Dating German singles

Have you ever been thinking about visiting Germany or downloading a German dating app to find an attractive German single? If the answer is yes, then you definitely have a great taste! These people are worldwide famous for being stable, reliable and mature not only in dating but also in other spheres of life.

  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Zhou En Ju, 42
    Beijing , China, China
  • Ahlam, 30
    Tunisia, Tunisia
  • Zah, 40
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • haitao, 52
    中国西安Xi 'an, China, China
  • Gwen, 26
    Lyon, France
  • Gene, 36
    Shanghai, China
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Donato, 44
    Madrid, Spain
  • Lucio, 44
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Damian, 38
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Andrea, 37
    Miami, USA

Germany is an amazing country with a high quality of life and many wonderful things to see. The country has amazing nature with endless green fields, mountains and rivers, beautiful architecture, various picturesque cities and towns and lots of places and holidays you should see. There are a lot of tourists coming there to look at all those sights and many of them are also interested in single German men and women interested in dating because there’s nothing more exciting than travelling with an attractive person who can be your guide and companion in wandering around Germany.

Even though some people might think that the Germans have a reputation of being boring and too pedantic in details, the others understand that stability and confidence are extremely sexy as a contrast for too spontaneous and quirky people around. What seems boring in your twenties becomes great in your thirties, so it's time to try German dating!

Things you should know about dating a German single

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Every person interested in dating an appealing single foreigner tries to find as much information about these people as they can. Even though the Germans are Europeans and they have a lot in common with other Westerners there are still some traditions and views they have that you should know about. It’s impossible to know every little thing in advance, but the knowledge will give you an understanding of what to expect and how to behave with your potential partner.

It’s obvious that people can be very different and it’s meaningless to judge them all only by common cliches, but sometimes those stereotypes can actually help to form a general image of what to expect before dealing with people.

There are a lot of stereotypes about every nation of the world and the Germans are no exceptions. It’s obvious that people can be very different and it’s meaningless to judge them all only by common cliches, but sometimes those stereotypes can actually help to form a general image of what to expect before dealing with people. So learn some facts about German people and then you’ll have an opportunity to check if they are right!

They take care of themselves

These people like to look good in any condition and situation. German people prefer to wear neat clothing and to have an excellent hairstyle, but at the same time they are not obsessed with their appearance: even though some people might see them as too pedantic about little details, it’s not on a crazy level. They often look like they’ve put a lot of time and effort in their appearance and it’s probably true, so try to match them. At the same time, they don’t like to judge the others in terms of their appearance or life in general, so they mostly like to look good for themselves, not the people around them.

They are always on time

It’s a very common stereotype about punctual and disciplined Germans who are never late and always come exactly on time or even a little bit earlier than needed. You can be sure your German partner won’t make you wait for them on a date and will always respect your time and schedule. They will expect the same from you, so be sure to leave home a bit earlier not to be late. Being late might be seen as a disrespectful behaviour which is appreciated neither in Germany nor in many other countries, so if you have any problems with punctuality then try to improve your ability to come when it’s planned.

They plan in advance

Another side of their punctuality is that they won’t show at your doorstep to ask you out. They won’t even suggest having a date tomorrow: it’s customary there to plan dates several days in advance. The locals think you have your plans and schedule and it would be absolutely unacceptable to assume you’d break them all for a date with them. They respect your personal life and don’t want to distract you, and they expect you to do the same. It doesn’t mean that a German man who prefers not to do crazy stuff doesn’t really like you - he just thinks you are more than a pretty doll who has no life and is constantly waiting for his call.

If a German man says that he’ll call you, then he’ll actually call.

They always keep their promises

A very mature and important trait of every potential partner is their ability to keep promises and be reasonable when giving them. If a German man says that he’ll call you, then he’ll actually call. There will be no misunderstandings and unjustified expectations: whether he’ll call you to say he likes you and wants another date with you or to say he dislikes you and you shouldn't communicate anymore you’ll definitely hear from him again. The same goes with women: they have the healthiest self-esteem in the world and don’t need any dating games to boost their confidence, so they prefer to say directly what they have in their minds.

Be ready for their honesty

The Germans are very straightforward, so their honesty can sometimes be pretty brutal and disarming. If they like you, they’ll tell you, but if they dislike the present you give them they’ll tell you too. You shouldn’t be offended or devastated because of that: they don’t want to offend you or make you uncomfortable, they simply don’t like to confuse the others or to do anything that can be misunderstood. So you can believe a German person: they don’t have any intentions to fool you.

You pay separately in Germany

There’s another thing that is very common in many Western countries: partners pay separately in cafes and restaurants on dates. One of the reasons is obviously connected with the fact that two adults having a date prefer not to be obliged to anyone or feel dependent. Partners come on a date as equals, so they can pay for themselves and just enjoy communication without expecting anything from each other. Another reason is that Germans love money and prefer to spend them reasonably. They’d better buy you a present or plan a trip to somewhere then waste a lot of money on Cinnabon and coffee.

They can help you with terrifying German Bureaucracy

If you are not local, then you can find it difficult to understand all the nuances of German paperwork. Whether you want to move or work there, a lot of documents are needed to be made, and it can be kinda frustrating. The Germans are used to it, so you don’t have to go through all that alone - they’ll navigate you and help you not to lose your mind while trying to remember everything at once.

It’s important for a German person to know you on a deep level and this can’t happen overnight.

