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The Czech Republic is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe. It is a place where rich history and long cultural traditions are combined with the most important modern social tendencies. The Czech Republic is very popular among tourists the whole year, there is always a pleasure to see it so blooming and green in summer as covered in Christmas lights in winter. Czechs are very welcoming and cheerful people, no surprise they are a treasure for dating.

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Walking through the streets of Prague, you can see a lot of castles and Catholic churches, marvelous architecture forms of old cafes, and craft shops. It is nice to open The Czech Republic from a tourist's point of view, but it is much better to see it through the magnetic eyes of amazing local girls. Online dating is very popular there, so it will be very easy to find a perfect Czech girl to date on vacation, on a trip or maybe for something much more serious. Though dating these ladies is not like dating American women and you should know more about their features in advance, it can be a great dating experience.

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Amazing ladies from the country of castles

If we are looking for the most definitive features of Czech's temper, the answer is simple — calmness and confidence. Oddly enough, these qualities are best manifested in Czech girls. No matter how difficult or unexpected the life situation develops, they remain calm and do not lose their presence of mind. Lifting the spirit is their superpower. Czechs always have confidence in their tomorrow, anger and savagery are alien to them. Whatever they do, they do it very judiciously, one might even say philosophically.

Everyone who has read Hasek or learned a little about his name and a place in modern culture knows about the philosophical nature of the Czechs. It is easy to describe them by the whole story of the good soldier Švejk, who believed that you should let things be as they will. It illustrates the distinctive feature of the Czech mentality: no need to fuss, the main thing is to live and prosper now.

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It is quite easy to describe Czech girls and the way to date them. Generosity and benevolence are quite typical character features as well as a practical approach to everything. Girls in The Czech Republic have a great sense of humor, it is a meaningful measure of human attractiveness. If you are good with jokes, dating any Czech girls will be a pure pleasure. They always know a lot of funny stories, trying to tease you and make you laugh. In this case, you can both lead you and tell jokes as well. Just don’t be offensive and stay polite.

If you are good with jokes, dating any Czech girls will be a pure pleasure.

For all the Czech girls' education is the highest priority in life. The age does not matter, they enjoy learning new things all the time, not only in a professional way but always taking a bunch of classes, extra studies, courses, etc. So language and cultural exchange is a good start for dating Czech girls. If your trip to The Czech Republic has even the little educational meaning, you will be extremely welcomed and popular amongst Czech girls.

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Cultural and traditional habits in the lives of Czech girls

The Czech Republic is quite popular among tourists. Many guests visit this country every year. It is surprising that almost every tourist notices some peculiarity in the character of Czechs. It is difficult to meet an aggressive-minded person here, as this nation is remarkable for its amazing and charming calmness. Sometimes one gets the impression that in this country time itself slows down and flows in a very special way.

The national drink of Czechs is beer, all sorts, and types of beer. Czechs have their own beer etiquette. For example, you should never pour beer from one glass to another, even if you want to treat a friend with an empty glass. Czech girls are masters in beer culture, so a beer trip is a very good idea for dating. You can combine experience and get everything in one row. But take note, that Czechs are very sensitive to order and law, in this matter they are very similar to the Germans. Czech girls pay special attention to ecology and environmental pollution.

Czech girls are masters in beer culture, so a beer trip is a very good idea for dating.

Many traditions and customs of the Czech Republic are associated with folk holidays. They are accompanied by dances, music, huge celebrations, and ancient rituals. Sometimes holidays are celebrated in village taverns. Foreign tourists and guests from all over the country are invited, so it is also a great chance for dating and spending some time together. Festivals are held in cities, accompanied by fairs and theatrical performances.

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National hospitality, cold mind, and warm heart

The portrait of a classic Czech is very relatable. They are calm, polite, and non-conflict, sometimes a little conservative, but always ready to explore another opinion. If you are invited to a Czech family home, you are halfway to successful dating with serious intentions. Family is a huge value for any Czech girl, she never hides it but prefers to keep distance between dating and family matters. It’s better for men to start dating over 30 there because locals are pretty marriage-minded.

Personal space is very important in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the Czechs are extremely hospitable, they reveal kind and friendly character even after a small talk. Czech girls are more individualistic than collectivists, and this applies to both personal and professional life. But if a Czech girl becomes your partner and soulmate, you can be sure that she is a rock in the middle of the ocean, always ready to support and protect.

Thanks to the sociability and goodwill of the Czechs, not a single person, even a total stranger, will be left without attention and necessary help. The place does not matter, it can be a park, street, cafe, hotel, everywhere you can find help in case of any trouble. Even language is not an obstacle, almost all the Czech are fluent in English. In addition, the Czech language belongs to the Slavic group of languages, which greatly facilitates communication with these friendly people.

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How to date a Czech girl

Here are some tips and hints to make your dating more comfortable, easier, and enjoyable.

  • Never bring bouquets to your first date! Czech girls are huge fans exchanging small gifts, but they do it only on special occasions and definitely not on the first date. Don’t go into surprises in this matter, you can be not understood properly.
  • As in all other countries, Czechs shake hands when they meet. Girls tend to shake hands first. When entering a restaurant, cafe, or bar, a man is always the first to enter. But the girl always comes out first. It is important to remember this. Czechs are obedient to the rules, so keep it in mind.
  • Czech girls are independent and have the whole gender equality in society with men. Moreover, it may seem weird for someone, but the male population in the Czech Republic is quite infantile and very often voluntarily agrees to the financial and leading domination of women in the family. You can see the equality in small details, for example, both men and women shake hands at a meeting, and after a joint dinner in a restaurant, everyoneю as a rule, share the bill.
  • A healthy lifestyle and sport are very popular among Czech girls. Many of them follow vegetarian dietary principles, use different diets, and visit gyms. Sport is a kind of hobby for Czechs. They spend their weekends very actively: skiing, rafting down the rivers, playing tennis, going to dance, and yoga. If you are a huge fan of sports, Czech girls are perfect in dating, and even if you are not, all you need is respect to their passion.
  • You don't need to have some incredible language skills to impress a girl. You can learn a few Czech words or phrases. It will be enough to increase their mood. For you, it is a way to show that language and culture of the chosen girl are truly important to you.
  • Czech girls are calm, reasonable, restrained, cheerful, and charming. An open manifestation of feelings is not truly a common phenomenon, but they are very sincere and straightforward in all important matters.
  • When you are choosing a spot for a first date with a Czech girl, let her make a choice or at least listen carefully, she will be a very nice and well-informed judge, who can suggest a lot of amazing options. They are included in a beer culture from quite a young age, learning and evolving a taste pallet.

Dating a Czech girl is not that difficult, as it may seem. Yes, there are a lot of moments you should keep in mind, but in the end, those amazing, cheerful, gorgeous, strong women are a true treasure worthy of any challenge.

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Dating a Czech girl is much better with

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