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Denmark is one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe, the kingdom of the sea, spread over more than 400 islands. This location was skillfully used by the ancestors of the Danes, mighty and powerful Vikings, who conquered half the world in their times. And nowadays the Danes are very disposed to communicate with people from other countries, except for the fact that they have completely different intentions. It is difficult to find more friendly and amiable people than the Danes, especially Danish girls. They are proud of their nation and country, and they are always ready to share their cheerful and welcoming souls with others, it makes them amazing dates.

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So if you have a genuine interest in Denmark and want to fill your life with calm and soft romance, Danish girls will totally overwhelm you. Dating them is a perfect combination of sweet romance and a wide amount of common activities, so if you are looking for a true soulmate, dating Danish girls are just for you. And the best way to do it is Dating.com.

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What do you need to know about Danish girls?

Danish society is based on the unwritten laws of Jante, no one has the right to consider himself better than other people. It can be easily seen in everything, from clothing style to attitude towards the law. The Danes are very happy, despite the number of cloudy days in a year. Several times they were recognized as the happiest nation, not only in Europe but in the whole world. So choosing to date a Danish girl, you invite a burst of pure sunshine into your life.

The Danes, despite the natural beauty that surrounds them, consider themselves couch potatoes. They spend a lot of time at home, so they are extremely good at interior design and the ability to create a cozy atmosphere around them. Danish girls are very friendly, they will never refuse help, all of them speak English very well. And don't even try to speak Danish to them, there is no sense because they love to speak English too much.

Danish girls are very friendly, they will never refuse to help, all of them speak English very well.

Another important characteristic of every Danish girl is pure love for bicycles. Cycling is a national cult in Denmark, there are places and areas for it everywhere. The Danes joke that as a child, they first learn to ride a bike, and only then take their first steps. When cycling, Danes love to sing loudly, so don’t be too surprised. Bicycles are an amazing idea for the first date, basically, for any date, the girl will be so grateful and happy.

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All girls and women in Denmark are very independent, they are brought up in the philosophy of gender equality. Girls always openly discuss problems in a couple, looking for solutions, this is the reason why it is so easy for them to create truly happy families. Cycling, potatoes with salmon, jogging along the coast, Danish girls do not bother with diets and exhausting fitness programs, they try to enjoy life in every part and reach the moment. If the activity or food is not enjoyable, how can you be happy? At the same time, all the northerners believe in the art of balance, therefore they are good at knowing their borders and limits.

Cozy evenings with dinner and board games are the basis of Danish communication. In close relationships, both friendly or romantic, Danish girls first of all value honesty and openness, they spend some time thinking and analyzing a potential partner to reveal their souls. Unlike the same Italians, Danish girls take a long time to let a person into their personal space, despite the fact that there are practically no curtains and fences in this country and people never hide from each other.

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How to date Danish girls?

There is nothing truly difficult and specific about dating Danish girls. It is easy to date them both online and offline, they are always easy-going in any conversation, supporting all topics, curious and attentive. But you should keep in mind a couple of simple rules that may ease the process of dating and make it more successful.

  • Don’t rush things. It is important both to texting and chatting and dating offline. Danish girls are careful and measured, they incredibly value personal space and lots of them start serious dating over 30 because they don’t feel like being tied to someone earlier. Be patient and respect personal boundaries. She will definitely often when she’ll see how respectful you are;
  • It is important for a Danish girl to know that her date has a sense of humor. They are very good with jokes and making fun and are extremely non-tolerant to silly and vulgar jokes. Politeness is a key factor for them as well as sincerity;
  • Any Danish girl, like a woman of any other nationality, pays attention to the manners of her date. Etiquette has a significant matter to them, but it is not some hypocrisy or strict tradition, as, for example, for the British. It is a sincere desire to always be polite and kind, to see people treating one another with respect;

All in all, be nice and attentive and treat your date as a treasure, it will be more than enough to create a strong relationship.

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The best way to date Danish girls is Dating.com

There are lots of dating sites to help you to find a great partner: for instance, the best Swedish dating sites can help you to meet your Swedish love, and there are many dating services for dating Dutch people as well. If you are looking for the closest and most convenient opportunity to start dating a nice, sunny, smiling, and gorgeous Danish girl, Dating.com is an excellent choice. More than 25 years of operating experience created a super user-friendly and well-developed interface with amazingly targeted searching algorithms. All you need to do is to register an account using either email or attaching any social network, fill your profile, creating your portrait, and start searching. Just some time and a bit of effort, and you will definitely find your true and amazing Danish love.

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