German people prefer not to rush things

These people tend not to be obsessed with an idea of serious long-lasting relationships, marriage and children. They definitely want all these things, but not right now and not with someone they don’t know well enough to be sure about. It’s important for a German person to know you on a deep level and this can’t happen overnight. So be patient and let the things go at their own pace: if you both are great with each other, then everything will happen someday.

They demonstrate their love and care in their way

You can’t expect a German person to be overly dramatic and emotional while showing their love for you - they often are too polite and reserved to do that. At the same time, they can do a lot of less visible things that are very important to understand the level of his affection and care. They can be very devoted and sacrifice a lot of things for your happiness and well-being, so respect and value that. It takes only a few minutes to buy you flowers but it’s much important to know they miss you and think of you when you are not together.

German dating rules

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Just like in any other country, the Germans have their dating rules. Customs and traditions of every nation make the approach to dating slightly different even nowadays in the era of the Internet and social media which are popular everywhere. Some borders between different cultures have been erased, but there are still some aspects to know about if you want to succeed in German dating.

These unwritten dating rules will help you to navigate in German dating and help you to behave just like a German person while building your relationships:

  • The Germans are not really good in small talks, so speak directly and to the point. It doesn’t mean you can’t explain your position or views on something though, just be laconic;
  • Take their promises seriously and keep your promises too. They can behave friendly and mean just that and they can tell you they like you and mean that too. No games, no lies - just as straightforward as it is;
  • Never be late! It’s an essential rule that should be number one in every German dating guide but it would be too obvious to place that on the first place. Just remember that respectful attitude towards other people’s free time gives you a lot of extra points;
  • You don’t need to tone down on gallantry there: opening the doors for a woman and paying for her coffee is not seen as a gender-equal behaviour which the locals stick to. So ladies shouldn’t forget their wallets on a date and gentlemen should see their companions as adults;
  • It might seem to you these people are not into humour at all - and it’s particularly true: they are just too systemized to understand whether you are joking or telling the truth sometimes. At the same time, they joke with their close friends and relatives, so wait a bit until you’re there;
  • They take all the conversations seriously, so you should get used to it. In many other countries, people tend to mask their nervousness, confusion or lack of confidence with jokes and sarcasm, but not there - the Germans are dead serious most of the time. At least if you don’t know German well enough you won’t be stressed thinking about whether they are joking of you - they are definitely not;
  • Avoid mind games! As it was mentioned before, they are straightforward and value their time, so why make everything so complicated? There will be no “hard-to-get” and “a chaser” cliches - just be yourself and enjoy;
  • Your relationship will grow slowly, so you need a lot of time to get to a stage when everything is serious. Lots of people there start serious dating over 30 because they don’t think that they should hurry up things. But from that moment you can be completely sure about your partner - they see their future with you and will do their best to make it as bright as possible;
  • The Germans are good listeners, so they will remember all the little details about your personal likes and dislikes and use it later. If you’ve mentioned your favourite band, then they’ll probably present you something connected with it because they remember a lot about people who are important to them. You should listen carefully too - that will be a great sign of your genuine interest and attraction;
  • Even though they prefer to tell the truth without any sugar-coating, it doesn’t mean you have to be brutally truthful in response. They can actually not have that extra-thick skin and it may hurt their feelings. Once again, a German person won’t be intentionally rude to you while giving their honest opinion, but if you ask for feedback then you’ll get it. But at the same time, many people might have a very gentle ego, so you need to be very delicate there.

Dating an attractive German single is great fun! People who are open to a new experience and are ready to fall in love can have all the chances to meet their true love there. Germany is an amazing country, so why not to find your amazing partner there?

Find a perfect German single on

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People wanting to try dating a German might think that the only way to do so is to visit Germany and to spend enough time there trying to communicate with the locals. Obviously, it’s not: most people use german dating sites to look for their perfect partner and to socialize with attractive strangers. Singles download and install german dating apps to find someone for a one-night stand and long-lasting serious relationships because in our modern world that’s the most comfortable and easy way to get in touch with new people around. It has always been easier to enter a German dating site than to approach in real life because people online already know what they want and who they are looking for.

Singles download and install german dating apps to find someone for a one-night stand and long-lasting serious relationships.

Even though there are various German dating sites on the Internet, is one of the most popular online dating services in the world. It’s comfortable for people from different countries because if you want to try dating a German person while speaking only English or another language you don’t need to scroll over hundreds of dating sites in the German language - the platform is made equally comfortable for everyone. Thousands of attractive German singles are ready to open their hearts and find someone special for dating and relationships with the help of the dating sites in Germany.

It’s super easy to start online dating regardless of your age and computer skills. You only need to follow some easy steps to open a whole new world of opportunities on your computer or smartphone:

  • Complete the registration on by fulfilling your personal information. Try to use only truthful facts about you in your profile: this information will help your best suitable German single to find you and match. People on sort their potential partners not only by their age or appearance but also interests, relationship goals, views and hobbies because it’s very important for stable and healthy relationships to have something in common. Like-minded people tend to have better and longer relationships, so tell the world about yourself and your love will find you;
  • The searching algorithm of will show you some potential candidates you can choose from. Click on people you like and wait! When a person likes you back you have an opportunity to start communication by online direct messages on a platform or by live calls if you prefer to see your opponent rather than message them. It’s always easy to be confident and relaxed if you are sure a person finds you interesting and attractive in advance;
  • Download a app to stay mobile and connected wherever you are! Communicate with attractive people without being tied to your PC and enjoy the advantages of online dating!

Even though a world of online dating can be as difficult as usual dating sometimes, there are still a lot of opportunities to meet an attractive soulmate who you’d like to spend your life with. Change your life and let love make you happy!

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