t even think about cheating. Dating a femme française, be sure to show her how important she is to you - and there is no other woman more attractive than her. If she finds out you set your eyes on somebody else, there will not be much time left before your affair will be over;
  4. Same goes for lying. The most important thing when you meet a French woman is being honest. Though ladies from France often seem to play games, it never means they are unfair with you and they expect the same treatment in return.

Dating a French man

French men and dating are two things that go very well together. If there is somebody who knows how to please a woman, it is definitely a guy who lives in France. Dating him will be an experience totally different from going out with a guy from any other country. Some peculiarities that might be important to remember about in this case are:

  1. He will be in control. Dating French men you never have to worry about what to do on a date and how to organize it properly. They will take everything into their own hands. That said, you will never be left at the end of a date without arranging the following meeting or trying to think how to make your schedules collide - a French man will already be prepared for any organization issues and have them solved;
  2. French men can be old fashioned but that is what makes them so attractive. Have you ever seen an American guy who would invite you on a date to the opera or art gallery? Probably, no. But that is what French guys are used to doing. Don’t be surprised if he brings you a rose on a first date either;
  3. Men from France pay a lot of attention to details. Everything you want your boyfriend to notice will be pointed out: a new dress, a beautiful hairstyle even the most subtle makeup will be appreciated and praised;
  4. But at the same time, the main thing French men expect from ladies when it comes to appearance is a natural beauty. Even though you will hear many pleasant things about the way you dress and do your makeup, it never means your boyfriend only wants to see you like this.

a couple having dinner together in a cafe

For French women, love and relationships are a game where the process is often much more important than the result. A lot of cultural patterns in France are built around romance, but there are a lot of stereotypes and cliches that have nothing to do with reality. For example, the French have the ultimate freedom for meetings and dates, even if they are in a relationship at the moment. But such freedom is always discussed before a relationship is even started. They are very precise in the matter of any rules.

The French create a whole new language of flirting as communication. It has its own dictionary, where some words can have several meanings at once. Certain phrases or hints can only be pronounced or given in specific situations. The French spend a lot of time comprehending all the subtleties of flirting, so if you meet a French woman on, don’t try to show off. This is just pointless. It is better to just follow the given direction, reacting to some hints and innuendoes. Therefore, if you are answered with smiles, emojis, ambiguous phrases, you need to improve the skill of reading between the lines.

When it comes to a first date, your task becomes even harder. You should put attention not to what you’re saying, but to how you’re doing it. Body language is extremely important. French women are experts in reading all your movements, they can see the mood and intentions of their date very clearly. Try to be honest and open, they are not really used to straightforwardness, but will totally appreciate it.

General rules

There are also some things that everybody in France shares in their approach to dating.

Flirting doesn’t equal interested

When you meet French men, you will be drowning in compliments. When you come across a French woman, you will get her whole attention. Naturally, people start to think that it is a sign of being into a person you communicate with.

If the person next to you is a pleasant interlocutor and just a nice guy or girl, why not share your thoughts about it?

While in other cultures the answer will most probably be “Yes”, in France such behavior is only considered polite. If the person next to you is a pleasant interlocutor and just a nice guy or girl, why not share your thoughts about it? That is the approach French people take which might be a little confusing to those not familiar with such traditions.

Friendship doesn’t know gender

a couple laughing and having fun together outside

When people inside this country are totally used to their partners seeing their friends regularly regardless of gender, dating foreigners, French men and women often face jealousy. It can become a problem, as friendship is as valued as relationships are. And leaving a friend just because a partner asked you so simply feels inappropriate. foreigners French men and women often face jealousy. It can become a problem, as friendship is as valued as relationships are.

The simple answer is to work on trusting your French partner more. They truly believe in making their partner exclusive in terms of love, but still, need freedom and communication with people who used to be important before some of them found the love of their life.

Things are developing fast

Falling in love, French guys and girls don’t like to take things slow. If feelings turn out to be mutual, they don’t want to postpone coming out as a couple with their significant other. Don’t feel overwhelmed as it is just a traditional way to show they are into you.

Falling in love, French guys and girls don’t like to take the things slow.

But if you are not sure yet if the person you got acquainted with is really the one to be a couple with, beware of going out together and calling it a date and don't dare to kiss. If any of this happens, your partner might think that reciprocity is achieved and you are officially a couple, while you will need some more time to consider such an opportunity.

Your basic task is simple - you have to offer. Offer a date, offer an opportunity to talk and spend time together, offer your warmth and love. She is the one with the choice, and she will make it, either in your favor or not. These are the rules of the game. And your acceptance of this release gives you some extra winning points. French women need to feel loved. If you can give it to her, in some time she will return it back in the most tender and passionate way. You need to be a true gentleman, seeking a woman, be creative and good at developing plans. In France, quality is more important than quantity. French women love beautiful, dramatic and romantic stories, so you need to direct this story for her. Online dating is a good start because you can study the profile on and prepare all the stages and decorations. French women will notice your efforts, don’t worry, and if you win her in the end, she’ll be a true treasure.

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