Dating French singles

When a person thinks of a perfect romantic date, those dreams are usually somehow connected with France - so-called “The most romantic country in the world”. Paris is believed to be one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, people adore French cuisine, women dream of looking like French women, copying their style of clothing, makeup and perfume. Frenchmen are often considered to be the best lovers in the world, and even French language is the sexiest language on Earth, which combines tenderness, intimacy and passion in it. Basically, everything about France reminds people of love and relationships, so lots of people dating American women and men or people from other countries often see French romantic atmosphere inspiring. It’s not surprising that so many people would like dating in France and try dating online to find an appealing partner there.

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Why do women dream of dating French men

a handsome french man posing outside

While men all over the world are affected by the stunning beauty of French women and their style, women dream of finding a perfect French lover. So what are the qualities of the French that make them so desirable? Those men are romantic.

One of the biggest advantages the French have is their almost supernatural ability to be romantic - and that’s the quality that women really appreciate. Although most of the men all over the world are not keen on cheesy or sometimes even slightly romantic things, French men really know what to say and how to behave to make a woman’s heart melt. The special charm mixed with the spirit of adventure makes some of those men almost irresistible: they know how to be gallant and behave like gentlemen, they can appreciate the beauty and always know how to make a compliment and make women blush. Of course, not all of those things describe every man in France, but the stereotypes about those people are strong enough to make millions of women interested in French dating.

French dating rules

There are some traditions and dating rules you should remember before finding a French partner. Some of those things might seem interesting or unusual for people interested in French dating. Of course, some things might be not as exciting for some people. Even though most of those cons are rather subjective, some aspects of the French might be a little discouraging for unprepared people.

Knowing that a French person might dislike a dish you’ve prepared for them or your dress might be a pill that is hard to swallow.

Their honesty might be a little bit too brutal

Even though some people might say that honesty is extremely important for any kind of relationship, sometimes French straightforwardness might be an unpleasant experience. Knowing that a French person might dislike a dish you’ve prepared for them or your dress might be a pill that is hard to swallow. On the other hand, that means that if a Frenchman gives you a compliment - he really means it and you can be sure that you deserve it.

You can’t expect to be married at a young age in France

French people tend to get married later than people in some other countries, and unless you’re very religious or tradi (which means too traditional or old-fashioned in French) you can’t expect your partner to propose when you’re in your twenties. A lot of couples even prefer to have kids before marriage or not to have a traditional official wedding at all. At the same time, some women dating French men say the proposal happened pretty quickly - it seems that the younger generation doesn’t like waiting too long.

You won’t hear “Je t’aime” too often

a handsome french man smiling

French people tend to behave much more emotionally than Americans, but at the same time, they prefer to keep sacred words “Je t’aime” (which means “I love you” in French) only for special occasions. Lots of people dating over 30 tend to wait for these words for a while. In America and many other countries, people can say “I love you” a lot to their relatives, friends, etc. The French prefer to use it rarely, meaning that those words are too strong to use them all the time. This trait of the French character might teach a person from another country to value those words more.

You will probably see most of their exes

While in many countries people tend to avoid their ex-partners or even emotionally demonstrate hatred or neglect towards people they used to date, in France people usually have pretty friendly relationships with their exes. That fact might be not very pleasant for jealous people, but that’s the thing you need to remember about. Your partner won’t probably demonstrate any negative attitude towards their past passion, and more than that, they might have some casual talks sometimes or even go out together for a cup of coffee. Those meetings won’t have any romantic implications, so you might be sure that nothing bad will happen and think about how to curb your jealousy.

The French use texting a lot

You can be sure to receive a lot of text messages from your French partner. If you prefer calling or texting short messages like “Hi, what’s up?” - that’s not a popular way to text in France. Locals prefer long, well-thought-out messages, so be prepared to have a lot of them and to answer in the same way. Some people might think that texting is too teenager-like, but that is an extremely popular way of communication there, so don’t be surprised to be messaged or even called out for a date by texting. So dating French boys is always connected with messaging a lot, which is totally okay for younger people and can confuse an adult woman. Knowing about their love for chatting you will clearly understand why dating online is one of the best ways to find a French partner.

It’s much more usual for a woman to have male friends

Even a married woman is completely okay to have single male friends to go to the restaurant with. It won’t be considered romantical or something - a man and a woman can be just friends in France. But even if the evening spent together was just a friendly meeting, a man would insist on paying for dinner. Old habits die hard, so relax and let him pay for you.

French ladies use their femininity to attract people and collect compliments, so men usually are glad to give them.

French people love to flirt

Such a thing as a flirt is usually pretty innocent in France. Everyone flirts with everyone, and it’s considered completely okay even if there's no hope to hook up with a person you flirt with. French ladies use their femininity to attract people and collect compliments, so men usually are glad to give them. It doesn’t always mean that a person who is flirting with you has any serious interest in you, so just enjoy communication and sharpen your flirting skills - who knows when it might be useful?

French guys can cook

That’s a thing that can enthral many women of all ages and nationalities. Even though there are a lot of famous male chefs in the world, there are not many men cooking in their regular life. The French tend to break that stereotype: they actually can cook and usually like doing that. Don’t be surprised when instead of going to the restaurant your French partner offers you to stay at home and try his homemade dishes. The French can cook well and they love it a lot, so they always try to experiment with products, seasoning and herbs, and that’s why you probably won’t be disappointed after trying one of their dishes. And if you like cooking too, then you can cook together with your French partner - this activity might become your mutual hobby!

A language barrier

a middle-aged french man in a blue shirt smiling

It’s not a big secret that the French adore their language and prefer speaking French wherever and whenever they can. That may look charming and romantic, but unless you know French as well as your partner does, there might be a little issue. Your potential French lover will probably only speak French and refuse to speak any other languages. Some of the French actually don’t know other languages, but some of them simply ignore them even if they know it well enough. So don’t even try to say something nasty in English while spending time with the French: they’ll probably understand you but pretend not to.

There will be no long official proposals to become partners and the French usually think that there is nothing special that should be said aloud - everything is clear.

Dress to impress

While new trends are spreading around the world, the French still prefer nude looks and natural beauty over heavy makeup. The French prefer naturally clear skin which needs little makeup or no makeup at all. In those conditions, it’s easy to understand that the thing women do to attract male attention is dressing well. So experiment with your wardrobe and try to limit the usage of make-up for a while. Who knows, you might like it the best.

Learn to understand signs

Another thing that can seem very unusual for a person who tries dating in France for the first time. In France, there is no such thing as “the DTR talk”. It means that two people who had a few good dates and feel attracted to each other think they are together after a kiss. There will be no long official proposals to become partners and the French usually think that there is nothing special that should be said aloud - everything is clear.

Play hard-to-get

The last but not least - the nature of the French usually implies that a couple plays some typical gender roles. Men tend to chase women they like, women tend to avoid their attention and play hard-to-get. Of course, it doesn’t mean being rude or clearly rejecting men. French men love conquering their women, so don’t spoil the game to be a real prize for him. Find perfect French men online on and have the most romantic dating experience of your life!

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